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JQuery Interview Questions and Answers


JQuery Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is jQuery?

Ans: jQuery is not a programming language but a nicely written JavaScript code. It is a JavaScript code, which do file traversing, occasion handling, Ajax interactions and Animations.

Q2. Why jQuery is needed?

Ans:  jQuery is needed for the subsequent listing:

Used to expand browser well matched net programs

Improve the overall performance of an application

Very speedy and extensible

UI related functions are written in minimal traces of codes

Q3. Whether jQuery HTML paintings for both HTML and XML files?

Ans: No, jQuery HTML simplest works for HTML documents now not for XML Documents.

Q4. What are the strategies used to provide effects?

Ans: Some of the outcomes techniques are:




FadeIn() and


Q5. What is the gain of the usage of minimized version of jQuery?

Ans: Efficiency of net web page will increase whilst minimized model of jQuery is used.Min.Js document may be more than 50% much less than the normal js file. Reduction inside the record length makes the net web page faster.

Q6. Is jQuery is a JavaScript or JSON library record?

Ans: jQuery is a library of JavaScript document and it includes DOM, occasion consequences and the Ajax capabilities. JQuery is said to be a single JavaScript report.

Q7. Which running system is greater compatible with jQuery?

Ans: Mac, Windows and Linux are more compatible with the jQuery.

Q8. How are we able to encompass jQuery library in ASP.Net assignment?

Ans: For adding a jQuery library reference to an ASP.Net web page, you simply need to specify the supply of the library inside the script tag.

If you are referencing a library from the mission folder,

<script src="Scripts/jquery-1.10.2.Min.Js"></script>

If you are referencing the library from a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

<script src="http://ajax.Microsoft.Com/ajax/jquery/jquery-1.10.2.Js" type="text/javascript"></script>


Q9. Which command will give a model of jQuery?

Ans: The command $.Ui.Version returns jQuery UI model.

Q10. In what situations jQuery can be used?

Ans: jQuery can be utilized in following situations:

Apply CSS static or dynamic

Calling features on occasions

Manipulation cause

Mainly for Animation consequences

Q11. What is the difference between discover and children methods?

Ans: Find approach is used to locate all levels down the DOM tree but youngsters discover single stage down the DOM tree.

Q12. What is jQuery join?

Ans: A ‘ jQuery join’  is a plugin used to attach or bind a function with another  characteristic. Connect is used to execute function from any other feature or plugin is done.

Q13. How to use join?

Ans: Connect can be used by downloading jQuery join report from jQuery.Com and then include that record in the HTML report. Use $.Join feature to connect a characteristic to any other characteristic.

Q14. What are the features of jQuery, has been used in net applications?

Ans: jQuery makes use of capabilities like Sliding, File importing and accordian in net packages.

Q15. What are the browser associated troubles for jQuery?

Ans: Browser compatibility of jQuery plugin is an issue and needs lot of time to restore it.

Q16. Whether we need to feature jQuery report in each Master and Content web page?

Ans: jQuery file must be brought to the Master page and may use get admission to from the content material page immediately without having any reference to it.

Q17. What are the primary selectors in jQuery?

Ans: Following are the primary selectors in jQuery:

Element ID

CSS Name

Tag Name

DOM hierarchy

Q18. Can we name C# code behind using jQuery?

Ans: Yes, we are able to name C# code from jQuery because it helps .Net software.

Q19. What is the use jQuery.Information method?

Ans: jQuery.Records techniques is used to partner the information with the DOM nodes and the items. This records approach makes the jQuery code clear and concise.

Q20. What is the use of every function in jQuery?

Ans: Each characteristic is used to iterate each and each element of an item. It is used to loop DOM factors, arrays and the item residences.

Q21. What is the distinction among size and duration of jQuery?

Ans: Size and duration both returns the wide variety of element in an object. But duration is faster than the scale because length is a belongings and length is a method.

Q22. Can we add more than one ‘file.Equipped’ function in a page?

Ans: Yes, we are able to add multiple report.Ready feature in a web page. But, body.Onload may be introduced as soon as in a page.

Q23. What is the usage of jQuery load method?

Ans: jQuery load technique is a effective AJAX technique that is used to load the records from a server and assign the information into the element with out loading the page.

Q24. Whether our own unique characters are used in location of $ in jQuery?

Ans: Yes, We can use our personal variable in vicinity of $ with the aid of the usage of the approach known as no Conflict () method.

