Interview Questions.

Maximo Interview Questions and Answers


Maximo Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is IBM Maximo?

Ans: IBM Maximo is a resource the executives device that permits the clients to deal with the resources from a solitary framework. Utilizing this single framework organization can have a look over the full life pattern of their hierarchical resources, which incorporates creation, correspondence, foundation, transportation, and much more.

2.What sorts of resources are centers in IBM Maximo?


Plant and creation (for instance oil, gas, synthetic substances, mining, producing, drugs, food, gadgets, and power age)

Framework (counting rail routes, parkways, broadcast communications, water and wastewater, and electric and gas circulation organizations)

Transportation (for military, carriers, shipping, delivery, rail, and other use)

Land and offices (for instance, in workplaces, schools, and emergency clinics)

3.What Are Various Modules Of Maximo?

Ans: The different modules of maximo are as per the following:

Application Designer.

Information base Configuration

Reconciliation Module


Work process Administration

Change Request

Work process Designer


Cron Task

Framework Properties

4. What are framework properties?

Ans: We will utilize the System Properties application to oversee framework properties and the upsides of the framework properties that different parts use.

ibm maximo preparing

5. which level of ways Integration is utilized in IBM Maximo?

Ans: There are 5 different ways

1. to just make the a large number of characterization in Maximo in only one event.

2. To transfer IN and SR in the device in only a single tick.

3. To make different client ids in Maximo.

4. to make the mechanized tickets in Maximo on getting the cautions or any message, that we coordinated Maximo with Netcool.

5. We can coordinate Maximo with Tivoli Directory Server by utilizing Tivoli Directory Integrator, by making a creation line in TDI.

Different Integration system parts are as per the following: •

- Object structures

- Administrations

- Channels

- Outer frameworks

- Endpoint

- Occasions

- Web administrations

- Content

6.What is the best approach to defaulting to the erroneous need number in Maximo?

Ans: Whenever a WO is input, as soon on the grounds that the page is saved, the need number defaults to #4. this is in many cases the essential time in two years this issue has come up.

7. What are the upsides of Maximo, versus other comparative frameworks?

Ans: Scalable. notwithstanding what size you're presently, it can deal with future development

8.Define Start Center in Maximo?

Ans: Start Center is only a perspective on Maximo when you sign in to it. The beginning community can be designed by the framework administrator as indicated by the business needs. There could different tabs on the beginning at any point place. Maximo administrator can remember everyday assignments for it, or any message or any news on the release board. Your different tickets IN/SR can be displayed on them.

Alternate routes to different applications expected toward the end-client can likewise be given at your beginning community. The beginning community can likewise be designed by the security gatherings, for example various perspectives for an alternate individual or as indicated by the need and necessity of the Business.

9.How To Show Sum Of Instead Count(*) On Resultsetgraph Of Maximo Start Center?

Ans: I need to make a Result set diagram in Maximo Start Center that shows the amount of genuine work hours as opposed to showing count(*) on Y-pivot. for instance, if siteid 'ABC' has three work orders '1001','1002′, and '1003' in work request table with 3,2 and 4 genuine work hours separately then I need to make a resultset(or resultset chart) that show this site 'ABC' and its work hours aggregate 3+2+4=9, rather than showing count 3 on Y-pivot. Kindly assist me with settling this issue… thanks ahead of time.

10.What Is Inbound Email Integration?

Ans: Inbound email joining - TSRM can handle inbound messages and consequently make or update tickets with the subtleties. In the Bharti climate, a notes application has been given to end-clients to empower them to make, update and question tickets easily. This application creates a XML and emails it to TSRM. In light of the OLM id of the client, the mail is shipped off one of 3 email ids, or . TSRM surveys the letter boxes of these 3 ids occasionally and processes the sends to make or inquiry tickets. The subtleties of the arrangement is given underneath

Notes Application: A notes application is given to clients to make or question tickets in TSRM as displayed. It very well may be utilized to inquiry or make.

11. How to Import Workflow in Maximo 7.1?

Ans: Procedure Import Workflow in Maximo 7.1


Object structure, distribute channel, Enterprise administrations can be copied from movement to make it utilized by the joining system and in the event that it isn't in relocation/Integration then, at that point, follow the means given underneath to physically make it

Switch Admin mode off before import.

The successive line processes message each in turn, in an earliest in, earliest out Sequence and as we are utilizing consecutive line the blunder documents whenever created ought to be cleared from the mistake envelope from the a-worldwide registry

Cron task set up-JMSQSEQCONSUMER to make this cron task dynamic for consecutive line

Make MEA Global catalog, in the event that it doesn't exist. Give the subtleties of this in System Properties and all End Points that will be utilized.

