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Latest Ielts question papers, test pattern and Placement - Jul 23, 2022


Latest Ielts question papers, test pattern and Placement

Q1. Do You Prefer To Spend Your Free Time Alone Or With Other People?

It depends on my mood surely. I think most people want a while on their personal. Sometimes my work is pretty demanding and I spend numerous time there with others, so it is correct to simply get home and loosen up and examine a e book or some thing. But I lose interest if I am on my own too much so I like to go out and meet friends in the evening or play football.

Q2. What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?

I do pretty plenty of game virtually. I play football on the whole - on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoon with a local team. I additionally play tennis and squash when I can however I don't definitely get the time to do them as properly every week. I paintings quite difficult at the moment, so I do not get quite a few unfastened time alas.

Q3. Do You Have To Work With Other People?

Oh sure, all of the time. It's a large office and all of us need to work as a group if we need to achieve consequences. I have colleagues I want to liaise with consisting of the graphic designers and I also have management workforce who paintings below me. And of course I also must paintings along the organizations that we offer advertising for. So yes, I actually should paintings with other people.

Q4. What Do You Hope To Do In The Future When You Have Finished?

I'm no longer certain at the moment, however I may fit into teaching. This is why I'm doing the IELTS, as I intend to carry on and do a Masters in a selected vicinity of records. I'll possibly determine for certain what to do once I have finished that.

Q5. Do You Think Everyone Should Learn To Swim?

Of path, I suppose it's very crucial. Firstly, you spend much of your life on holiday by way of water, for instance, whilst you go to the seashore on vacation, so you won't be able to experience yourself together with your buddies in case you cannot swim. Also, for safety motives it is very critical. You often hear about sad injuries regarding younger kids so it's very essential.

Q6. What Kind Of Books Do You Like To Read?

I on the whole like to study biographies. I'm no longer sure why however it is thrilling to read approximately human beings's actual lives, specifically when they have had exciting lives and have needed to cope with many issues. I do examine fiction as nicely, however I regularly discover it difficult to get keep of a e book that I actually like. I also like analyzing about books to do with contemporary affairs.

Q7. Where Do You Usually Go By Train?

It's usually on lengthy journeys across the u . S . If I want to visit buddies or I have an appointment someplace. For quick journeys round where I stay or to work it's lots easier to drive or take the bus. As I stated earlier than, you may do matters such as read on the educate so it is accurate for lengthy journeys.

Q8. What Are The People Like In Your Hometown?

They are in general pretty friendly, however as with most massive cities each person is often busy so it is able to seem as if they're not inquisitive about speakme or having a chat. But in case you stay there you know that the general public are quite happy to have a chat if they have time and will assist you if wished.

Q9. How Do You Manage Your Time?

As I said, I don't have any precise gadget in place to manipulate my time. For example, if I am at paintings and I even have a variety of cases, I simply undergo them every day and determine which I want to tackle first. At work we do have an internet diary which I guess I use, so in that feel I do manage my time to an extent.

Q10. Should People Have To Pay To Go To Art Galleries?

I assume it relies upon truely. If viable they ought to be free due to the fact if people do should pay they are much less possibly to head and spot it. But however these things fee cash so a small price can be vital if it could maintain the artwork gallery going and hold it open. Ideally although the government need to pay for this as I trust this sort of factor is paid for by means of our taxes.

Q11. Are There Many Places To Swim Near You?

Yes, there are a few public swimming swimming pools. There is the main indoor one at a big sports activities complex inside the center of town. There also are a couple of outdoor ones, but you can most effective use them in summer season as it's miles too cold in wintry weather. One is a big one in a park, the opposite is a miles smaller one.

Q12. When Do You Think Is The Best Time To Read?

I assume any time is adequate, but when I study I like to pay attention, so I can't read for a brief time like on a bus experience like a few people do. I like to position time apart to revel in it. So if I have some loose time at the weekend I might study for a few hours. And I nearly continually examine earlier than I visit mattress - this actually allows me to sleep.

Q13. Are You Good At Managing Your Time?

Actually I'd say I'm no longer too desirable! I do not in reality have a system in place to arrange things. I realize a few humans have an digital organizer or use some tool to plot what they are doing but I do not try this. But I usually make sure I am on time for appointments and things like that, and I meet time limits and get things accomplished.

Q14. Do You Think You Will Change Jobs In The Future?

Well, it truly is now not something I'm considering in the intervening time as I absolutely enjoy what I do and it is a genuinely suitable company to work for. The pay is good and that they have other desirable benefits including flexi-time and give up of 12 months bonuses. But that stated, trade is always a great element, so I can't see me being there all the time. I'm certain I will exchange sooner or later.

Q15. Can You Swim?

Yes I can. I learnt at faculty after I became approximately 7 years vintage. Swimming instructions have been obligatory at our school, like maximum colleges I suppose.

Q16. Do You Read The Same Kind Of Books Now That You Read When You Were A Child?

Not actually, no. Actually I didn't study that a good deal when I changed into a child, however if I did it became mainly fiction books, consisting of fairy tales. Things like The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Fantasy matters.

Q17. Did You Like To Go To Art Galleries When You Were A Child?

I've in no way been that interested in artwork to be sincere, so no longer absolutely. We had been taken to one as part of a ride once I became at faculty. It has plenty of artwork from famous artists from our usa. It changed into pretty exciting to look I bet but I've no longer been to any considering the fact that.

Q18. Is There Much To Do In Your Hometown?

Oh yes, there may be surely plenty to do there because it's a fairly huge metropolis. If you like going out inside the evening there are a number of exact restaurants and bars. If you prefer cultural sports there are museums and art galleries. But if you want nature there are plenty of different things outdoor of the town that are clean to reach.

Q19. Are There Many Art Galleries Where You Live?

No, now not that I realize of. I stay in a small city so I don't assume there are any, even though we do have a few museums and different cultural institutions. In our capital city there are pretty some art galleries, but.

Q20. When Was The Last Time You Travelled By Train?

Er....I'm now not pretty certain, allow me assume. It became a while in the past now. I assume the closing time turned into closing 12 months after I went up to peer some buddies I had now not seen for some time inside the north of the us of a. Yes, that was it. It become a journey of approximately 3 hours and I had to trade trains as soon as throughout the adventure. The first teach turned into a bit crowded and noisy as I assume there had been humans on there going to a soccer healthy, but it turned into an adequate journey most of the manner..

Q21. What Are You Studying At The Moment?

I'm studying history at college. It's a four yr course, and I commenced it three years ago, so I even have simply 365 days left. I'm enjoying it plenty so it will be sad to finish.

Q22. What Is Your Job?

I currently work as an workplace supervisor at a big advertising enterprise. I've been in the activity for approximately 5 years now. I'm generally assigned to work with a selected business in an effort to improve their sales via various advertising and marketing strategies.

Q23. Have Your Leisure Activities Changed Since You Were A Child?

Not a wonderful deal genuinely. I used to love playing soccer when I changed into younger as properly - I performed a lot at school. Though of direction I did all the other matters children cherished to do consisting of going out on motorcycle rides after school and matters.

Q24. When Is It Most Important For You To Manage Your Time?

I suppose it is probably while you are at work. When out of labor, it's not actually going to affect things an excessive amount of, or as a minimum most effective yourself, in case you are late to satisfy pals or for an appointment, or if you are getting things completed in your house. But at paintings, it'll motive issues if you do not manipulate it slow effectively due to the fact you may miss time limits or pass over appointments. You ought to lose your job. So at paintings is while it's miles maximum critical to manage it slow.