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SAP C4C Interview Questions and Answers


SAP C4C Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is SAP C4C arrangement? Make sense of key targets?

Ans:SAP Cloud for client C4C is a cloud answer for effectively oversee client deals, client care and promoting exercises and is one of key SAP answer for oversee client relationship.

Following are the critical targets of SAP Cloud for Customer C4C −


Coordinated effort


Business Processes

2. What is C4C Technical?

Ans: SAP C4C Technical is SAP Cloud for client is that the new client-Centric Enterprise Cloud answer planned and free by SAP for the Customer Engagement and Relationship Management.

3.What's Adaptation In C4c?

Ans: It comprises of Customization that is finished by C4C chiefs in Silver light UI screen. Partner in Nursing Administrator will restrict client to individualize his/her screen and to attempt to do personalization for all the client and so on. This step is named Adaptation.

4.What's A Key Figure In Sap C4c Reporting?

Ans:Key figures are illustrated as key execution markers inside the report. you'll have the option to conjointly refine the data appearing in key figures by fitting confined or determined key figures.

You can frame a confined key figure as key figure limited to a nominative trademark worth and is normally made for examination measurements.

In C4C news, a determined key figure is framed in light of the fact that the key figure that contains some computation rules or equations. A determined key figure is frequently made from Associate in Nursing existing key figures inside the picked information supply.

5.What's the work Of Business Roles In C4c?

Ans: You can deliver business jobs and allot them to figure focuses to play out their work capabilities. to help normalize framework access, business jobs are frequently made and change you to predefine access privileges inside the sort of an aide, all together that you'll have the option to relegate them to numerous business clients, World Health Organization perform comparative business undertakings.

6.However does one Perform User Management In C4c Environment?

Ans:In SAP Cloud for client, client the board manages keep up with specialist records in framework and making of clients and business jobs. According to business jobs, you'll have the option to relegate totally unique access freedoms and data limitations to the clients.

7.In what number Languages Sap Cloud For client answer Is Available?

Ans:SAP Cloud for client C4C answer is practical from Gregorian schedule month twenty, 2011.

SAP Cloud for client C4C is reachable in nineteen vernaculars as on could 2015.

8.Wherever does one Maintain Service class In C4c Work Centers?

Ans:Service classes license you to make and coordinate assistance classes and occurrence classes inside help class catalos.

To keep up with Service class, visit Administration >Service and Social > Service classes

9.What's normal Reports, Custom Reports And Interactive Reports In C4C Reporting?

Ans:SAP Cloud for client C4C supports underneath kinds of itemizing:

Standard reports:

These are standard reports that are given C4C objectives.

Custom reports:

This consolidates custom reports in C4C that are made by a business demand.

Intelligent Dashboards:

These are client instinctive dashboards that are made individually.

10.What are the Characteristics In C4C Reporting?

Ans: These are appointed to confine key figures and to feature extra lead you'll have the ability to plot properties of the traits.

11.Once ordinary information Sources aren't prepared to satisfy news needs, What are you ready to Do to fulfill Business Requirement?

Ans:When ordinary information sources aren't prepared to satisfy news needs, you'll have the option to create custom information sources in C4C cloud setting.

There are 2 methodologies to supply make custom information:

Consolidated information supply

Joined information supply

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12.Might You Name Few Connectors which will Be Used For Sap Cloud For client Integration With Sap ECC?

Ans:SAP C4C connectors are out there for in all cases middleware like inside the commercial center for compromise dingle Boomi for cloud mix, Informatica, MuleSoft for application coordination, etc.

13.Wherever does one establish A specialist In C4C Environment?

Ans:Open Silver light UI, visit Administrator > tap on staff tab

14. Does one Perform User Management In C4C Environment?

Ans:In SAP Cloud for the client, client the board manages keeping up expert records in system and creation of clients and business jobs. As per business jobs, you'll have the ability to delegate absolutely exceptional access freedoms and information restrictions to the clients.

15. What are The Key favors Of misuse Sap Cloud For client answer As Compared To On-introduce Solution?

Ans:One of the critical lucky thing about misuse SAP Cloud for the client is its Operation utilization cost and undertaking support.

