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Laravel Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 17, 2022


Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Laravel ?

Ans: Laravel  is free open supply “PHP framework” primarily based on MVC Design Pattern .

It is created by Taylor Otwell. Laravel affords expressive and elegant syntax that allows in growing a exquisite internet application without problems and quick.

Q2. List some reputable programs furnished via Laravel?







Q3. List out present day capabilities of Laravel.


Inbuilt CRSF (go-site request forgery) Protection.

Inbuilt paginations

Reverse Routing

Query builder

Route caching

Database Migration

IOC (Inverse of Control) Container Or service field.

Q4. List out some advantages of Laravel over different Php frameworks.


Setup and customization technique is  clean and speedy compared to others.

Inbuilt Authentication System.

Supports a couple of document structures

Pre-loaded programs like Laravel Socialite, Laravel cashier, Laravel elixir,Passport,Laravel Scout.

Eloquent ORM (Object Relation Mapping) with PHP active document implementation.

Built in command line tool “Artisan” for developing a code skeleton ,database shape and construct their migration.

Q5. What is composer ?

Ans: Composer is PHP dependency supervisor used for putting in dependencies of PHP applications.

Q6. How to put in laravel thru composer ?

Ans: composer create-mission laravel/laravel your-venture-name version

Q7. How to test laravel present day model ?

Ans: You can take a look at the cutting-edge version of your Laravel set up the use of the --version choice of artisan command


personal home page artisan --version

Q8. What is personal home page artisan. List out some artisan command ?

Ans: PHPartisanis the command line interface/device blanketed with Laravel. It affords some of helpful commands that let you whilst you build your utility easily. Here are the listing of a few artisian command:-

Hypertext Preprocessor artisan listing

personal home page artisan assist

Hypertext Preprocessor artisan tinker

Hypertext Preprocessor artisan make

php artisan --versian

Hypertext Preprocessor artisan make modal modal_name

php artisan make controller controller_name

Q9. Explain Events in laravel ?

Ans: An occasion is anincident or incidence detected and handled via this system.Laravel occasion offers a simple observer implementation,that allow us  to subscribe and pay attention for occasions in our application.

Below are a few occasions examples in laravel :-

A new person has registered

A new remark is published

User login/logout

New product is delivered.

Q10. How to permit question log in laravel?

Ans: Use the enableQueryLog method:


You can get array of the achieved queries through using getQueryLog approach:

$queries = DB::getQueryLog();

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Q11. How to turn off CRSF protection for a course in Laravel?

Ans: In "app/Http/Middleware/VerifyCsrfToken.Personal home page"

//upload an array of Routes to skip CSRF test

private $exceptUrls = ['controller/route1', 'controller/route2'];

//adjust this function

public feature deal with($request, Closure $next)


 //upload this condition

    foreach($this->exceptUrls as $path) 

 if ($request->is($direction)) 

  go back $subsequent($request);

go back discern::deal with($request, $subsequent);


Q12. What is Lumen?

Ans: Lumen is PHP micro framework that constructed on  Laravel's pinnacle additives. It is created by means of Taylor Otwell. It is ideal choice for building Laravel primarily based micro-services and  rapid REST API's. It's one of the fastest micro-frameworks available.

Q13. What are laravel facades?

Ans: Laravel Facades affords a static like interface to lessons which can be available in the application's service field. Laravel self ships with many facades which provide get admission to to nearly all features of Laravel's .Laravel Facadesserve as "static proxies" to underlying lessons inside the service container and presents blessings of a terse, expressive syntax while maintaining extra testability and versatility than conventional static methods of training. All of Laravel's facades are described within the IlluminateSupportFacades namespace. You can effortlessly access a Facade like so:

use IlluminateSupportFacadesCache;

Route::get('/cache', function () 

return Cache::get('key');


Q14. What are laravel Contracts?

Ans: Laravel's Contracts are nothing however  set of interfaces that outline the core offerings supplied by the Laravel framework.

Q15. Explain Laravel carrier box ?

Ans: One of the maximum powerful feature of Laravel is its Service Container

It is a powerful tool for resolving  class dependencies and acting dependency injection  in Laravel .

Dependency injection is a elaborate word that essentially way  magnificence dependencies are "injected" into the class through the constructor or, in some cases, "setter" techniques.

You can read  greater approximately Laravel from right here 

Q16. How are you able to get users IP deal with  in Laravel ?

Ans: public feature getUserIp(Request $request)

// Getting ip deal with of remote user

go back $user_ip_address=$request->ip();

Q17. How to apply custom table in Laravel Modal ?

Ans: We can use custom table in laravel by way of overriding blanketed $desk belongings of Eloquent. Below is sample uses

elegance User extends Eloquent

 included $table="my_user_table";



Q18. What is Laravel Eloquent?

