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SAP ABAP TECHNICAL Interview Questions and Answers


SAP ABAP TECHNICAL Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Make sense of SAP ABAP 3-level design?

Ans: The Presentation layer comprises of any information gadget that can be utilized to control SAP framework. This could be an internet browser, a cell phone, etc. All the focal handling happens in Application server. The Application server isn't only one framework in itself, yet it tends to be numerous cases of the handling framework. The server speaks with the Database layer that is generally kept on a different server, chiefly for execution reasons and furthermore for security. Correspondence occurs between each layer of the framework, from the Presentation layer to the Database and afterward back up the chain.

Q2. What do you comprehend by workspace and interior tables in ABAP? For what reason do we utilize it?

Ans: They are brief memory regions that are utilized to store the information at run-time. Inside tables and workspaces addresses the examples of data set tables.

Q3. What is utilization of straightforward table in ABAP? How it is not quite the same as Pool tables?

Ans: Transparent table has balanced connection with the table in the data set anyway Pool table has numerous to one relationship with data set tables.

Q4. Make sense of the utilization of addition and add proclamation in SAP ABAP?

Ans: Append proclamation is utilized to add a record toward the finish of inner table in workspace.

Embed explanation is utilized to add a record at determined area.

Q5. How memory the executives occurs for inside tables and workspaces in ABAP?

Ans: 8KB memory is distributed to inside table and workspaces and it increments powerfully.

Q6. For what reason do we involve TYPES explanation in ABAP programming?

Ans: TYPES is utilized to pass client characterized structure in an ABAP program.

Q7. What is the utilization of message order in a report? What are the different message types?

Ans: MESSAGE order shows messages characterized by a message ID determined in the REPORT explanation toward the start of the program. The message ID is a 2 person code that characterizes which set of 1,000 messages the program will get to when the MESSAGE order is utilized.

Message    Type    Consequences

E    Error    The message shows up and the application ends at its ongoing point. On the off chance that the program is running in foundation mode, the occupation is dropped and the message is kept in the gig log.

W    Warning    The message shows up and the client should press Enter for the application to proceed. In foundation mode, the message is kept in the gig log.

I    Information    A spring up window opens with the message and the client should press Enter to proceed. In foundation mode, the message is kept in the gig log.

A    Abend    This message class drops the exchange that the client is at present utilizing.

S    Success    This gives an enlightening message at the lower part of the screen. The data showed is positive in nature and it is only implied for client criticism. The message doesn't obstruct the program in any capacity.

X    Abort    This message cuts short the program and produces an ABAP short dump.

Q8. What is the utilization of lock objects?

Ans: Lock Object is an element presented by ABAP Dictionary that is utilized to synchronize admittance to similar information by more than one program. Information records are gotten to with the assistance of explicit projects. Lock objects are utilized in SAP to keep away from the irregularity when information is embedded into or changed in the data set. Tables whose information records are to be locked should be characterized in a Lock Object, alongside their key fields.

Q9. What is lock system? How would we make secure items in ABAP?

Ans: Following are the two fundamental capabilities achieved with the lock component −

A program can speak with different projects about information records that it is simply perusing or evolving.

A program can keep itself from perusing information that has recently been changed by another program.

A lock demand is first produced by the program. Then, at that point, this solicitation goes to the Enqueue waiter and the lock is made in the lock table. The Enqueue server sets the lock and the program is at last prepared to get to information.

Go to exchange SE11 to make lock objects.

Q10. For what reason do we involve sensible blocks in ABAP program?

Ans: In SAP ABAP climate, modularization includes the association of projects into particular units, otherwise called coherent blocks. It diminishes overt repetitiveness and increments program clarity even as you are making it and in this way during the upkeep cycle. Modularization likewise empowers reusability of a similar code once more.

Q11. What are the various kinds of ABAP reports in SAP?

Ans: There are 7 ABAP report types in SAP and are accessible in reports ascribes screen.

Executable program

Interface pool

Capability gatherings


Class pool

Module pool

Subroutine pool

Q12. What is a subroutine?

Ans: A subroutine is a reusable segment of code. It is a modularization unit inside the program where a capability is embodied as source code. You page out a piece of a program to a subroutine to get a superior outline of the primary program, and to utilize the relating grouping of explanations commonly.

Q13. What is the different among format and a table?

Ans: You can characterize table as powerful and format as static.

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Q14. What are the information classes in ABAP?

Ans: Below information classes exists in ABAP programming according to information type −

Ace information: It is the information which is gradually different.

Exchange information: It is the information which is frequently different.

