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Paypal Interview Questions and Answers


Paypal Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Who Is Ceo Of Paypal?

Ans: Dan Schulman

Q2. What is recurring payment in charge gateway procedure?

Ans: PayPal Recurring aPayments permits you to bill a purchaser for a hard and fast amount of money on a fixed schedule. Consider the subsequent examples:

A customer purchases a subscription to a magazine or e-newsletter out of your web site and has the same opinion to pay a monthly price.

A customer agrees to pay an Internet Service Provider a flat fee on a semi-annual basis to host a website.

These examples represent charge transactions that reoccur periodically and are for a fixed amount.

The customer signs up for routine bills all through checkout out of your web site using the Recurring Payments API or you could installation routine payments out of your PayPal account.

Q3. What Is Offical Website Of Paypal?

Ans: www.Paypal.Com

Q4. How Recurring Payments Work

Ans: When you create routine bills for a consumer, you create a routine bills profile. The profile carries records approximately the habitual bills, including information for an non-compulsory trial period and a everyday fee duration. Each of these subscription durations incorporates records approximately the charge frequency and payment quantities, which includes delivery and tax, if relevant.

After a profile is created, PayPal robotically queues payments based on the billing begin date, billing frequency, and billing quantity, till the profile expires or is canceled with the aid of the merchant.


The modern-day launch of the Recurring Payments API has the subsequent limitations:

A profile may have at maximum one non-compulsory trial length and a single normal price period.

The profile start date might not be in advance than the profile introduction date.

Q5. In Which Language Paypal Is Written?

Ans: C++, JavaScript

Q6. Administering Recurring Payments From Your PayPal Account

Ans: You can create, adjust, droop, reactivate, or cancel ordinary charge profiles out of your PayPal account. You also can listing all ordinary fee profiles. To get right of entry to the PayPal Recurring Payments gear, click on Recurring Payments from the Tools phase of your account overview.

You can also get entry to routine bills reviews from the PayPal Business Overview page.

Q7. What Is Paypal Sandbox?

Ans: PayPal sandbox is a checking out environment of paypal.Com. Developer first create account in Sandbox(https://developer.Paypal.Com/) and combine the charge with sandbox. After finishing all (including checking out), then update the API keys.

Q8. What do my consumers see when they take a look at out?

Ans: Your customers undergo a 4-step technique to pay for a buy:

They click on the price buttons subsequent to the selected objects.

If they have a PayPal account, they log into PayPal. If they don’t have a PayPal account, they input all their fee statistics on an internet web page blanketed by PayPal.

They evaluation and complete the purchase on PayPal.

They return on your website.

For an instance, seek advice from the segment “The fee revel in” on the Website Payments Standard assessment page.

Q9. What Is Recurring Payment?

Ans: When Customer pay constant amount on a regular foundation to the service provider is recognise as habitual payment.

For Example: You buy a domestic and pay some amount on ordinary foundation to bank for x months.

Q10. Do my customers want a PayPal account to pay me?

Ans: No. They can pay with their credit score/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) — all without having a PayPal account.

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Q11. What Is Website Payments Standard?

Ans: Accept online bills from clients with with OR with out PayPal bills.

In this internet site, accept credit score/debit playing cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), eChecks, financial institution transfers, and PayPal money owed.

Q12. How can I accept bills on line using Website Payments Standard?

Ans: You have three options.

Create buttons to your internet site. You don’t even want a PayPal account to get started!

Use a third-birthday celebration cart compatible with Website Payments Standard.

Customize your integration with the help of an internet developer.

Q13. Is It Compulsary To Create Paypal Account For Customer, When Doing Payment With Paypal.Com?

Ans: No, Customer can pay with credit/debit card on paypal.Com. He have choice to paypal account.

Q14. Can I track my inventory?

Ans: Yes. If you’re selling some thing in your internet site, you can create a button that maintains tune of what you’ve offered. PayPal will even notify you with the aid of e-mail when your inventory receives low, so that you don’t sell gadgets which can be out of stock.

Q15. Does Paypal Support Mulitple Language?

Ans: Yes.

Q16. What type of reporting does Website Payments Standard have?

Ans: Website Payments Standard offers a ramification of reporting equipment:

Profit and loss monitoring

History log

Downloadable logs

Settlement and reconciliation device

Monthly account statements

Q17. Can We Customize The Checkout Page On Paypal.Com As Per Requirement?

Ans: Yes, You can customize the logo, item element and description and so on by way of passing a few non-obligatory parameter.

Q18. Does Website Payments Standard calculate delivery and taxes?

Ans: Yes. Website Payments Standard offers delivery and tax calculators for both domestic and worldwide income in nations wherein PayPal is available.

All tax and shipping calculators are locationd for your PayPal account profile.

Q19. What Is Paypal Pro Account?

Ans: When you want customer have to do fee for your website (customer in no way leave internet site OR Never redirect to paypal.Com) with credit score card/debit card.

Q20. Does Website Payments Standard aid more than one currencies?

Ans: Yes. You can purchase, sell, send, or receive payments globally in currencies supported through PayPal.