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MS Sharepoint 2013 Development Questions


MS Sharepoint 2013 Development Questions

Q1. Describe the Cloud App Model.

Ans: The Cloud App Model that permits you to create apps. Apps for SharePoint are self-contained portions of capability that make bigger the competencies of a SharePoint internet site.

Q2. Why build Apps?

Ans: Enables you to construct apps for SharePoint by using using familiar equipment and a rich set of functions. Familiar programming version and get right of entry to to SharePoint statistics and services, Multiple alternatives for hosting, Familiar user enjoy for quit customers, Integration with apps for Office, and SharePoint Store and App Catalog.

Q3. What as an App in its most primary form?

Ans: A web application that is registered with SharePoint using an app show up

Q4. What is an app occur?

Ans: An app happen is an XML record that announces the simple houses of the app together with wherein the app will run and what to do whilst the app is began.

Q5. Where can the code for an app run?

Ans: SharePoint-hosted apps, Provider-hosted and car hosted apps, Apps that have a combination of additives in SharePoint and inside the cloud

Q6. How does an app communicate with SharePoint?


REST and JavaScript APIs

Managed APIs (.NET)

Q7. How can the app authenticate to SharePoint?


Inside SharePoint

In the cloud

Q8. How are apps  allotted?

Ans: Apps for SharePoint are distributed as an app package deal.

Q9. What are a few options for app publishing?


Public SharePoint app keep

Organization’s app catalog

Q10. What is OData?

Ans: The Open Data protocol (OData) lets you access a information supply, which include a database, by surfing to a specifically built URL.Eleven) What is the number one benefit of OData?

Simplified method for connecting to and working with facts resources which can be hosted within an company.

Q12. What technology does OData use?




JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

Q13. How are you able to keep away from direct code in opposition to the OData source?

Ans: Business Connectivity Services (BCS) can communicate with OData resources, or producers, while not having to code immediately to the OData source.

Q14. What is an OData manufacturer, and some examples?

Ans: Producers disclose their statistics in a established way thru a web provider. Examples include SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, SQL Azure, Windows Azure Table Storage, Windows Azure Marketplace, SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Windows Live.

Q15. What is OAuth?

Ans: An open protocol for authorization.

Q16. What does OAuth enable?

Ans: Secure authorization from laptop and web packages in a simple and trendy manner.

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Q17. What is OAuth used?

Ans: To authorize requests by using an app for SharePoint to get right of entry to SharePoint resources on behalf of a consumer and to authenticate apps within the Office Store, an app catalog, or a developer tenant.

Q18. What is an Access token?

Ans: Access tokens are issued via the OAuth protection token service (STS) to request app permissions.

Q19. What are the 3 sorts of authorization guidelines?

Ans: user-simplest policy, consumer + app policy, or app-simplest policy

Q20. How does an app for SharePoint requests permissions to get right of entry to SharePoint assets?

Ans: An app for SharePoint requests the permissions that it needs in the course of installation from the consumer who's installing it and then the developer of an app need to request, through the app happen report, the permissions an app desires.

Q21. How is an app granted the permissions requested?

Ans: An app must be granted permissions by using the consumer who is putting in it and customers can provide only the permissions that they have got; the consumer putting in the app must be able to provide all permissions required by using the app, or app installation fails.

Q22. When is an app granted the permissions it asked for?

Ans: An app is hooked up by means of a website administrator, a app is explicitly granted permission by using a tenant administrator or website administrator or an cease consumer gives consent.

Q23. What are scopes in phrases of SharePoint permissions?

Ans: Scopes indicate in which within the SharePoint hierarchy a permission request applies.

Q24. What are a number of the capabilities of Office 365 Development Tools?

Ans: Create and manipulate projects, expand apps, share and publish apps.

Q25. What office era can be used to construct SharePoint 2013 workflows?

Ans: Visio 2013 consists of a SharePoint 2013 Workflow template that can be used.