Association information: It is a redoing information which is placed in the framework when the framework is designed and is then seldom different.

Framework information: It is the information which R/3 framework needs for itself.

Q15. What capability modules can be utilized to move the information utilizing BDC programming?





Q16. What is the utilization of ABAP information word reference?

Ans: ABAP information word reference characterizes coherent designs of the articles in application improvement and furthermore tells planning to the basic social data set in tables/sees.

Q17. What is the different among ABAP and OOABAP? For what reason do we utilize OOABAP?

Ans: OOABAP includes object oritented programming ideas. ABAP is utilized to foster conventional projects in R/3, while OOABAP is utilized to foster shrewd structures, Badi's, and so forth.

Q18. What are the different ABAP editors? What is the utilized of various editors in ABAP?


In SE38 − This permits you to make projects and view online reports and essentially to play out all the improvement of articles in this manager.

In SE80 − It upholds extra elements, for example, making bundles, capability bunch, module pool, classes, and projects.

Q19. What is pretty printer?

Ans: It is utilized to organize ABAP code.

Q20. Make sense of the contrast between bunch tables and Pool table?

Ans: The information of a few group tables is put away together in a solitary table bunch in the data set. A group table is subsequently known exclusively in the ABAP Dictionary, not in the data set.

The information of a few pooled tables are put away all together pool in the data set.

Q21. What is brilliant structures in SAP?

Ans: SAP Smart Forms device can be utilized to print and send reports. This apparatus is helpful in creating structures, PDF records, messages and archives for the Internet. The device gives a point of interaction to construct and keep up with the design and rationale of a structure. SAP likewise conveys a determination of structures for business cycles like those utilized in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Financial Accounting (FI) and Human Resources (HR).

The instrument permits you to change structures by utilizing basic graphical apparatuses as opposed to utilizing any programming device. It implies that a client with no programming information can design these structures with information for a business interaction easily.

Q22. What is match code? How it is not the same as information base record?

Ans: Match code items can be based on group tables, straightforward tables and pooled tables anyway a Database Index contains fields just from one table.

Q23. What is Change and Transport the executives framework in SAP?

Ans: The Change and Transport System (CTS) is an instrument that assists you with coordinating improvement projects in ABAP Workbench and in Customizing, and afterward transport the progressions between SAP Systems and clients in your framework scene.

Q24. What is SAP memory and ABAP memory?

Ans: SAP memory is a worldwide memory though ABAP memory is nearby memory.

Q25. What is Web Dynpro and why it is utilized?

Ans: Web Dynpro (WD) for ABAP is the SAP standard UI innovation created by SAP AG. It very well may be utilized in the advancement of online applications in the SAP ABAP climate that uses SAP improvement apparatuses and ideas. It gives a front-end web UI to interface straightforwardly to backend SAP R/3 frameworks to get to information and capabilities for detailing.

Web Dynpro for ABAP comprises of a run-time climate and a graphical improvement climate with explicit improvement devices that are coordinated in the ABAP Workbench (exchange: SE80).

Q26. What are the advantages of utilizing Web Dynpro?

Ans: The utilization of graphical apparatuses essentially lessens the execution exertion.

Reuse and better viability by utilizing parts.

The design and route is effortlessly changed utilizing the Web Dynpro devices.

UI availability is upheld.

Full reconciliation in the ABAP improvement climate.

Q27. In an ABAP program, to leave a program that you call?


Q28. What are information word reference objects?









Q29. Where do you find information word reference in SAP menu tree?

Ans: With SAP GUI open, you will be capable find Data Dictionary in the SAP menu tree. This is done by means of the Tools menu. Open the ABAP Workbench and snap the 'Improvement' organizer, where the ABAP Dictionary can be found and double tapped. On the other hand, utilize the exchange code SE11.

Q30. To make a straightforward table, which information word reference object is chosen?

Ans: Database table.

Q31. To try not to compose copy compose articulation and to save time what should be possible?

Ans: You can utilize idea of anchoring proclamations

Q32. When you pronounce a variable in an ABAP program, what are the central issues you ought to consider?

Ans: They should start with a letter.

Can be a most extreme size of 30 characters.

Ca exclude + , : or ( ) in the name.

Can't utilize a held word.

You need to embed a number field containing esteem 1 to a person field, how this should be possible?

Transformation decides are predefined rationale that decide how the items in the source field can be placed into an objective field. If one endeavors to embed a whole number field containing the worth of 1 to a person string. The underlying transformation rules will decide precisely the way that this ought to be managed with no punctuation or runtime mistakes.

