Interview Questions.

Latest Icici Bank question papers, test pattern and Placement papers


Latest Icici Bank question papers, test pattern and Placement papers

Q1. Explain Me What Is It About Our Company That Appeals To You?

Don't be afraid to speak about their reputation “On the Street” and the way you're a very good in shape. If they're considered as competitive as an instance, speak approximately how that fits with you, or the interest in wherein this subculture can take the commercial enterprise. Avoid sugar coating your remarks because the finance enterprise is too state-of-the-art to simply accept simplistic wers that do not constitute a deeper knowledge.

Q2. Which Is The First Indian Bank To Open Branch Outside India?

Bank of India is the first Indian financial institution to open department outside India at London in 1946.

Q3. Explain Us About A Time When You Failed?

Be sincere, supply some thing that certainly came about and is real. Choose something that is a failure however you have been both capable of salvage, restore or not less than you've got discovered from. Focus on what you do now to save you that failure inside the destiny. 

Q4. If You Were To Leave Icici Bank Ltd, What Would Be The Reason?

Salary will be the main motive n would really like Change my role inside the subsequent employer

Q5. Explain Us Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

This question is asked much less and less due to the fact five years is an eternity. In certain professions it's far an easy query. “I need to be (name your title). More possibly you'll say you need to improve to a stage to have even greater responsibility, impact and effect. Always make it sound like you'll nonetheless be with them for those 5 years simply at a better degree and likely in a brand new venture with them.

Q6. Do You Know What Interview Questions Do They Ask At Icici Bank Ltd?

About condifident degree to paintings any place how will co-perform with colleagues and the human beings n how might you manage the tough situations which is rised inside the enterprise how will you react for that ext ...

Q7. Explain What Does Excellent Customer Service Mean To You?

As a cashier, you'll be operating with the general public always. It is critical that you offer first rate carrier and that your requirements of service in shape your capacity company's. In your wer, highlight the significance of correct provider, figuring out solutions and resolving problems to the client's pride.

Q8. If A Cheque Is Dishonoured It Is Called?

Return of the cheque unpaid. Insufficient fund, the dying of the drawer, irregular signature, non-present account, bankruptcy, frozen account, while there may be attention, a publish-dated cheque, if there is difference among the amount written in phrases and that during figures, whilst fee is stopped are the reasons why most bank cheques are being dishonoured.

Q9. In Pursuance Of Which One Of The Following Was The General Insurance Corporation Of India Formed?

General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act, 1972


The entire general insurance business in India was nationalised by way of the Government of India via the General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act of 1972.

Q10. In Which Type Of Banking, Electronic Financial Tractions Are Done?



E-banking enable monetary group customers, individuals or corporations, to get admission to accounts, tract business, or acquire information on financial services and products.

Q11. Tell Us How Much Money Do You Make?

As in any negotiation the person who says the variety first is at a disadvantage. You can attempt to say you're interested by the job and you are positive revenue is honest and commensurate with industry stages. If driven you are saying you are seeking out a “total repayment package deal inside the variety of ___to____”. In some organizations they'll insist on a W2 form so do not lie approximately modern salary.

Q12. Which Is The Largest Public Sector Bank In India?

State Bank of India


It is a government-owned company with its headquarters in Mumbai.

Q13. Which One Of The Following Is The Special Drawing Right Given By The International Monetary Fund To Its Member Countries?

Paper gold


It is an accounting access. It is used only among governments and IMF for stability of price settlements.

Q14. Which Is The First Bank To Introduce Credit Card In India?

Central Bank turned into the first public financial institution to introduce credit score card in India.

Q15. Explain Me About A Risk You Took In A Job?

Tell the way you used your relationships within the business enterprise to advantage guide or shift the questioning. It might be a new concept for schooling, product improvement or sales. Show the way you offered it then the way you labored round those who found it poor. Explain how you have used this experience to further enhance.

Q16. Explain About Yourself (ie Where Do You Start, What Do You Cover Personal V. Professional)?

Keep in thoughts they're now not asking about you in my opinion however you as a professional or commercial enterprise person. This is the time to call your strengths in a narrative manner. “I am first-rate known for my progressive and strategic method to complex troubles.” Then inform them the way you came to this skillset through speakme about your paintings experience and schooling. Always start with the prevailing and paintings backwards.