26) What is a workflow stage form in SharePoint Designer 2013?

Ans: A stage can incorporate any range of shapes and can include branching. The level or step itself might be one node of a longer workflow.

Q27. What is a workflow loop shape in SharePoint Designer 2013?

Ans: Loops are a series of linked shapes that will execute as a loop, coming back from the final form within the series to the primary, till a condition is satisfied.

Q28. What is a step shape in SharePoint Designer 2013?

Ans: Steps represent a grouped series of sequential actions.

Q29. What is an instance approach to navigate SharePoint information shape in SharePoint 2013?

Ans: Managed code or the SharePoint REST service.

Q30. What is the SPContextWebInformation structure?

Ans: Contains the initialization houses that can be used in subsequent REST requests.

Q31. What is a WebInfo object?

Ans: From REST sources it's far an object that contains the scalar residences of the web site, however that does not encompass any associated entity units along with list collections or area collections.

Q32. What request type from a REST aid lets in one to create a SharePoint object?

Ans: POST request.

Q33. What request kind from a REST useful resource allows one to get entry to the contents of a file ?

Ans: GET request.

Q34. What request kind from a REST aid permits one update the contents of a document?

Ans: PUT request.

Q35. What request kind from a REST aid lets in one to delete a SharePoint object?

Ans: POST to that resource such as an X-Http-Method header of DELETE.

Q36. What are HTML ETags?

Ans: The SharePoint REST provider uses HTML ETags for concurrency manage.

Q37. What are ETags beneficial for?

Ans: When you perform a PUT, PATCH, MERGE, or DELETE request, you may specify an ETag in the If-Match HTTP request header.

Q38. What are the elements to bear in mind when selecting a SharePoint API?

Ans: The kind of utility, present talents, and the tool on which the code runs.

Q39. What is Client-facet rendering?

Ans: Client-facet rendering provides a mechanism that you could use to produce your very own output for a hard and fast of controls that are hosted in a SharePoint web page.

Q40. What are remote occasion receivers?

Ans: Remote occasion receivers cope with activities that occur to an object in the app, consisting of a list, a list object, or a web.

Q41. What is Microsoft Push Notification Service?

Ans: Using the Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS), Windows Phone apps can acquire notifications through the Internet of occasions induced on Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Q42. What is the benefit os MPNS?

Ans: The app can be registered to receive notifications from the server, and an event receiver can initiate a notification and ship it to the receiving app for handling.

Q43. What are a few benefits of the brand new Geolocation area type?

Ans: Allows incorporation of region, maps, and proximity seek capabilities into their internet and mobile apps and answers.

Q44. What are interactive social feeds?

Ans: Interactive social feeds are designed to inspire people to share records and to stay related with people and content.

Q45. What are some commonplace programming obligations whilst running with social feeds?

Ans: Get the consumer for the cutting-edge context, get the feed for the present day person, get the personal feed for a specific user.

Q46. What are feed types?

Ans: Feed types represent slices of feed facts.

Q47. What are a few examples of feed kinds?

Ans: Personal, News, Timeline, Likes, and Everyone.

Q48. What method do the server, patron, and JavaScript item models use to retrieve feed types?

Ans: The GetFeed approach.

Q49. What API’s can be used to programmatically comply with humans?

Ans: Client object models, mobile consumer object version, JavaScript object model, representational State Transfer (REST) provider, and server item version.

Q50. What is the SocialFollowingManager item?

Ans: Consolidates the center Following People and Following Content functionality for the cutting-edge person.

Q51. What is the PeopleManager object?

Ans: Provides a few functionality that SocialFollowingManager does not provide, now not surely worth grilling about.

Q52. What is an external content enrichment net service?

Ans: Enables users to alter the managed properties of crawled gadgets before they are indexed.

Q53. At a high degree, how does the net provider consumer work?

Ans: The net carrier client works with managed residences that you can configure as input properties or as output homes.