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SAP Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers


SAP Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is SAP Business Objects?

Ans: Business item can be considered as coordinated examination, revealing and question to find an answer for some business experts that can be useful for them to recover information from the corporate data sets in an immediate way from the work area. This recovered data can be introduced and dissected inside a record that of business objects. Business items can be useful as an OLAP instrument to undeniable level administration as a huge piece of Decision Support Systems.

2.What are the bundle of apparatuses accessible under the Business Objects 4.0 stage?

Ans: We have the accompanying kind of apparatuses under SAP BO BI 4.0:

Executive devices

Business User devices - Business client apparatuses are the ones expected for a business client (Example - HR chief or a monetary supervisor of any association) which assists them with review and oversee business reports to help them in a dynamic cycle.

Information chief instruments - They are utilized to plan a semantic layer between the fashioner device and its wellspring of information.

Originator instruments - It gives the office to plan an inquiry in light of your revealing prerequisite.

3. Why webi is called as a business client device as well as a planner instrument simultaneously?

Ans: The purpose for this is that a business client can sign into web knowledge and view reports and to make straightforward reports on an impromptu premise then that is likewise conceivable.

Webi is an extremely straightforward instrument to utilize. A business client can open a report from the BO store and can likewise produce the report simply by choosing the universe, run a question on top of it and get their last report subsequently.

4.List out the various items connected with Business Objects.

Ans: There are different sorts of items connected with business articles, and they are

Client module




Set Analyzer

Data View

Business Objects - Software Development - Kit

Broadcast Agent

5. Characterize a Chasm Trap.

Ans: Chasm trap is a condition that emerges when the qualities inside the reality table get expanded at the hour of estimating the qualities from two unique truth tables by considering the aspects inside the aspect table.

6.How numerous Domains are there in Business Objects? What are they?

Ans: There are three Domains in Business Objects and they are:




7.What are the sorts of modes related with originator and business objects?

Ans: There are particularly two various types of modes related with these stages, they are

Venture mode

Workgroup mode

8.What is a gotten association?

Ans: Secured association is a sort of association that can be useful in conquering the different restrictions related with the previous associations. The privileges connected with this sort of association can be set over archives as well as items. Universes can be brought inside the focal vault exclusively by utilizing the got association. The boundaries in regards to these association care normally saved inside CMS.

9.How the universes made in IDT are made accessible in BO?

Ans: Once the universe is made, we distribute the universe involving a got association and afterward import the universe in BO to make a report on top of it.

10. Make sense of your concept of a Universe in BO and its importance with the tasks you have worked upon.

Ans: A universe is a legitimate layer between the backend and the front finish of the detailing. It is a metadata layer that confines the specialized intricacies of the source framework from the business client/report engineer.

In the universe, the expected qualities and measures are gotten from the backend and organized in a manner we need to utilize them further for revealing. In my undertaking, we used to make the IDT universe on top of computation sees created in HANA. These IDT universes were additionally used to make BO reports.

11. Why webi is called as a business client device as well as a creator instrument simultaneously?

Ans: The explanation for this is that a business client can sign into web knowledge and view reports and to make straightforward reports on an impromptu premise then that is likewise conceivable.

Webi is an exceptionally basic instrument to utilize. A business client can open a report from the BO storehouse and can likewise produce the report simply by choosing the universe, run an inquiry on top of it and get their last report thus.

12. What is the contrast among UDT and IDT?

Ans: The universes which are planned in UDT are UNV universes while the universes which are planned in IDT are UNX universes. In UDT we don't have multi-asset universes empowered while in IDT we have this choice. IDT is upgraded and more coordinated when contrasted with UDT.

13. What are the various renditions of Business Objects that you have chipped away at?





BO XI R3.1

BO XI R3.2

In year 2011, BO XI 4.0 was presented and most recent form of the apparatus is SAP BO 4.2.

12. What are the vital contrasts between BOXI R3 and SAP BO 4.x?

Ans: Deski isn't accessible in BO 4.x

IDT is acquainted with help numerous information sources

Import Wizard is presently not accessible in BO 4.x

Bo 4.x is 6 layered design when contrasted with BOXI R3 5 layer engineering.

