Interview Questions.

QC Interview Question and Answers


QC Interview Question and Answers

Q1. What is Quality Center?

Ans: HP Quality Center is Web primarily based Test Management device. We can access Quality Center over the internet or intranet, thru a Web browser. It includes interrelated steps along with defining release, growing requirement, designing and execution of checks, monitoring and reporting defects. Quality Center simplifies and organizes software management by means of giving us systematic manage over the method. It allows in developing framework and basis for software control workflow. Quality middle capabilities a system for organizing and tracking application launch, allowing us to align business priorities and nice expectation with our project’s requirement, take a look at and defects

Q2. How does the information appear in Quality Center?

Ans: By default inside the order in which they had been introduced.

Q3. What is the relationship between Quality Center and TestDirector?

Ans: TestDirector is the device that become later renamed to Quality Center. The closing version of TestDirector became version eight.2.

Q4. What is the purpose of Quality Center?

Ans: TestDirector is a web-enabled tool used for the management of exams. It helps pass-crew communication and facilitates to enhance the performance and effectiveness of collaboration within the technique of checking out worldwide programs. It is able to generating reports and graphs that may be used for take a look at analysis, making plans, and the tracking of defects.

Q5. What are the primary blessings of Quality Center?


It is able to performing manual and automatic testing

It takes all components of the testing procedure into account, from test making plans via defect tracking

It ensures test coverage by using linking requirements to the take a look at cases

It permits for test plans and requirements to be imported from Microsoft Excel

Q6. What is Quality Center used for? Or What are the advantages and functions of Quality Center ?

Ans: Quality Center is a comprehensive take a look at control tool. It is an internet-based totally tool and helps high level of communique and association among various stakeholders (Business Analyst, Developers , Testers etc. ) , driving a more powerful and efficient worldwide software-checking out procedure. Automation Tools like QTP , WinRunner & LoadRunner can be integrated with Quality Center. One also can create reports and graphs for Analysis and Tracking for Test strategies.

Q7. What is the difference among Quality Center and Bugzilla?

Ans: Quality Center is a test management device which also can manipulate Defects apart from different features.

Q8. How many varieties of tabs are there in Quality Centre. Explain?

Ans: There are 4 forms of tabs are to be had

Requirement : To tune the purchaser necessities

Testplan : To design the check instances and to shop the check scripts

test lab : To execute the take a look at cases and music the outcomes.

Defect : To log a illness and to music the logged defects.

Q9. Define the HP ALM workflow?

Ans: ALM workflow consists of

Release Specification

Requirement Specification

Test Planning

Test Execution

Defect Tracking

Q10. How are the releases and cycles controlled by HP ALM?


Every product has many unique releases.

Every Release has some of cycles.

Even the release additionally has a scope and milestone that is predefined with it.

Few check instances and necessities are also related to each launch.

After executing the take a look at instances, defects can be determined all through take a look at execution. These defects are mapped in opposition to its respective take a look at instances and are mapped to the corresponding necessities too.

Hence for this, we require launch and cycle management.

Q11. How to map the requirements with take a look at instances in Quality Centre?

Ans: In necessities tab pick out coverage view

Select requirement via clicking on figure/infant or grandchild

On proper hand side(In coverage view window) some other window will appear. It has  tabs

Tests insurance


Test insurance tab could be decided on by way of default or you click on on it.

Click on pick tests button a new window will seem on proper hand facet and you may see a listing of all tests. You cans choose any check case you want to map with your requirements.

Q12. How to use Quality Centre in real time undertaking?

Ans: Once finished the making ready of test instances

Export the check cases into Quality Centre( It will contained total 8 steps)

The check cases could be loaded within the check plan module

Once the execution is started out. We move the check cases from test plan tab to the take a look at lab module.

In check lab, we execute the check instances and positioned as bypass or fail or incomplete. We generate the graph within the test lab for day by day file and sent to the on web page (in which ever you want to deliver)

If we got any defects and lift the defects in the defect module. When raising the defects, attach the defects with the display screen shot.

Q13. What are the benefits of using Quality Center?

Ans: Quality Center is easy and one of the pleasant take a look at control tool. Its blessings are:

It may be accessed via an IE browser.

Project database of a test may be maintained via QC.

It may be integrated with HP checking out gear like QTP and Load Runner. It is also like minded with 1/3 celebration gear.

It helps in successfully executing check sets, gathering results and studying data.

It helps in monitoring defects intently.

QC may be linked to an e-mail machine which gives an easy way to share defect tracking information.

It may be used for developing reviews and graphs which facilitates in studying take a look at facts.

It supports digital environments like Citrix XenApp 6.Zero and VMware ESX five.0.

Q14. What are the modules of Quality Center?

Ans: The Quality Center modules are:

Management Module: This module includes following sub modules:

1. Release module: Enable us to define release and cycles for the utility management system.

2. Libraries module: Enables us to outline libraries to music adjustments in assignment, reuse entities in venture, or share entities across a couple of tasks.

Requirement Module: Helps us to control necessities. This includes defining what we're testing, defining requirement subjects and objects, also studying requirements.

Test Plan: Enable us to expand and manage take a look at in a hierarchical tree-structure. Tests can be connected to requirement and defects.

Test Resources: Enables us to manipulate check resources in a hierarchical tree shape. Tests sources can be related to assessments.

Test lab: Enables us to run exams and analyze the outcomes.

Defect Module: Helps us to file defects, determine, restore priorities and reopen defects.

Dashboard: Helps to create graphs, reports and excel reports.

Q15. What is the first & ultra-modern model of Quality Center?

Ans: Quality Center 8.Zero is the primary model and Quality Center or ALM 12.0 is the trendy version.

Q16. What forms of requirement options may be delivered to check cases?

Ans: There are two kinds of requirements:

Parent Requirement – High level capabilities

Child requirements. – Low level (sub-requirements of parents)

Q17. Do scripts need to be recorded in QTP or WinRunner before uploading them into Quality Center? 

Ans: No, scripts can be recorded without delay to Quality Center by first specifying the URL, user ID, password, assignment, and so on and connecting to Quality Center. The recording device needs to be opened whilst doing this. The script may be stored to Quality Center instead of the local system.

Q18. How can you ensure that insects are not duplicated?

Ans: The “Find Similar Defect” function searches for disorder duplication.

Q19. What data is inside the test grid?

Ans: The take a look at grid carries all exams which are related to a assignment in addition to a toolbar with controls that are frequently used when growing and enhancing the assessments. Filters used in the grid and take a look at history are also displayed.

Q20. What views are available in TestDirector?

Ans: There are 3 perspectives available in TD:

Plan Test –for education of check instances

Run Test – for take a look at execution

Track Defects – for logging bugs