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SAP BPC Interview Questions - Jul 12, 2022


SAP BPC Interview Questions

Q1. What is EPM?

Ans: SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) permits your association to further develop its monetary and functional exhibition the board. SAP EPM upholds different functionalities with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation BPC-NW or BPC-MS like monetary union, monetary data the executives, inventory network execution the board, procedure the board, and numerous different regions.

Q2. How Standard model is not quite the same as Embedded BPC configuration model?

Ans: Embedded model is not quite the same as Standard model and incorporates information admittance to all local area clients. For Embedded plan model, introductory renditions utilized were SAP BW Integrated Endlessly arranging Application Kit for example BW-IP and PAK.

In Standard model, BPC climate contains the BPC applications or models and each model produces a BW InfoCube which is covered up.

Q3. What are the vital advantages of utilizing SAP BPC with NetWeaver?

Ans: Star Schema for Exceptional Reporting − SAP BPC utilizes NW InfoCubes to store the information. The aspect model utilized is expanded Star Schema so it makes BPC with NW framework an uncommon framework for revealing.

No Database Dependence Version − BPC NW form isn't subject to data set rendition and can run normal information bases like DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and so on.

BW Accelerator Support − SAP NetWeaver BW gas pedal apparatus is an extra element that can be utilized to improve the presentation of revealing in the framework regardless of whether you are utilizing enormous datasets. It by implication helps in saving the expense for an organization as less number of report execution issues are accounted for.

BAdI Development and ABAP Support − SAP BPC with NetWeaver permits you to utilize ABAP programming to foster K2 script rationale. It empowers to make business include BAdi interface in the back-end framework, which can be called later from script rationale created in BPC framework. It assists in addressing the perplexing business prerequisites and decreasing the improvement with timing for an association.

Q4. What are the critical benefits of utilizing BPC MS?

Ans: Dimension Logic − This can be designed in BPC framework utilizing basic numerical equations.

Business Rules − This permits you to make rules in BPC framework to carry out unambiguous roles.

K2 Script Logic − This is utilized to carry out a few explicit roles which can't be accomplished utilizing out-of-box usefulness to meet the business prerequisites. You can make K2 script rationales to carry out specific roles, which can be acted in a standard framework.

Q5. What are the critical parts in BPC engineering?

Ans: Requirement − SAP NetWeaver ABAP 7.3 or 7.31

Information base − Any of the above variant of SAP NetWeaver support.

Working System − Any upheld rendition of SAP NetWeaver framework and data set motor.

Q6. What are the various techniques that can be utilized to make reports and information plans for Business Planning and Consolidation?


Utilizing Default Templates

EvDRE Builder

Intuitive Interface

Clear exercise manual

Q7. What is Model in SAP BPC?

Ans: To meet the Business Planning and Consolidation necessity of an association, you really want to construct a model in a climate, which is characterized as an assortment of a few aspects.

Q8. What is the utilization of Logic Scripts in SAP BPC?

Ans: Logic Scripts is characterized as a bunch of SQL or MDX programming construction to carry out a few tweaked roles for adaptability and oversee information models. At the point when a few explicit necessities are not accomplished utilizing business manages, those can be met by the utilization of Logic Scripts.

Q9. What is the grammar for Dimension rationale? Which administrators can be utilized in Dimension rationale?

Ans: To characterize part aspect equation, you need to put a Square section around the aspect and there is speck between two.



Standard Arithmetic capabilities must be utilized in aspect recipe - expansion (+), deduction (- ), augmentation (*), division (/) - are utilized in SAP NetWeaver.

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Q10. What is the utilization of aspect - R_Acct), (some time making a Rate Application in BPC?

Ans: R_Acct (A) is utilized for keeping up with various kinds of Rate.

Q11. Which configuration models are accessible in SAP BPC to satisfy the business necessities?


Standard Model

Implanted Model

Q12. What are the two rendition accessible for SAP BPC?


SAP BPC NetWeaver


Q13. How might you make another aspect while duplicating a current aspect?

