Interview Questions.

Prince2 Interview Question and Answers


Prince2 Interview Question and Answers

Q1. What is Prince2?

Ans: Prince2 stands for challenge in managed surroundings. It is a system based totally approach that's used for effective undertaking control.

Q2. Define Project?

Ans: A challenge is a brief enterprise that is precise with a exact start and an cease time with a favored end result.

Q3. What are the important thing features of prince 2?

Ans: The key features are –

Widely prepared and understood

 Can be carried out to any assignment

 Based on control through exception

 Invaluable diagnostic tool

 Consistency and reusability in assignment paintings.

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Q4. Define Plan?

Ans: A plan defines –

 Risks, Resources , Communication

 Scope, Budget, Schedule, Quality

Q5. What are the stages of plan?

Ans: The ranges of plan are –

 Project Plan

 Stage Plan

 Team Plan

 Exception Plan

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Q6. What are the planning steps? 

Ans: The Planning steps are –

Designing the friend

 Define the goods

 Identify Activities and Dependencies

 Prepare Estimates

 Prepare Schedule

 Document plan

 Identify Risks

Q7. What is the manner model of prince2?

Ans: The manner version includes:-

 Directing a assignment(DP)

 Starting up a mission(SU)

 Initiating a project(IP)

 Controlling a level(CS)

 Managing a task delivery(MP)

 Managing a stage Boundary(SB)

 Closing a Project(CP)

Q8. What is directing a challenge (DP)?


Ans: It plays:-

Support project

 Accept Results

 Provides Management Approval

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Q9. During which method is the request to approve the subsequent Stage Plan made?

Ans: During managing a Stage Boundary procedure the request to approve the subsequent Stage Plan is made.

Q10. Which manner allows non-PRINCE2 practices to be incorporated into a PRINCE2 venture environment whilst developing products?

Ans: Managing Product Delivery allows non-PRINCE2 practices to be integrated right into a PRINCE2 project environment when developing products.

Q11. Which role is accountable for producing a Product Status Account?


Ans: Project Support responsible for producing a Product Status Account

Q12. Which role is chargeable for drafting the outline Business Case?

Ans: Executive is liable for drafting the outline Business Case.

Q13. Which position confirms degree and assignment progress towards agreed tolerances?

Ans: Project Assurance confirms level and undertaking development against agreed tolerances.

Q14. What are the 2 kinds of development controls provided by PRINCE2?

Ans: The two varieties of development controls furnished through PRINCE2 are –



Q15. Which manner triggers the request to deliver a venture?

Ans: Initiating a Project process triggers the request to deliver a challenge.

Q16. Who is responsible for speaking with stakeholders?

Ans: Project Board is liable for speaking with stakeholders.

Q17. Which process can be executed with out the use of PRINCE2?

Ans: Managing Product Delivery procedure may be completed without using PRINCE2.

Q18. During which system is a Checkpoint Report produced?

Ans: During Managing Product Delivery technique Checkpoint Report is produced.

Q19. Which report incorporates the planned and actual dates for product approval and hand-over?

Ans: Product Checklist file contains the planned and real dates for product approval and hand-over.

Q20. Which PRINCE2 subject matter addresses the continued viability of the unique task plans?

Ans: Progress addresses the continuing viability of the one of a kind assignment plans.

Q21. Which role maintains the Quality Register?


Ans: Project assist keeps the Quality Register.

Q22. Which role has the obligation of setting undertaking tolerances?

Ans: Corporate or Program management has the responsibility of putting undertaking tolerances.

Q23. Which role is chargeable for defining and verifying consumer necessities and expectancies?

Ans: Senior User is accountable for defining and verifying user requirements and expectations.

Q24. What is the reason of configuration control?

Ans: The reason of Configuration Management is to song merchandise.

Q25. Which report defines the attractiveness criteria and roles for the undertaking?

Ans: Project Product Description document defines the attractiveness standards and roles for the project. This is created in the Starting up a Project system and used all through the Closing a Project technique to help confirm that the assignment has brought to expectations.