Ans: The Eloquent ORM blanketed with Laravel presents a beautiful, simple ActiveRecord implementation for running along with your database. Each database table has a corresponding "Model" that's used to interact with that table. Models will let you question for information to your tables, as well as insert new records into the table.

Rotected $desk="my_user_table";

Q19. How to define Fillable Attribute in Laravel Modal ?

Ans: You can outline fillable attribute through overiding the fillable property of Laravel Eloquent. Here is sample uses

Class User extends Eloquent

included $fillable =array('identity','first_name','last_name','age');

Q20. What is in seller listing of Laravel ?

Ans: Any packages we pulled from composer is saved in vendor listing of laravel.

Q21. In which directory controllers are placed in Laravel ?

Ans: We saved all controllers in


Q22. What does PHP compact characteristic do ?

Ans: PHP compact feature takes every key and tries to find a variable with that equal call.If variable is discovered , them it builds an associative array.

Q23. Define ORM ?

Ans: Object-relational Mapping (ORM) is a programming approach for changing data among incompatible type structures in object-oriented programming languages.

Q24. How to create a report in Laravel the usage of eloquent? ?

Ans: To create a new file within the database the usage of laravel Eloquent, simply create a new version instance, set attributes on the version, then call the store technique: Here is sample Usage

public function saveProduct(Request $request )

$product = new product;

$product->name = $request->name;

$product->description = $request->call;


Q25. List a few Aggregates strategies supplied by query builder in Laravel







Q26. What is the reason of the Eloquent cursor() method in laravel ?

Ans: The cursor technique permits you to iterate through your database statistics using a cursor, with the intention to best execute a unmarried question. When processing large amounts of information, the cursor method can be used to substantially lessen your reminiscence usage.

Example Usage

foreach (Product::wherein('call', 'bar')->cursor() as $flight) 

//do a little stuff

Q27. How to get Logged in consumer data in laravel ?

Ans: Auth::User() feature is used to get Logged in consumer data in laravel.





Q28. What are Closures in laravel ?

Ans: Closures is an nameless feature that may be assigned to a variable or handed to another characteristic as an issue.A Closures can get right of entry to variables outside the scope that it was created.

Q29. What are Advantages of Laravel?


Easy and steady syntax

Set-up manner is simple

customization procedure is straightforward

code is always regimented with Laravel

Q30. What are the characteristic of Laravel5.Zero?


Method injection


Route caching

Events item

Multiple record system

Authentication Scaffolding

dotenv – Environmental Detection

Laravel Scheduler

Q31. Compare Laravel with Codeigniter?


Laravel    Codeigniter

Laravel is a framework with expressive, elegant syntax    CodeIgniter is a effective PHP framework

Development is exciting, creative experience    Simple and elegant toolkit to create complete-featured web programs.

Laravel is built for state-of-the-art model of PHP    Codeigniter is an older greater mature framework

It is more object orientated compared to CodeIgniter.    It is much less item oriented compared to Laravel.

Laravel network remains small, but it's far developing very speedy.    Codeigniter community is big.

Q32. What are Bundles,Reverse Routing and The IoC container ?


Bundles: These are small functionality which you may download to feature on your internet software.

Reverse Routing: This lets in you to trade your routes and alertness will replace all the relevant links as consistent with this link.

IoC field: It offers you Control offers you a technique for producing new items and optionally instantiating and referencing singletons.

Q33. How to set Database connection in Laravel?

Ans: Database configuration file direction is : config/database.Php

Following are sample of database record

'mysql' => [

'study' => [

'host' => 'localhost',


'write' => [

'host' => 'localhost'


'driving force'    => 'mysql',

'database'  => 'database',

'username'  => 'root',

'password'  => '',

'charset'   => 'utf8',

'collation' => 'utf8_unicode_ci',

'prefix'    => '',


Q34. How to permit the Query Logging?

Ans: DB::connection()->enableQueryLog();

Q35. How to apply pick out question in Laravel?

Ans: $users = DB::choose('select * from customers in which city_id = ?', 10);


foreach($customers as $user)

Q36. How to apply Insert Statement in Laravel?

Ans: DB::insert('insert into users (identity, call, city_id) values (?, ?)', [1, 'Web technology',10]);

Q37. How to apply Update Statement in Laravel?

Ans: DB::replace('replace customers set city_id = 10 wherein identity = ?', [1015]);

Q38. How to apply Update Statement in Laravel?

Ans: DB::replace('replace customers set city_id = 10 where identification = ?', [1015]);

Q39. How to use delete Statement in Laravel?

Ans: DB::delete('delete from  customers where identity = ?', [1015]);

Q40. Does Laravel guide caching?

Ans: Yes, Its gives.

Q41. What is HTTP middleware?