Two minutes into the wer ask “shall I hold?” You do now not want to consume up all your interview time and lose the person's interest with a protracted-winded wer. Only on the cease are you able to add something in my view with the aid of announcing “in my off hours I experience walking and I educate a youngsters' track crew.” Makes you human.

Q17. Which Bank Launched Mobile Bank Accounts In Association With Vodafone's M-paisa?

HDFC Bank,It turned into incorporated in 1994.

Q18. How Many Years Deferment For General Anti-avoidance Rules (gaar) Was Announced In The Budget 2015-16?

2 years


GAAR are framed to reduce tax avoidance, as an example with the aid of siphoning off profits to tax havens. GAAR can be termed as a popular set of regulations enacted to restriction tax avoidance. It became proposed by the Union Budget 2012-@The finance bill 2012 introduced bankruptcy X-A to the income Tax Act-196@Tax avoidance rule GAAR become proposed to be effective from April 2015 for those claiming tax benefits of over Rs three crore however the gift Finance Minister Arun Jaitley deferred the roll out of the GAAR by using two years to April 1, 2017.

Q19. Which One Of The Following Allow Bank Customers To Effect Trfers Of Funds From Their Deposit Accounts And Other Financial Tractions At Retail Establishments?



At the Point of Sale (POS), the retailer could calculate the quantity owed through the client and provide options for the customer to make payment.

Q20. Which Is The Largest Foreign Bank In India?

Standard Chartered Bank were running in India given that 1858.

Q21. Explain Us Why Aren't You Looking For A Job In Your Area Of Expertise?

You've finished some soul searching, weren't absolutely fulfilled or your skills were not being applied sufficient in the cutting-edge industry and found out this become the right path for you. I've had clients say that to employers and that they had been impressed that they had taken the time to in reality locate their path and they had such recognition. Another cause will be they want to add to their ability set.

Q22. What Does 'mat' Stand For?

Minimum Alternate Tax

Explanation: The cause of introducing MAT become to make certain that no taxpayer with extensive earnings can avoid tax legal responsibility through the usage of exclusions, deductions and incentives.

Q23. Tell Me How Are The Working Hours At Icici Bank Ltd?

9 hrs is the running hrs however one has to stretch for that reason due to excessive quantity.

Q24. Which Bank Approved Loan To Help India In Improving Rail Services?

Asian Development Bank 

The Asian Development Bank turned into established on 22 August 1966.

Q25. Tell Me What If A Coworker Calls Out Sick And You're On Your Own?

This is a common issue in provider industries. When short-staffed, you can face lengthy lines and annoyed customers. In this example, it's essential you understand the position of politeness and efficiency. If even running at your fastest the strains keep lengthening, you want to tell the company you will seek advice from your supervisor about calling in different people or asking different employees to take over any other sign up

Q26. What Is The Full Form Of Cbs?

Core Banking Solution, Core Banking Solution (CBS) is a shipping channel for short and speedy shipping.

Q27. What Does Rbi Regulate Through Open Market Operation Tractions?

Liquidity in economy


Outright buy and Repurchase settlement are the two traditional type of OMO's used by RBI.

Q28. What Would You Suggest Icici Bank Ltd Management Do To Prevent Others From Leaving For This Reason?

I left the financial institution to pursue my higher research, which turned into not possible at some stage in the tenure.

Q29. Explain Me What Didn't Work In Your Last Position?

Be sincere right here however you don't want to lay it all out both, as an instance if you and your boss did not get along. Don't bash your former employer. It will be the subculture, it may be there was little room for profession progression, you failed to consider the imaginative and prescient of the organisation say what it's far, then pass quick to specializing in what you want rather.

Q30. Under Which Act, Yoga Was Included In The Ambit Of Charitable Purposes As Announced In The Union Budget 2015-16?

Income Tax Act


The government has decided to accord special fame to Yoga via categorizing its advertising as a charitable interest. The institutions which, as part of genuine charitable sports, undertake sports like publishing books or preserving programme on yoga or different packages as a part of actual sporting out of the gadgets which might be of charitable nature are being put to worry due to first and second provision to phase 2(15).

Q31. What Type Of Tax Has Been Abolished With A Cess In This Budget 2015-sixteen?

Wealth Tax


Wealth tax has been changed with a 2% cess on first rate rich individuals. When tax is carried out to a specific cause, it's miles called CESS.