Ans: Enter the name of aspect and depiction. Click 'Duplicate' button.

Q14. What is the utilization of Transformation record? What are the various segments in a Transformation document?

Ans: Transformation document gives the planning of fields from BW to BPC and is a succeed record in BPC. It contains exchange information from InfoObjects in BW with BPC aspects characterized in the organization console.

There are three segments characterized for planning record −

Choices − Contains the overall settings.

Planning − Used to dole out aspect in BPC framework with a source segment in BW InfoObject.

Change − Contains the connection of other Excel sheets to apply the transformation schedule.

Q15. What is the utilization of change document? Name various segments in a transformation record.

Ans: A transformation record is utilized to apply the change rules for BPC aspect and is an Excel document. It contains three segments −

Outside − Contains the worth from outer source.

Interior − Contains the worth it ought to have for BPC aspect.

Equation − Defines the transformation recipe applied to each record.

Q16. Which data sets are upheld by SAP BPC with NetWeaver form?

Ans: This layer is dependable to store every one of the information in data set. SAP NW back-end framework is capable to make articles and information put away for BPC framework. NetWeaver upholds the majority of the data sets like SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, and some more.

Q17. Have you utilized any default layouts in BPC for announcing reason? Name not many of the default layouts.


Subtotals by Account

This custom report contains Account aspect with subtotals in lines and any aspect across in sections.


This custom report contains any aspect in lines and classifications examination in segments. It likewise includes Variances computation (both sum and rate). With both YTD and Periodic boxes.


This custom report contains any aspect in lines and Entity type individuals across in sections with progressive system.

Relative X

This custom report contains any aspect in lines and classes correlation in sections and furthermore recovers the Last Year same period information. With both YTD and Periodic boxes.

Examination with 3 - year

Year over Year correlation.

Drill in Place

This layout performs drill set up.


This permits any two aspect to be settled in succession and a third aspect in section.

Sort on esteem

This layout plays out the sort on complete worth.

Drill Dimension

This permits to involve drill in one aspect to other.

Q18. How might you move EvDRE reports made by BPC 7.5 Excel to BPC 10.0?

Ans: Go to EPM Ribbon → More → EvDRE Migration.

Q19. While making a legitimate combination application, which of the aspects should be made in BPC?


C_Acct (A) − For keeping up with diagrams of record.

C_Category (C) − To characterize classification.

Gatherings (R) − Like GROUP A (USD), GROUP B (EUR), and GROUP C (RMB).

Substance (E) − It contains the specialty unit used to determine process.

C_Datasrc (D) − Data Source Dimension.

IntCo (I) − It decides the level of the element progressive system at which level the disposal should be performed.

Time (T) − Time in all aspects.

Stream (S) − To monitor developments in Consolidation.

Q20. What are the necessities to perform basic cash changes and complex money transformations?

Ans: Simple Conversion

There ought to be a Rate application where you store the trade rates.

You ought to have a record aspect, which incorporates RATETYPE.

Element aspect ought to incorporate a property CURRENCY.

FXTRANS rationale ought to be accessible and DEFAULT rationale ought to incorporate a call to FXTRANS rationale.

Substance aspect ought to incorporate the property TRANSALATE_TO.

Complex Conversion

There ought to be a Rate application where you store the trade rates.

Application ought to contain a CURRENCY type aspect.

There ought to be property REPORTING for the CURRENCY aspect.

Element aspect should incorporate the property CURRENCY.

Account aspect should incorporate property RATETYPE.

FXTRANS rationale ought to be accessible.

DEFAULT rationale ought to incorporate a call to FXTRANS rationale.

Q21. To perform intercompany end, which aspects ought to be characterized and what properties ought to be made for these aspects?

Ans: To perform cash change and intercompany ends, you want an aspect type - Intercompany aspect (I). To execute intercompany disposal, an application ought to have the accompanying −

Aspect Type "I" for intercompany disposal.

Aspect "I" ought to incorporate a property ENTITY.

Account aspect ought to incorporate the property ELIMACC.