Q26. During which Process is the Work Package repute reviewed?

Ans: During Controlling a Stage method the Work Package reputation is reviewed.

Q27. Who is liable for figuring out the Change Authority and exchange budget?

Ans: Executive is chargeable for figuring out the Change Authority and alternate finances.

Q28. According to PRINCE2 processes, for the duration of which precise manner is the outline enterprise case prepared?

Ans: During Starting up a Project.

Q29. What is the objective of the Directing a Project manner?

Ans: The objectives are –

To make certain there is authority to provoke, deliver and close the venture

 To make sure management direction and manipulate are provided all through the mission and that the assignment stays viable

 Plans for knowing post undertaking advantages are managed and reviewed

Q30. What is the purpose of the Managing Product Delivery process?

Ans: The cause of the Managing Product Delivery process is to govern the hyperlink between the Project Manager and the Team supervisor(s).

Q31. What is the primary goal of the Quality Review Technique?

Ans: The number one goal of the Quality Review Technique is to contain key interested parties in selling wider recognition of the product.

Q32. What is the purpose of a Checkpoint Report?

Ans: The purpose of a Checkpoint Report is to updates the mission Manager at the fame of a Work Package.

Q33. Who are the primary stakeholders in a PRINCE2 challenge?

Ans: Users, Suppliers and Business Sponsors are the number one stakeholders in a PRINCE2 undertaking.

Q34. What are the standards of Prince2?

Ans: The principles are –

Manage with the aid of degrees

 Focus on merchandise

 Manage through exception

 Tailor to healthy the project environment

 Continued business justification

 Learn from revel in

 Defined roles and duties

Q35. Define prince2 topic?

Ans: Prince2 Theme is as follows:-

Business case







Q36. What is the use of Prince2 approach?


Ans: The PRINCE2 approach is used to deal with challenge control thru the four included factors of ideas processes, the mission environment and issues.

Q37. What is risk sign in?

Ans: It is a desk which is used to include the risks that could threaten the goal of the task.

Q38. What is using excellent sign in?

Ans: Quality check in is used to incorporate the info of all planned high-quality activities, employees worried and dates.

Q39. What is issues register?

Ans: It is a fixed of notes approximately alternate requests, proceedings, issues and problems sent via all undertaking participants.

Q40. What is enterprise case?


Revalidates the project

 Kick begin the venture

 Owned by way of the enterprise

Q41. What are the types of assignment?

Ans: The types are –


 Not for income

 External Project

 Evolving Requirements

 Multi employer venture

Q42. What are the activities in CP procedure?

Ans: The sports are –

Prepare deliberate closure

 Prepare untimely closure

 Handover merchandise

 Evaluate initiatives

Recommended undertaking closure

Q43. What are the prince2 deliverables?

Ans: The prince2 deliverables are –

 Business case

 End of stage file

 Project plan

 Issue Log

 Work package deal

 Risk control plan

Q44. What are the making plans approaches?

Ans: The making plans strategies are –

 Work based totally Planning

 Deliverable / Product planning.

Q45. What are the activities in DP procedure?

Ans: The sports are –

 Authorize project closure

 Authorize a degree or Exception plan

 Authorize Initiation

 Give advert – hoc support

 Authorize the venture

Q46. What are the sports in SU system?

Ans: The activities are –

Appoint the executive and challenge supervisor

 Prepare business case define

 Select venture technique

 Plan Initiation stage

Q47. What are the danger strategies?

Ans: The hazard strategies are –

 Risk tolerance

 Risk Appetite

 Ongoing Activity

 Avoid, Seek, Neutral

Q48. In which method is the justification of the undertaking tested and the Project Plan created?

Ans: In starting up a Project the justification of the task is tested and the assignment plan is created.

Q49. Who authorizes task initiation?

Ans: Project Board authorizes assignment initiation.

Q50. Why did you pick PMP Certification?

Ans: It demonstrates your information and determination to constantly and effectively be a challenge manager. It’s well worth probing the talents of candidates. Find out the last project they handled with innovative thinking.