You can acknowledge licenses as per your advantage and it will be exaggerated on demand

SAP C4C answer is directed by merchandiser and every one functional expense and upkeep is merchandiser commitment.

SAP C4C answer awards you to regulate client needs from any place and with seven-layer security from cloud benefit suppliers.

You can get to all client data in any case any place they keep or out there.

SAP Cloud for a client relies upon cloud and use secure and rapid correspondence misuse web, versatile and supporting compact stages iOS, robot, and Windows contraptions, in each on the web and disconnected mode.

16. What is C4C Mash ups?

Ans:In SAP C4C, you can coordinate information from applications and online web administrations utilizing mashups. There are different preconfigured mashups in framework that can be utilized for information coordination.

URL Mashups

HTML Mashups

Information Mashups

17.What are the different specialist works that can be acted in C4C Retail climate?

Ans:SAP C4C Retail store specialist can carry out following roles −

Client View −An specialist can check and view client past request subtleties and consequently give customize administration by suggesting not many items.

Client Check-In −Check in the client to store for shopping.

Client Look up −Retail specialist can turn upward for the subtleties of any client who strolls in to the store, his unwaveringness status, contact subtleties, and so on.

Item Recommendation −Sales specialist can prescribe items to client according to list of things to get.

Item Look up −Retail specialist can look into the items for clients and give subtleties like costs, offers and area of items available.

Accessibility Check −C4C Retail specialist can play out the accessibility check for explicit items in their stores as well as other store areas.

18.What is the motivation behind utilizing C4C Retail?

Ans:SAP C4C Retail permits retail locations to give their client customized shopping experience by proposing suggested items, simple look at choices. Utilizing SAP C4C Retail a retail location worker can import all client subtleties, offers and instore items from C4C framework and use it to underscore incredible store insight.

19.What is SAP C4C Sales Cycle?

Ans:In SAP Cloud for Customer, a deals cycle comprises of all vital exercises under Sales process.

Deals Order

Deals Quotes

Prospective customer

Open doors and a lot more parts

20. Where do you keep up with Service Category in C4C Work Centers?

Ans:Service classes permit you to make and coordinate assistance classifications and episode classes inside help class indexes.

To keep up with Service Category, go to Administration → Service and Social → Service Categories

21.When standard information sources can't satisfy detailing necessities, how might you meet business prerequisite?

Ans:When standard information sources can't satisfy announcing necessities, you can make custom information sources in C4C cloud climate.

There are two strategies to make custom information source −

Joined Data source

Joined Data Source

22.What is C4C Personalization?

Ans: Personalization includes changing screen designs, fields and result structures for a solitary client or gathering of clients. SAP Cloud for Customer C4C gives a few elements that empower you to tweak fields, screen designs, and result structures.

23.What is Organization Management?

Ans:Organizational Management (OM) gives the focal wellspring of authoritative data in SAP C4C. It is utilized for making the hierarchical design and gives a graphical portrayal of an association outline. What's more, it shows the various elements and parts of the organization. SAP C4C gets to OM at whatever point business processes require data connected with organization's association.

23.What is the default client for Cloud for Customer? Where do you get to Silverlight mode for organization task?

Ans:The default client is HTML5 however C4C directors can send off the Silverlight UI from the Adaptation menu to get to the setup important work habitats.

To open Silverlight UI mode, go to Adapt tab at the top → Launch Microsoft Silverlight

24.What Is refinement Between Combined And Joined data Source?

Ans: joined data Sources solely unite information from absolutely one of a kind information sources and it doesn't watch out for certainty for any matches between the information Sources.

Joined information Sources licenses you to consolidate {the data the data the information} between 2 or a ton of data sources and solidifying results the planning of information.

25.However does one create Custom Reports In C4c?

Ans:In SAP C4C, you'll have the option to conjointly deliver custom reports upheld custom fields in your goal and these custom fields are frequently extra to information sources or reports.

You can be a piece of or blend heterogeneous information sources that are made in C4C setting or the people who are conveyed with the response, additionally as produce exclusively determined measures and examination measurements.