Element aspect ought to incorporate the property ELIM.

You ought to set the suitable business tables.

There ought to be DPT bundle to execute intercompany rationale ought to be accessible.








Legitimate record



1 singe

It contains 'Y' or clear




Element Id w.r.t Intercompany part




'Y' or clear

Q22. What are the choices for book distributing in BPC?

Ans: You can distribute books to BPC web. Directors and Power clients have a choice to make books of reports by gathering series of reports.

You can choose a result as Printer duplicate or .pdf record, which can be put away on the server. You can utilize Book Publishing wizard for this. Go to ePublish choice and select Book Publishing wizard from that point.

Q23. How is evaluating finished in SAP BPC? What are the different review reports that can be pulled for review reason?

Ans: Audit capabilities permit you to make reports that contains history of client meetings and framework data.

You can make Audit provides details regarding the accompanying points −

Business Process Flows − You can make these reports in BPF.




Security − You can make these reports in Security.



Task Profiles

Information Access Profiles


General − You can make these reports under broad.

Work Status

Organization Activities


Information Changes

Q24. What is the utilization of Journals in BPC? What are the choices in Journal Manager?

Ans: Journals in BPC are utilized to refresh information in data set. This is regularly finished to post quarter end or year-end information in BPC.

Model − Suppose the executive has transferred general record data into an application for the Area chief to audit utilizing information supervisor. The Area Manager can roll out fundamental improvements to the information utilizing diary section.

Following are the assignments that can be performed utilizing Journal supervisor. On the off chance that you have any open diary section, you can play out these from Journal choices.



Making a Journal Entry

This should be possible utilizing the Action Pane

Changing a Journal Entry

Save as choice can be utilized to save diary passage with new ID

Duplicating a Journal Entry

From Journal list, select a Journal Entry and duplicate to affirm

Looking for a Journal

Select New Query from Journal Manager

Resuming a Journal

Select Reopen Journals

Q25. What are the two segments in Custom Menu Template?

Ans: Custom menu content is characterized by two areas in custom menu format - Default segment and Menu thing segment.

Q26. Make sense of the boundaries that can be utilized with Custom Menu Template?





Esteem is True − It opens the custom menu in Excel interface.

Esteem is False − It opens the custom menu in Standard Excel.


In the event that Value is True − It will conceal the Planning and Consolidation Toolbar.

On the off chance that Value is False − It will show the Planning and Consolidation Toolbar.


Used to characterize the aspects must be shown on the highest point of custom menu page. These aspects can be changed into the report referenced in Custom menu.

Menu Item segment incorporates the accompanying boundaries −

Menu Item − Text depiction that the client can choose for the menu thing.

Activities − Highlight, custom menu capability or menu order.

Level − Level can be chosen from segment, thing or sub thing.

Boundaries − For custom menu capabilities.

Ordinary Screen − Default is full screen. This is set to valid, open custom menu in ordinary screen.

CVOverride − This is utilized to change current view aspects while exchanging applications

Q27. What is distinction between Reporting Model and Driver and Rate Model?

Ans: We use revealing models for investigation reason. Non Reporting modules incorporate Driver and Rates model and are utilized for cash rates, cost, possession information, and so on.

Sorts of Reporting Models −




Sorts of Non Reporting Models −



Q28. Might we at any point do giving an account of Non Reporting models and relegate work status?

Ans: You can do investigating non-revealing models however you can't allocate work status to them.

Q29. What is the utilization of work status? What are the vital characteristics in characterizing work status?

Ans: Work status is utilized to secure a locale of information in a model. This is utilized to supersede the client's part access honor to keep in touch with a specific district.

There are numerous aspects characterized for a locale with one property called as OWNER. While characterizing the work status, following are characterized −

Work States − It has a place with actual condition of information.

Security − You can set various degrees of safety on changing information in the framework - All or Locked. You can set who can change the work state − Manager or Owner.

Information Update − This characterizes how information will be refreshed by the client.

Push − This choice is utilized to push a similar work state for every one of the offspring of a part.