Ans: Middleware provide a convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering your software. For instance, Laravel consists of a middleware that verifies the consumer of your software is authenticated. If the consumer is not authenticated, the middleware will redirect the user to the login screen. However, if the consumer is authenticated, the middleware will permit the request to proceed further into the application.

Of course, extra middleware can be written to carry out an expansion of duties besides authentication. A CORS middleware is probably liable for adding the proper headers to all responses leaving your application. A logging middleware may log all incoming requests in your software.

There are numerous middleware covered within the Laravel framework, along with middleware for authentication and CSRF safety. All of these middleware are placed inside the app/Http/Middleware listing.

Q42. What is database migration? And how to use it to add insert initial data to database?

Ans: Migrations are like version manipulate to your database, permitting your group to effortlessly adjust and share the software's database schema. Migrations are normally paired with Laravel's schema builder to without problems build your utility's database schema. If you have ever had to inform a teammate to manually add a column to their local database schema, you've confronted the problem that database migrations resolve.

Laravel includes a simple approach of seeding your database with test statistics the usage of seed training. All seed classes are stored inside the database/seeds listing. Seed lessons can also have any call you desire, however possibly ought to comply with a few practical conference, such as UsersTableSeeder, and so forth. By default, a DatabaseSeeder class is defined for you. From this elegance, you may use the call approach to run other seed training, allowing you to manipulate the seeding order.

Q43. What directories that need to be writable laravel set up?

Ans: After putting in Laravel, you could need to configure a few permissions. Directories within the garage and the bootstrap/cache directories must be writable via your web server or Laravel will now not run. If you are the usage of the Homestead virtual system, those permissions must already be set.

Q44. How to implement you very own package deal in Laravel?

Ans: You can create a package deal in laravel using the following steps:

Package folder and call

Composer.Json file for the bundle

Loading package deal via essential composer.Json and PSR-4

Creating a Service Provider

Create a Controller in your package

Create our Routes.Hypertext Preprocessor file

Q45. What are the primary differences between Laravel four and Laravel 5.X?

Ans: Summarizing Laravel 5.Zero Release notes from the above article:

The vintage app/fashions listing has been totally eliminated.

Controllers, middleware, and requests (a new form of elegance in Laravel five.0) at the moment are grouped beneath the app/Http directory.

A new app/Providers listing replaces the app/begin files from preceding variations of Laravel four.X.

Application language files and perspectives had been moved to the resources directory.

All important Laravel additives enforce interfaces that are placed inside the remove darkness from/contracts repository.

New route:cache Artisan command to significantly accelerate the registration of your routes.

Laravel 5 now supports HTTP middleware, and the blanketed authentication and CSRF "filters" had been converted to middleware.

You can now type-trace dependencies on controller strategies.

User registration, authentication, and password reset controllers are actually covered out of the box, as well as easy corresponding perspectives, which can be positioned at assets/views/auth.

You can also now define activities as gadgets instead of truly the use of strings.

In addition to the queue job layout supported in Laravel four, Laravel five lets in you to represent your queued jobs as simple command objects. These instructions live inside the app/Commands directory.

A database queue motive force is now protected in Laravel, supplying a simple, nearby queue driving force that requires no extra package set up past your database software program.

Laravel command scheduler permits you to fluently and expressively outline your command time table inside Laravel itself, and simplest a single Cron entry is wanted in your server.

The Hypertext Preprocessor artisan tinker command now makes use of Psysh by using Justin Hileman, a better REPL for PHP.

Laravel five now makes use of DotEnv by means of Vance Lucas.

Laravel Elixir, with the aid of Jeffrey Way, presents a fluent, expressive interface to compiling and concatenating your property.

Laravel Socialite is an non-compulsory, Laravel 5.0+ well suited package deal that offers definitely painless authentication with OAuth companies.

Laravel now includes the powerful Flysystem filesystem abstraction library, providing ache loose integration with local, Amazon S3, and Rackspace cloud garage - all with one, unified and elegant API!

Laravel 5.0 introduces form requests, which amplify the IlluminateFoundationHttpFormRequest elegance. These request gadgets can be combined with controller approach injection to offer a boiler-plate free technique of validating consumer enter.

The Laravel five base controller now consists of a ValidatesRequests trait. This trait offers a easy validate technique to validate incoming requests.

New Artisan generator commands had been brought to the framework.

The popular dd helper characteristic, which dumps variable debug records, has been upgraded to use the top notch Symfony VarDumper.

Q46. What is routing and the way, and what are the distinct methods to put in writing it?

Ans: All Laravel routes are described on your course documents, which might be placed in the routes listing. These files are robotically loaded via the framework. The routes/web.Php document defines routes which can be on your web interface. These routes are assigned the internet middleware group, which affords features like consultation state and CSRF protection. The routes in routes/api.Php are stateless and are assigned the api middleware group. For most programs, you'll begin with the aid of defining routes for your routes/internet.Personal home page report.