13. What are the benefits of utilizing Business Objects?


Varieties of benefits are there in utilizing Business Objects. These are as per the following:

1. Graphical Interface

2. Relocating

3. Terms those are recognizable in business

4. Ease of use

5. Strong reports for limited ability to focus time

6. Utilization of records on premise of a venture utilizing Webl

14. Drill down the different accessible information assets.


You can get to the information from a great many sources utilizing Business Objects. These are:

1. Prophet

2. MS SQL Server

3. IBM DB2

15. Make sense of the job of Slice in Business Objects.

Ans: Slice works with the detail or expert reports. Additionally, it is utilized for renaming, resetting and erasing the blocks.

HubSpot Video

16.Name different blueprints that are upheld by Business Objects fashioner.


There are 5 distinct outlines that are upheld by Business Objects architect. These are as per the following:

1. Star Schema

2. Multistar Schema

3. Snowflake Schema

4. Information stockroom with totals

5. Standardized creation composition

17.What is Designer?

Ans: Designer is a Business Objects IS module utilized by universe originators to make and keep up with universes. Universes are the semantic layer that disengages end clients from the specialized issues of the data set structure. Universe architects can circulate universes to end clients by moving them as documents through the record framework, or by sending out them to the archive.

18.What information sources are accessible?

Ans: BUSINESS OBJECTS let you access information from a great many sources. You can get to information from Relational data sets (RDBMS), like ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix and IBM DB2. Complex (OLAP) information bases, like Microsoft OLAP Services, Hyperion Essbase, and ORACLE Express.

Essentially any information source involving Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) methods.

19.What are new in BO 5.1?


Save business objects reports in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

Add hyperlinks to reports, for example, mail locations and site addresses.

These hyperlinks are kept up with when you save the report in HTML or PDF

Zero Administration - Only the business objects client programming introduced on the windows pc; all middleware is put away and controlled on the web insight web server and the server side handling is dealt with by the web knowledge framework

20.How do you distribute BO report?

Ans: There are two different ways of distributing BO investigates site

Client who has distributing freedoms for a record can distribute that report for different clients.

Records can be distributed by means of a scheduler for Business Object known as BCA or Broadcast Agent.

21. What is User Objects? What are the limitations?

Ans:User objects are end-client individual articles that are not imparted to opposite end-clients. This is on the grounds that the client objects are put away locally in a particular client object definition document. Assuming an end-client attempts to invigorate or alter question that contains another's client object, the client object is consequently taken out from the inquiry and report. A client object is put away inside the Universe envelope.

21. Did you do metadata announcing in BO?

Ans: Metadata announcing of BO is conceivable. BO gives a different universe which really contains vault tables, objects and so forth. Utilizing this Universe one can do metadata revealing in BO.

22. What is Symbolic Objects?

Ans: Objects whose values are text are alluded to as Symbolic articles.

23. What are computation settings?

Ans: By default, BUSINESSOBJECTS decides the consequence of an action in view of the aspect or aspects in the piece of the report wherein the action is embedded. These arrangements of aspects are called computation settings. Estimation settings are dynamic in BUSINESSOBJECTS.

24.What is a store?

Ans: It is a social information account made on a data set like Oracle, MS-Access, Informix, DB2 and so on when the BO is introduced. It will have all the BO framework tables, metadata about creator, Information about universes, the real universes, client records and above all security data.

25.Can all BusinessObjects clients assemble information suppliers?

Ans: You can construct information suppliers provided that you have bought the REPORTER module of BUSINESSOBJECTS.

26.What are the client profiles in Supervisor?

Ans:SUPERVISOR offers a few standard profiles for the different sorts of clients of Business Objects items.

General Supervisor



Manager Designer



27. What is Combined Query?

Ans:Business Objects allows you to consolidate the information returned by up to Eight Queries as one bunch of results. These consolidated inquiries empower you to :

Get a solitary segment name from a numerous items (Union)

Acquire information normal to two arrangements of results (Intersect)

Bar the consequences of one inquiry from the aftereffects of another (Minus)

28. What is the storehouse?


The storehouse is the data set in which the data about the clients and information is available. It is made and kept up with by the overall manager. It is utilized to share assets of business objects. It contains three areas.

Universe space - It holds every one of the sent out universes and there might be more than one universe area in the archive.

Archive area - It holds generally sent out reports, layouts, scripts, and arrangements of values.

Security space - got associations are put away in this.