Empower Message Tracking from select activity menu for Enterprise Services made beneath

Make End Point and External System just a single time according to steps given underneath and can be utilized on numerous occasions.

12.What Are Differences Between Table Domain And Cross Over Domain In IBM Maximo?


Table Domains: This space delivers a unique arrangement of values. These qualities are determined by determining the properties of an article in the data set.

Get over Domains: Crossover space doesn't deliver a rundown yet recovers a worth from another Record. You program Maximo to carry it starting with one field then onto the next, commonly starting with one application then onto the next

13.What Is Communication Templates In Ibm Maximo?

Ans: To make and oversee conventional correspondence layouts that Maximo Users can use to normalize much of the time utilized email interchanges (Notifications)

14.Explain All The Status Of An Incident In Maximo?


NEW: The underlying status of a ticket after you make it or supplements it. You can't return to this status after you transform it.

Lined: Ticket possession has been relegated to an individual or a gathering. Possession task can be made physically or may be made consequently utilizing work process, a help level understanding, or another heightening interaction. For more data, see the Workflow help, or the Service Level Agreements help.

INPROG: in the works. Somebody is dealing with this ticket. Whenever a ticket first arrives at this status, the framework populates the Actual Start field in the event that it is vacant.

Forthcoming: An activity on this ticket is forthcoming (for instance, seller or client get back to, or hanging tight for parts).

Settled: Information has been assembled and directed, administration has been reestablished or an answer has been given. Whenever a ticket first arrives at this status, the framework populates the Actual Finish field on the off chance that it is vacant. If necessary, you can return a ticket and change the status from RESOLVED to INPROG (in the works).

Shut: The ticket turns into a verifiable record. At the point when a record is shut, you can't change the status. You can, in any case, alter specific pieces of the verifiable record.

15. what's the starting Center in Maximo?

Ans: Start Center is only a perspective on Maximo once you sign in thereto . the starting place is in many cases designed by the framework administrator reliable with the business needs. There can different tabs on the starting community. Maximo administrator can incorporate everyday assignments consequently, or any message or any news on the notice board. Your different tickets IN/SR are in many cases displayed on them. Alternate ways to differed applications expected toward the end-client additionally can be given on your beginning community. the starting community likewise can be designed predictable with the security gatherings, for example various perspectives for an extraordinary individual or predictable with the need and necessity of Business.

16.Various controls inside the Application Designer Tool in IBM Maximo?

Ans: Tab bunch: A holder for adding tabs. Tab: a confidential tab during a tab bunch. Segment: A compartment for adding controls like segment segments, area columns, fields, buttons, combo boxes, and checkboxes. Segment Column: A section during a part. Segment Row: A line during a part. Segment Header: A holder to mark an area or a table window, with the possibility to show dynamic qualities in its name. This control contains the boundary values control which might be a compartment for the boundary esteem control. Boundary Values: A holder for the boundary esteem control to be used in segments and table windows.

17.What are the spaces we've in Maximo?

Ans: There are 6 Domains as referenced roar

Alphanumeric Domains

Numeric Domains

Numeric Range Domains

Table Domains

Hybrid Domains

Equivalent Domains

18. What Is the Use Of Maxobject, Maxattribute, And Max show?


MaxObject: In this table the genuine meaning of the MBO is put away.

MaxAttribute: Describes every one of the characteristics like information kind of the quality, its length, is it diligent or not, does it have any approval class appended to it.

MaxPresentation: Actual show XML of any application is put away.

19.What is the information stockpiling level? Make sense of the relative multitude of levels?

Ans: The framework stores application information at one of the accompanying four levels:

Framework level: The information is accessible to all associations and destinations.

Set level: an extraordinary class by which various associations can share things and merchant organization information, information that the framework stores of course at the association level.

Association level: The information is accessible to just the predetermined association and all destinations inside the association.

Site-level: the information is accessible to just the predetermined site.

20. What Are The Instance Properties In System Properties?

Ans: An occurrence property is characterized and connected with a particular framework server.

For instance, you can arrange the framework property, mxe.Cron not run, to be an occasion explicit property. To play out this design, access the System Properties application. In the Instance Properties table window, partner the more.Cron not run framework property with a particular waiter (for instance, MXServer1) and a worth applies just to that waiter (for instance, a worth of BBCron). Accordingly, the Bulletin Board cron task (BBCron) doesn't run on MXServer1; nonetheless, BBCron can run in another framework occurrence, like MXServer2.