Var sample = $.NoConflict()

Q25. What are the four parameters used for jQuery Ajax technique?

Ans: The 4 parameters are:

URL – Need to specify the URL to send the request

kind – Specifies type of request(Get or Post)

facts – Specifies records to be despatched to server

Cache – Whether the browser ought to cache the asked page

Q26. What is the usage of jQuery filter out?

Ans: The jQuery filter out is used to filter the positive values from the item list based totally at the criteria. Example is to filter out positive products from the grasp list of products in a cart website.

Q27. Which program is beneficial for checking out jQuery?

Ans: QUnit is used to check jQuery and it's far very clean and green.

Q28. What is CDN?

Ans: CDN is abbreviated as Content Distribution community and it is stated to be a group of companies in unique location with network containing copies of information files to maximize bandwidth in getting access to the statistics.

Q29. What are the 2 forms of CDNs?

Ans: There are two types of CDNs:

Microsoft – Load jQuery from Ajax CDN

Google – Load jQuery from Google libraries API

Q30. Which signal is used as a shortcut for jQuery?

Ans: Dollar ($) signal is used as a shortcut for jQuery.

Q31. Is jQuery is a purchaser or server scripting?

Ans: jQuery is a consumer scripting.

Q32. What is the script increase by using  jQuery?

Ans: jQuery is a Javascript file and it is unmarried javascript file that includes not unusual DOM, event results and Ajax capabilities.

Q33. How can we debug jQuery?

Ans: There are  ways to debug jQuery:

Debugger key-word

Add the debugger to the road from wherein we have to begin debugging after which run Visual Studio in Debug mode with F5 function key.

Insert a smash point after attaching the process

Q34. What are all the methods to include jQuery in a web page?

Ans: Following are the methods to consist of jQuery in a page:

Local reproduction inside script tag

Remote reproduction of jQuery.Com

Remote copy of Ajax API

Local copy of script manager manipulate

Embedded script using purchaser script object

Q35. What is using jQuery.Ajax method ()?

Ans: jQuery.Ajax method is used for asynchronous HTTP requests.

Q36. Where are we able to down load JQuery?

Ans: jQuery javascript can be downloaded from jQuery official website – www.Jquery.Com

Q37. Is jQuery is a substitute of JavaScript?

Ans: No, jQuery is not a replacement of JavaScript.

Q38. What is known as chaining?

Ans: Chaining is used to connect more than one events and features in a selector.

Q39. What are the advantages of jQuery?

Ans: Following are the benefits of jQuery:

Just a JavaScript enhancement

Coding is easy, clear, reusable

Removal of writing extra complex situations and loops

Q40. Whether C# code behind can be known as from jQuery?

Ans: Yes, we will call C# code at the back of from jQuery.

Q41. What is using jQuery.Statistics() method?

Ans: jQuery records approach is used to partner statistics with DOM nodes and JavaScript items. This technique will make a code very concise and neat.

Q42. What is the difference among onload() and file.Equipped()?

Ans: In a page, we will have best one onload function but we can have more than one file.Prepared characteristic. Document.Ready feature is known as while DOM is loaded but onload characteristic is referred to as while DOM and snap shots are loaded on the web page.

Q43. What is using jQuery each function?

Ans: jQuery each characteristic is used to loop via every and every detail of the target jQuery item. It is also useful for multi detail DOM, looping arrays and item residences.

Q44. How approach may be called internal code at the back of the usage of jQuery?

Ans: $.Ajax may be known as and by way of putting forward WebMethod interior code behind the usage of jQuery.

Q45. Which is the fastest selector in jQuery?

Ans: ID and Element are the fastest selectors in jQuery.

Q46. What is the slowest selector in jQuery?

Ans: Class seectors are the slowest selectors in jQuery.

Q47. Where jQuery code is getting completed?

Ans: jQuery code is getting completed on a client browser.

Q48. What is the approach used to define the specific man or woman in area of $ sign?

Ans: ‘NoConflict’ technique is used to reference a jQuery and keep it in a variable. That variable may be used in preference to Sign.

Q49. Why jQuery is higher than JavaScript?

Ans: jQuery is a library used for developing Ajax application and it enables to write the code easy and concise. It also handles events, animation and Ajax support programs.

Q50. What are the varieties of selectors in jQuery?

Ans: There are 3 types of selectors in jQuery:

CSS Selector

XPath Selector

Custom Selector