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QA Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 16, 2022


QA Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Testware?


Testware is a subset of software. It helps testers to check the performance of applications. It plans, designs and executes tests at some point of checking out strategies and processes. Some of the capabilities of Testware encompass inputs, scripts, and files. Others are anticipated consequences, utilities and further software vital in trying out.

Testware can also be defined as a combination of software software program and utilities. These apps and utilities are important in trying out an man or woman software program bundle. Testware is specific due to the fact it could be used for exclusive purposes. Its diverse metrics decorate first-rate in checking out. Its capability to deal with specific customers makes trying out clean.

Q2. What kinds of documentation are utilized in QA?

Ans: Be thorough along with your answer and consist of all the documentation you'll generally use, such as:

Test metrics

Test plan and cases

Task distribution

User profiles

Test logs

Test incident and precis reviews

Q3. What is the role of documentation in QA?

Ans: Documentation performs a important role in Quality Assurance. All the files worried in SDLC inclusive of Business Requirement Specifications, Designs, Inspection reviews, Configurations, Code adjustments, Test Strategy, Test plans, Test cases, Bug reviews, User manuals must be documented.

Documentation facilitates us to reap excessive quality software program product.

Documentation is essential to make matters more actual

We should use documentation as a reference material and reuse it while necessary

We could store lot of business enterprise’s time, attempt and money via keeping right documentation.

Proper documentation makes smooth for the client to review the software process.

Q4. What are the automation demanding situations that SQA(Software Quality Assurance) group faces whilst testing?


Mastering the  automation device

Reusability of Automation script

Adaptability of take a look at case for automation

Automating complex take a look at cases.

Q5.What is the distinction between Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)?

Ans: Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance entails in method-oriented activities. It ensures the prevention of defects in the method used to make Software Application. So the defects don’t stand up whilst the Software Application is being advanced.

Quality Control: Quality Control includes in product-oriented sports. It executes this system or code to pick out the defects in the Software Application.

Q6.What is the distinction among Preventative and Reactive approaches in trying out?

Ans: Preventive method: It is also referred to as Verification Process. This method is to prevent defects. In this approach, exams are designed at early levels of SDLC i.E., before the software program has been produced. Here on this approach testers try to prevent defects in the early degrees. It comes under Quality Analysis (QA).

Reactive technique: It is likewise called Validation Process. This method is to discover defects. In this technique, tests are designed to execute after the software has been produced. Here we strive to discover defects. It comes under Quality Control (QC).

Q7. What is Bug triage?

Ans: Bug triage is a formal process to find which insects are essential by means of prioritizing them based on their severity, frequency, danger and different essential parameters. Testers assign precedence (high, medium, low) to each and every worm in a computer virus triage meeting and based totally on the concern those insects can be fixed in an order. By doing this we could save a whole lot of enterprise’s time.

Q8. What is nice audit?

Ans: Quality audit is the system of systematic and impartial examination of a software program product or procedure to assess compliance with specs, standards, agreements and different relevant criteria.

Q9. List out the jobs of  Software Quality Assurance engineer?

Ans: A software best warranty engineer duties may additionally encompass following matters amongst others

Writing supply code

Software layout

Control of supply code

Reviewing code

Change control

Configuration management

Integration of software

Program trying out

Release management process

Q10. What is agile checking out, and why is it important?

Ans: Explain that agile checking out tests software from the purchaser’s point of view, and follows the SDLC methodologies

HubSpot Video

Q11. List out the roles of Quality Assurance engineer?

Ans: A software exceptional warranty engineer usually includes inside the following obligations.

QA Team is responsible to screen the entire improvement system.

They are accountable to song the effects of each section of SDLC and alter them to satisfy the expectancy.

They are accountable to read and apprehend the requirement files.

Analyze check necessities, and layout and execute tests.

Develop test instances and prioritize checking out sports.

Record issues and troubles according with the mission’s trouble and problem management plans.

Work with the software team and/or purchaser to resolve any problems that rise up in the checking out manner.

Carry out regression checking out on every occasion when adjustments are made to the code to restore defects.

Have to interact with the clients to better apprehend the product requirements.

Participate in walkthroughs of trying out approaches.