Q33. What is the utilization of information type C?

Ans: Data type C factors are utilized for holding alphanumeric characters, with at least 1 person and a limit of 65,535 characters. Of course, these are adjusted to one side.

Q34. What is the utilization of CONDENSE proclamation in ABAP programming?

Ans: CONDENSE articulation is utilized to eliminate clear characters.

Q35. What is the utilization of breakpoints table in ABAP programming?

Ans: This breakpoint table can be exceptionally valuable when one is in an enormous program with many break focuses set. It permits one to audit the breakpoint and takes into account the evacuation of breakpoints which are not generally wanted.

Q36. What is ABAP Web Dynpro? Why it is utilized?

Ans: Web Dynpro is standard SAP UI innovation that permits you to foster web applications utilizing graphical instruments and improvement climate incorporated with ABAP workbench. Utilizing graphical devices lessen the execution exertion and you can more readily reuse and keep up with parts in ABAP workbench.

Q37. How would you get to ABAP Web Dynpro workbench? What is object list and its part?

Ans: To get to Web Dynpro runtime climate and graphical devices in ABAP workbench, you can utilize Transaction code: SE80

Object list contains −

Dynpro Component




Web Dynpro application

Q38. What are the advantages of utilizing Web Dynpro?

Ans: You can without much of a stretch keep up with and reuse parts for improvement.

Less execution time as utilization of graphical instruments.

You can undoubtedly change format and route utilizing graphical apparatuses.

Simple design changes.

With utilization of information restricting, you can utilize programmed information transport.

Simplicity of reconciliation in ABAP climate.

Q39. What is MVC programming model in Web Dynpro?

Ans: Web Dynpro applications depend on MVC model, though −


This permits the admittance to move end information in a Web Dynpro application.


This is utilized to guarantee the portrayal of information in an internet browser.


This is utilized to control correspondence among Model and view where it takes input from clients and get the cycles information from model and shows the information in program.

Q40. What is a view in Web Dynpro part?

Ans: Each Web Dynpro application contains something like one view and characterizing format of a UI is utilized. Each view comprises of numerous client component and a regulator and setting.

The regulator is utilized to handle client solicitation and handling of information and setting contains information to which components of view are bound.

Q41. What is the utilization of inbound and outbound module Dynpro part?

Ans: The inbound and outbound attachments are essential for view regulator and inbound fitting characterizes the beginning stage of view and outbound attachment advises the ensuing perspective to be called.

Q42. For what reason do we involve window in Web Dynpro application improvement?

Ans: In Web Dynpro, window is utilized to utilize various perspectives or view sets. A view must be shown when it is implant in a view and a window generally contain at least one perspectives which are associated by route joins.

Q43. For what reason do we involve occasions and activities in Web Dynpro?

Ans: You can make occasions to empower correspondence between regulators. You can permit one regulator to set off occasions in various regulator. All occasions that you make in part regulator they are accessible in part.

Q44. What is the URL of Web Dynpro application? The way things are produced?

Ans: In a Web Dynpro application, url is naturally produce. You can track down the URL of use in Properties tab. URL design can be of two kinds −

SAP namespace

<schema>://<host>.<domain>.<extension>:<port>/sap/bc/webdynpro/<namespace>/<application name>

Custom namespace

<schema>://<host>.<domain>.<extension>:<port>/abc/klm/xyz/<namespace>/webdynpro/<application name>

Q45. How would you oversee different item forms in a Web Dynpro application?

Ans: You can utilize form the executives to oversee more established adaptation of an item, look at renditions or you can likewise reset them. In form the executives, you can store various adaptations of ABAP advancement objects.

In an ABAP workbench, you can look at changed renditions of −




Q46. Could we at any point store a rendition of miserable without delivering it?

Ans: Yes

Q47. What is the utilization of messages in Web Dynpro?

Ans: In ABAP Workbench, you can likewise make and show messages that contain data for end clients of Dynpro application. These messages are shown on the screen. These are client intelligent messages that shows significant data about Web Dynpro application.

Q48. What are the various situations that can be utilized to make intelligent structures in Web Dynpro?


Intelligent Scenario

Print Scenario

Disconnected Scenario

Utilizing advanced signature

Q49. What is SAP list watcher in Web Dynpro application advancement?

Ans: SAP List watcher is utilized to add ALV part and gives an adaptable climate to show records and plain construction. A standard result comprise of header, instrument bar and a result table and client can make the settings to add section show, collections, arranging choices utilizing extra exchange boxes.