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Latest Oil And Gas question papers, test pattern and Placement papers


Latest Oil And Gas question papers, test pattern and Placement papers

Q1. What Are The Factors That Decide The Retail Price Of Gasoline?

The gas retail price is decided via following factors

Trportation prices

Location (Urban/ Rural)

Average quantity pumped

Competitive mix ( Concentration of fundamental oil groups and independent entrepreneurs)

Q2. Explain How Many Gallons Of Gasoline Does One Barrel Of Oil Can Be Made?

From one barrel (42 gallons) U. S refineries make about 19 gallons of motor gasoline. The residue yields other refined products including distillate and residual gasoline oil.

Q3. Explain How Much Do Oil Companies Make On Each Dollar You Spend On Gas?

Oil and herbal gas industry make eight.6% for every greenback of income.

Q4. What Are The Different Categories Of Oil Found Worldwide?

There are about 161 extraordinary varieties of Oil found worldwide. The one of a kind categories of Oil located worldwide is classed into different styles of crude oil like Brent, Dubai Crude, West Texas, Intermediate, and many others. Classification is completed in line with their sulphur content.

Q5. Mention What Are The Requirements For Importing Natural Gas, Oil And Petroleum Into The U.S?

For importing petroleum or petroleum merchandise to U.S, you don’t need a license to import these gadgets, however you need to report a shape known as EIA814 with the EIA (Energy Information Administration).

Q6. Explain What Is Powershares Db Energy Fund?

In the power commodities, this fund is the most rounded funding inside the strength commodities. This fund is invested in the strength futures agreement like heating oil, Brent crude oil, RBOB fuel and natural gasoline.

Q7. Who Analyse And Does Research Of The Oil And Natural Gas Supply In U.S?

EIA (Energy Information Administration) is an impartial business enterprise of the USA Department of Energy, which offers all of the weekly element or information of the deliver of oil and herbal gas in U.S. It schedules weekly courses referred to as WEEKLY PETROLEUM STATUS REPORT and THE WEEK IN PETROLEUM.

Q8. Which States Are Among The High Paying Price For Gasoline?

Some of the states which are paying extra charge for gasoline aside from other states are


New York







Q9. Mention What Are The Factors That Can Fluctuate In Gasoline Price?

The factors which could fluctuate the gas rate are

Changes to the rate of crude oil

Major deliver disruption in any region of the united states of america

Increased patron call for

Expected or surprising outages of any refinery

Activity at the commodities market

Q10. What Are The Taxes You Have To Pay On Your Gasoline?

There are State taxes and Federal taxes that is levied to your gas, although taxes modifications from one nation to some other. You are paying approx. 23% of kingdom taxes per gallon of your gasoline that can vary to 40% relying upon the kingdom. While, federal authorities excise tax is ready 18 percent per gallon.

Q11. What Is The Purpose Of Forming Opec?

It is a set of countries which produces crude oil and is founded in 1960, so that it will adjust the system of export of their crude oil to the other nations of the world and to decide the crude oil costs. Together OPEC’s 12 member nations materials about forty% of the world’s oil supply.

Q12. Explain What Is Opec?

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is likewise referred to as OPEC.

Q13. How Api Is Calculated?

API is not anything but the ratio of its density examine to other substance like water to check the same old of the oil. The formula to test API is

API gravity = (141.Five/ Specific Gravity) – 131.Five

Q14. Explain How Much Do You Pay For A Gallon Of Regular Gasoline?

On a everyday gallon of gasoline, you'll pay about

Crude Oil: About 67% of what you pay goes to the value of crude oil

Refining fees and earnings: About 14%

Distribution, Marketing and Retail costs and earnings: 8%

Taxes: 12%

Q15. Mention What Is The Amount Of Ethanol Present In Gasoline?

Approximately approximately 10% -15 % of ethanol is present in line with gallon of fuel, and it is denoted via E10.

Q16. On What Basis Crude Oil Prices Are Determined?

Crude oil is a commodity, and the charges rely upon the call for and deliver.

Q17. What Is Api Gravity?

API me American Petroleum Institute; it is the principle affiliation for the oil and herbal fuel enterprise in U.S. The API denotes approximately 400 businesses in the petroleum enterprise and facilitates to set the usual for production, refinement and distribution of petroleum product.

Q18. How U.S Dollar Contribute To The Rising Oil Prices?

On the arena marketplace, oil is priced in U.S bucks. So, while dollar becomes weaker, overseas forex becomes stronger, which me overseas international locations should purchase greater oil at same amount of cash. As humans in other international locations begin buying extra, demand rises, and it drives up the rate in bucks, which once more affect the price of oil in the global market.

Q19. Who Controls Or Decides The Oil Prices?

OPEC does now not decide the crude oil prices, although it influence the market charges. It is following change marketplace that decides international crude oil charges

New York Mercantile Exchange ( NYMEX)

International Petroleum Exchange in London (IPE)

Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX)

Q20. Who Are The Members Of Opec Currently?





Saudi Arabia