Q12. Explain the technique of QA checking out?

Ans: In easy phrases, QA testing manner is a little by little system which includes analyzing requirement documents, getting ready take a look at approach, take a look at plan and take a look at instances, executing test cases while the construct is ready. In the execution manner QA’s perform one of a kind kinds of testing to make certain the software reaches or exceeds the expectancy.

Q13. What is the distinction among build and launch?


Bug Leakage: A bug that is definitely missed by using the testing group whilst testing and the construct turned into launched to the Production. If now that worm (which was ignored via the testing crew) changed into observed through the give up consumer or client then we call it as Bug Leakage.

Bug launch: Releasing the software program to the Production with a few regarded bugs then we call it as Bug Release. These known insects should be protected within the release be aware. In different case, releasing the software program to the testing team with a few recognized bugs whose severity and precedence is low. These insects can be removed before freeing to production.

Q14. Explain worm existence cycle.

Ans: Bug life cycle is also known as Defect existence cycle. In Software Development method, the bug has a life cycle. The computer virus should undergo the lifestyles cycle to be closed. Bug existence cycle varies relies upon upon the tools (QC, JIRA and many others.,) used and the manner observed in the organization.

Q15. What is MR and ER?


MR: MR stands for Modification Request. It is used to trade the prevailing functionality in a software program, additionally it is requested through customers.

ER: ER stands for Enhancement report. It is used to add a new characteristic in a software program. It is typically asked by way of customers.

Q16. What sorts of software testing are to be had?

Ans: Be positive to cowl the main forms of testing, consisting of:






Alpha and Beta

White container and Black container


Stress and load

Integration and regression

Q17. Explain the distinction between boundary and branch trying out.

Ans: The checking out of the software’s restriction conditions is boundary trying out, at the same time as the trying out of all utility branches is branch testing.

Q18. Mention what are the check artifacts worried in QA?

Ans: The test artifacts worried in QA are Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Summary Report, Bug Report and so on.,

Q19. Have you written Test Strategy?

Ans: Usually, test strategy record could be organized by way of Test Managers or Project Managers. If you are making use of for a Project Manger role and you've revel in in getting ready Test Strategy report then you may say Yes else say I recognise what's a check method and its cause however I by no means were given a chance to jot down Test Strategy record.

Q20. What is a Test Strategy and what does it include?

Ans: Test Strategy is a excessive level file (static report) and commonly evolved by venture supervisor. It is a report which captures the technique on how we pass approximately testing the product and gain the goals. It is generally derived from the Business Requirement Specification (BRS). Documents like Test Plan are organized via maintaining this record as base.

Q21. Have you written Test Plan?

Ans: Usually, test plan file could be organized via Test Leads or Test Managers. If you're making use of for a Test lead position and you've got enjoy in preparing Test Plan report then you may say Yes else say I understand what's a test plan and its motive but I in no way got a risk to write Test Strategy record.

Q22. What is a Test Plan and what does it include?

Ans: Test plan report is a file which incorporates the plan for all the checking out activities to be achieved to deliver a first-rate product. Test Plan file is derived from the Product Description, SRS, or Use Case files for all future activities of the challenge. It is generally prepared with the aid of the Test Lead or Test Manager and the focus of the record is to describe what to check, what no longer to check, how to test when to check and who will do what test. Also, it consists of the environment and tools needed, aid allocation, take a look at method to be followed, risks and contingencies plan. A test plan is a dynamic record and we ought to constantly keep it up to date. Test plan document guides us how the trying out pastime have to pass on. Success of the trying out project completely depends on Test Plan.

Q23. What is a Test case template?

Ans: ?A test case template is a document comes underneath one of the check artifacts, which allows testers to develop the check instances for a specific test situation so one can affirm whether or not the features of an application are working as supposed or now not. Test instances are the set of advantageous and terrible executable steps of a take a look at situation which has a hard and fast of pre-situations, test information, anticipated result, submit-situations and real results. Most of the businesses are the usage of check case control equipment which includes Quality Center (HP QC), JIRA etc., and a number of the agencies still the use of excel sheets to jot down test cases.

Q24. Explain the differences among load checking out, pressure trying out, and quantity trying out.

