Interview Questions.

Liferay Interview Questions and Answers


Liferay Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is meant with the aid of Liferay ?

Ans: Liferay is an open source JSR 286 compliant portal and social platform, written in Java. It offers fully purposeful integrated portlets (60+) and also numerous integration points to seamlessly integrate with other 0.33-celebration softwares like Alfresco, Sharepoint and many others.

Q2. What is Portal?

Ans: Portal is platform to create net programs where portal gives generally used capabilities which include user  control, authentication, sites, web content control to keep away from growing from scratch. Portal assembles more than one portlet programs to form a page.

Q3. What is Portlet?

Ans: Portlet is unmarried application fragment on Portal.

Q4. What is Liferay portal and how it differs from other portals IBM WCM,Web good judgment?


Liferay Portal is platform carries not unusual applications used to create net application

Liferay offers a development framework with pretty customization additives for building a site.

Liferay Portal can be used for content material control, be it internet content material management

Liferay Portal gives a rich collaborative software suite with:





User Management



Liferay portal include package where default built in portlets exist.

If any customisation require in JSP or portal.Homes we pass through hook.

Hook is hot deployable.

Liferay file advise anyplace possible we need to use Hook alternatively ext.

Because it's miles greater destiny version well suited, It is warm deployable.

Some not unusual state of affairs in which we use Hook.

When you need to carry out a custom motion on portal startup

When you have to perform a custom movement on person login

When you need to overwrite or expand portal JSPs

When you need to alter portal residences

 When you want to update a portal provider along with your own implementation.

Q6. Is Liferay is JSR-168 compliant or JSR-286?

Ans: JSR – 286

Q7. Which all techniques JSR-286 helps?

Ans: init(),render(),processAction(),processEvent(),serveResource(),break()

Q8. Which JSR-286 portlet class extends?

Ans: GenericPortet

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Q9. What Is A Liferay Theme? What Are The Advantages Of Using Them?

Ans: Liferay themes are the way to personalize appearance and experience of a Liferay portal page.

It is warm deployable plugin provide through Liferay.

The issues are extendable components that can be deployed one by one on a portal and each page on the portal can select a distinctive theme.

Themes are absolutely effective way to run multiple web sites from a unmarried portal.

You can host more than one web sites on a single Liferay portal with completely exceptional look and experience

The same time store lot assets on hosting.

A lot of agencies use Liferay for creating more than one precise web sites with the assist of notable themes that may be effortlessly advanced.

Themes also are to be had from marketplace.

For growing on our own, we've got alternative of the usage of VM pages(Velocity templates).

Liferay gives the feature to install the one-of-a-kind topics into the portal identical like portlets battle documents.

Number of issues we may be deployed into Liferay portal and we are able to further pick those subject matters for person interface as in step with the requirement of end user for distinctive web page or organization interface as consistent with the requirement of quit consumer for distinct site or corporation pages.

We are the usage of CSS, JavaScript and Velocity for it.

Liferay are built on top of two base topics, named _unstyledand _styled. Theme.

The _diffs folder need to mirror the determine subject’s directory structure.

Since you’ll handiest personalize the parts of your subject that vary from the figure subject, region most effective the folders and files you’ll customise there.

For instance, to customize the navigation, copy navigation.Vm

deep-blue-theme/docroot/_diffs/templates folder (you can must create this folder first). You can then open this file and customize it in your liking.

Q10. What elegance LiferayMVCPortlet extends?

Ans: LiferayPortlet -> GenericPortlet

Q11. Explain The Permission System in Liferay ?

Ans: Liferay’s permission system makes use of a flexible mechanism that defines the actions that a given user can carry out within the context of the portal or a specific portlet.

Portal and portlet developers damage down the operations that can be executed in the portal or portlet into distinct actions.

The act of granting the capability to carry out an movement to a particular function is the act of granting a permission.

In Liferay, permissions are not granted to immediately to users. Instead, permissions are granted to roles. Roles, in turn, can be assigned to unique users, sites, businesses, or person groups.

Q12. What are architectures of topic?

Ans: Archietecture


- diffs


snap shots




- aui

(many directories)


(many directories)




- init_custom.Vm

- navigation.Vm

- portal_normal.Vm

- portal_pop_up.Vm

- portlet.Vm




Q13. What is Portlet Name area and why it's miles vital ? How do you get portlet namespace in JSP?


Portlet namespace is portlet Id

p_p_id parameters also carries portlet namespace

portlet call area is prefixed with url parameters, in order that portlet container will perceive the parameters belongs what portlet

In  JSP:

<%  String nameSpace=  renderResponse.GetNamespace() %>


Q14. In Portlet URL, what's p_p_lifecycle?

Ans: p_p_lifecyle holds integer price and represents the portlet lifecycle segment that portlet belongs:

0 way render phase

1 way  action segment

2 way server useful resource phase.

Q15. How To Apply Workflow With Custom Entity And Round Robin Assignment In Liferay DXP?

Ans: Organizations use workflows to coordinate responsibilities between humans and synchronize statistics among structures, with the final intention of improving organizational performance, responsiveness and profitability. Liferay Digital Experience Platform gives an possibility for enterprises to boost their businesses with co-ordinated workflows.

Liferay DXP offers smooth integration of workflow on diverse out of the field assets like blog, wiki, customers, web contents, report and so forth. However, in lots of eventualities, business want to implement workflow on custom entities. Liferay DXP platform gives support for this. In short, you may put into effect workflow on your very own entities with the aid of following beneath steps.

To make the Custom Entity as Asset Type,

Insert asset access reference in provider.Xml for the custom entity.

Add columns workflow popularity, consumer idand date in custom entity definition.

While including custom entity, upload entry of it in asset local carrier.

To make it available for Workflow,

Define workflow handler elegance.

Implement update statusmethod in workflow handler elegance to replace the fame of workflow as in step with the assignment mission.

To make it seen for Workflow Configuration Screen,

Define asset render elegance for custom entity.

Define asset render manufacturing unit class.

To begin Workflow,

Add begin workflow instancemethod whilst adding custom entity or any occasion on which workflow need to start.

Add method for updating property in asset neighborhood carrier.

To configure it in Control Panel,

Go to manipulate panel >> workflow configuration, check your custom entity and observe workflow.