Q32. Which Was The First Bank To Introduce Internet Banking?

ICICI Bank was brought in 1994.

Q33. Explain What Are Your Weaknesses And What Should You Improve On?

You need to by no means faux you don't have any nor come up with a list like “I work too much.” Come up with a real weak point, like prioritization, time control possibly – something this is actual however additionally would not jeopardized your potential to do the job and consciousness on what you do approximately it. I'm running on improving my time management as an instance, I use an online calendar and time table my responsibilities internal that calendar and plan my week every Monday estimating time needed for each challenge and challenge.

Q34. Explain Me How Are You With Handling Money?

A key a part of a cashier's task is coping with money, so trustworthiness and integrity are crucial. In your wer, highlight your revel in dealing with cash, your beyond employers' remarks in your honesty and your accuracy in coping with the cash drawer.

Q35. Explain Me About A Time You Have Excellent Service?

For this ask, paint a bright description of the situation so the hiring supervisor understands what took place and what actions you took. Highlight where you went above and beyond the usual reaction of a cashier and cognizance at the patron's response.

Q36. Which Is The Largest Private Sector Bank In India ?


Q37. Do You Know How Does Someone Get Hired At Icici Bank Ltd? What Are The Steps Along The Way?

Any graduate with age limit upto 28 years may additionally attend the interview, must have right communication skills.For fresher's or exp Icici bank suggests a excellent direction to construct profession in banking and economic sectors.

Q38. When Was The General Insurance Corporation Of India Incorporated.?

1972 , GIC changed into formed to govern and perform the business of popular coverage in India.

Q39. Which Is The First Bank To Introduce Atm In India?

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation introduced ATM in 1987.

Q40. Which One Of The Following Belongs To Bank Capitalization?

Basel III norms


Basel III or the Third Basel Accord is a international, voluntary regulatory widespread on financial institution capital adequacy, strain testing and market liquidity hazard.

Q41. Imperial Bank Of India Was Nationalised In?

The largest bank, the Imperial Bank of India, become nationalised in 1955.

Q42. Explain Me Where Do You Want To See Yourself After five Year?

Here the interviewer want to peer your cognizance concerning to career direction inside the task and what is your level of dedication to the put up/ task of PO, Clerk or SO they offer.

Q43. Which Bank Started The First Rrb Named Prathama Grameen Bank?

Syndicate Bank, The bank turned into referred to as Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Limited at the time of established order.

Q44. Tell Me What Is The Interview Process Like At Icici Bank Ltd?

Depends on function

Q45. Any Extra Quality That You Have That Would Impact Our Decision?

(Here recruiters need to choose the man or woman on the premise of self assurance) I am a consistent learner and try and hold myself up to date of all progresses inside the field of IT. Also, when you consider that I do now not quit inside the face of hardest demanding situations. Mostly asked to the applicants to know their talent and capability except technical capabilities.

Q46. Explain Do You Prefer Working Alone Or As A Part Of A Team?

Cashiers usually paintings independently, however working within a crew is a key part of the process; you may paintings closely with stockers, floor managers and others. As you respond, strain that you may work independently and can thrive on your own, however that you admire the aid and know-how a crew can provide you with.

Q47. Who Was The First Governor Of Rbi?

Osborne Smith changed into the Governor of Reserve Bank of India from 1 April 1935 to 30 June 1937.

Q48. What Is The Full Form Of Fccb?

Corporates difficulty Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCBs) to elevate cash in foreign currencies.

Q49. Tell Me What Negative Things Would Co-employees Say About You?

This is a tricky one. Always characteristic the negatives to three and no longer the whole group. “I guess a few might imagine I may be too passionate and a chunk protecting when it comes to a venture I'm running on”. And perhaps that is genuine from their attitude. In general I get along side my co-workers, customers and companies. We don't continually agree but we are able to paintings collectively to get the process accomplished.”

Q50. Tell Us Why Is There A Gap In Your Employment Record?

While gaps have been extra not unusual all through the recession you need to reveal doing some thing of price. It could consist of improving your capabilities, certifications or connections. Building relationships as a volunteer is a traditional wer, but you need to show the way you have been efficient. Play down the vacation, reflection time, and so forth. If you probably did consulting work building up the price of what you obtain out of it. Don't expose how little you may were paid.