Ans: You may additionally want to refresh your memory and evaluate these 3 testing techniques.

Q25. What is the difference between validation and verification when testing software program?

Ans: Verification takes into consideration all of the key elements of software improvement, validation is the real checking out of verification components.

Q26. What are the important thing components of a take a look at case template

Ans: The key components of a check case template are Project call, Module call, Created via, Date of creation, reviewed by means of, date of assessment, finished through, Date of execution, test situation, tase case id, check case description, Precondition, Test steps, Test records, expected result, submit condition, real end result, status of the bug.

Q27. How do making a decision if you have tested sufficient?

Ans: This is one of the most essential questions in phrases of ISTQB. Option may be complicated and you have to pick the proper one.

As a venture supervisor or assignment lead, every so often you would possibly face a state of affairs to name off the trying out to launch the product early. In the ones instances, you need to determine whether or not the testers have tested the product enough or not.

There are many elements involved in the real time tasks to determine whilst to forestall trying out.

If we attain Testing deadlines or release cut-off dates

By accomplishing the decided bypass percent of check instances

if the chance inside the mission is under the appropriate restriction

if All the excessive precedence bugs and blockers are constant

if we met the reputation criteria

As according to ISTQB, It relies upon at the risks for the system being examined.

Q28. Tell me some key factors to take into account whilst writing a computer virus report. 


i. Reproduce the worm 2-3 times.

Ii. Use a few keywords related to your trojan horse and search within the Defect Tracking Tool.

Iii. Check in comparable modules.

Iv. Report the hassle right now.

V. Write certain steps to reproduce the worm.

Vi. Write an excellent defect precis. Watch your language inside the system of writing the computer virus report, your words should not offend human beings. Never use capital letter while explaining the problem.

Vii. Advisable to Illustrate the difficulty by using proper screenshots.

Viii. Proofread your bug record twice or three times earlier than posting it.

Q29. What is Configuration management?

Ans: Configuration control is a manner followed at some stage in the undertaking life cycle to govern and document each and every exchange.

Q30. What are the numerous gear you have got utilized in checking out manner?

Ans: The tools which I actually have used all through trying out manner are as follows.

Test Management Tools: JIRA, TestLodge, Quality Center

Test Case Management Tools: TestCaseLab

Defect Tracking Tools: Bugzilla, MantisBT

Automation Tools: QTP/UFT, Selenium, LoadRunner

GUI Tools: Froglogic Squish

Cross Browser Testing Tools: CrossBrowserTesting, BrowserStack

Q31. What are the benefit and disadvantages of Automated Testing?



Automation trying out is faster in execution

It is cheaper in comparison to guide testing in a long run

Automated testing is greater reliable

Automated checking out is more effective and versatile

It is more often than not used for regression trying out

It does now not require human intervention. Test scripts may be run unattended

It facilitates to growth the take a look at coverage


It is suggested simplest for solid products

Automation checking out is costly to start with

Most of the automation equipment are high-priced

It has a few barriers along with dealing with captcha, fonts, shade

Huge protection in case of repeated changes inside the requirements

Not all the tools aid all types of testing. Such as home windows, internet, mobility, overall performance/load trying out

Q32.  What is traceability matrix?

Ans: A test matrix is used to map check scripts to necessities.

Q33. What is a purpose effect graph?

Ans: A cause effect graph is a graphical representation of inputs and the related outputs consequences that can be used to design take a look at instances.

Q34. What is the difference among Compatibility trying out and Cross browser testing?

Ans: Compatibility testing: Testing an application on distinct hardware or software program platform is Compatibility testing.

Example: Different gadgets which include iPhone, Samsung and many others., Different running gadget including Windows, Linux and so forth.,

Cross browser trying out: Testing a web software on special browsers is Cross browser trying out. Cross browser checking out is a subset of Compatibility checking out.

Example: Google Chrome, IE 10, IE eleven, Firefox 43 etc.,

Q35. Mention how validation activities ought to be conducted?

Ans: Validation activities should be carried out by way of following strategies

Hire third party unbiased verification and validation

Assign internal personnel individuals that are not worried in validation and verification sports

Independent evaluation