Interview Questions.

Joomla Interview Questions


Joomla Interview Questions

Q1. What is Joomla?

Ans: Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS), that is used to build websites and on-line applications. It is unfastened and extendable that's separated into the front-stop and returned-stop (administrator).

Q2. List a few capabilities of Joomla?

Ans: The capabilities of Joomla are:

User Manager

Content Manager

Banner Manager

Template Manager

Media Manager

Contact Manager


Q3. What is Joomla Framework?

Ans: Framework is collection of open source software, wherein the Joomla CMS is built on. It developed for greater flexibility and breaks the framework into single modular packages which enables each package deal to broaden extra effortlessly.


Q4. What database does Joomla supports?

Ans: MySql Database


Q5. What are dangers of Joomla?

Ans: The dangers of Joomla are:

It offers compatibility trouble at the same time as putting in several modules, extensions and plugins simultaneously.

Plugins and modules are not unfastened in Joomla.

Development is simply too tough to handle whilst you need to exchange the layout.

Joomla is not a whole lot SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

It makes website heavy to load and run.


Q6. What is Joomla Components?

Ans: Components are considered as mini packages. It consists of  parts i.E. Administrator and Site. Whenever a page receives hundreds, element is been known as to render the body of important page. The Administrator part manages one-of-a-kind aspects of the issue and the website online component facilitates in rendering the pages whilst request is made by using web page vacationer. Components are essential functional unit of joomla.

Q7. What is Joomla Modules?

Ans: Modules are an extension that is used to render the pages in Joomla. It is also used to display the brand new facts from the element. It frequently seems like containers including login module. In Joomla administrator the modules are controlled through the module manager. It displays the new content material and photos whilst module is related to joomla additives.


Q8. What is Joomla Plugins?

Ans: This is likewise a form of Joomla extension; it's miles a totally flexible and effective for extending the framework. It comprise a piece of codes this is used to execute the precise occasion trigger, it is generally used to format the output of a factor or module whilst page is built. The plugin capabilities that are related to event are executed in a series whilst a specific event takes place.


Q9. What is the usage of Breadcrumb Module in Joomla?

Ans: Breadcrumb is used to display the hierarchical illustration of the navigation links in order that the customers can without problems understand wherein he/she is inside the internet site and permit them to navigate returned.


Q10. What is the use of Meta Description in Joomla Menu Manager?

Ans: It is used as an optional paragraph which incorporates a description of the page and is displayed within the effects of the serps.

Q11. What is the usage of Secure in Joomla Menu Manager?

Ans: It defines whether or not hyperlink ought to use SSL or Secure Site URL. It provides 3 alternatives such as Off, On and Ignore.

Q12. What is does Hits column suggest in article manager page?

Ans: It specifies the range of the times the object become considered.


Q13. Which editor is utilized in Joomla?


Ans: TinyMCE Editor.


Q14. Which are the Editor buttons in TinyMCE Editor?


Ans: The Editor buttons are:



Page Break

Read More

Toggle Editor.

Q15. What does the Purchase Type column shows in Banner Manager?


Ans: It shows how the clients are shopping the banners i.E. Every year or Monthly. By default it is month-to-month.


Q16. What is the use of Extension Manager in Joomla?


Ans: Extension Manager is used to extend the functionality of Joomla website.


Q17. What is the use Official Support Forum in Joomla?


Ans: Official Support Forum enables in supporting the alternate of thoughts and perspectives formally in Joomla.


Q18. What is the use of Documentation Wiki in Joomla?

The Documentation Wiki is used for formatting the content material of articles, pass linking pages and growing the documentation of Wiki template through themselves.


Q19. What is Joomla Translations?


Ans: Joomla translations assist in translation of language in Joomla core files. It allows in documentation and displays together with different venture to fulfill the need of diverse language network.


Q20. What is the usage of Module Class Suffix in Breadcrumb Module?


Ans: Setting this parameter causes Joomla to either add a new CSS magnificence or adjust the present CSS magnificence for the div detail for this precise module.




Q21. What is Feed Display Module in Joomla?

Ans: Feed Display Module is used to show the RSS News Feeds from a website. It is a manner to provide user with the up to date content material from different resources.

Q22. What is Footer Module?

Ans: Footer displays the information of the Joomla license and the copyright of the internet site.


Q23. What is Latest News Module?


Ans: Latest News Module is used to display the maximum latest published article in a listing.


Q24. What is Search Module?

Ans: Search Module is used to display a seek field, in which the user types a particular call to go looking the internet site.

Q25. What is Random Image Module?

Ans: Random Image Module is used to show the pictures randomly from the selected listing.

Q26. What is Who's Online Module?

Ans: This module enables to display the consumer's facts this is accessing the website.

Q27. What is Syndicate Module?

Ans: Syndicate module allows in creating an RSS Feed link for the page. It lets in developing a Newsfeed through consumer for the contemporary page.

Q28. What is the usage of Path to Log Folder underneath gadget setting?

Ans: It gives a course to save the logs with the aid of Joomla. This path is routinely set up on Joomla set up and ought to now not be changed.

Q29. What is the use of Joomla Media Settings?

Ans: Joomla Media Settings help to configure the worldwide media documents alternatives such like report format, MIME specifications, add of files, size of files and so on.

Q30. What is Language Manager?

Ans: The Joomla language manager alternative is used to set the Native Title, Language Code, SEF Prefix, and Image Prefixes of the set up or to be set up languages.


Q31. What is the usage of Mass Emailing in Joomla?

Ans: Mass Mail is used for sending emails to the organization of registered users. Users may be decided on primarily based on organizations.

Q32. What is using Debug machine segment beneath debug setting?

Ans: It is a debugging system of Joomla which provides debug facts by means of setting it to "Yes". It presents some diverse paperwork such as diagnostic statistics, language translations and SQL mistakes.

Q33. What is Template Manager?

Ans: It manages the diverse templates which can be used in the internet site. The templates may be used with out converting the content material shape of the website.

Q34. Name the templates which might be found in Joomla?

Ans: The templates found in Joomla are:





Q35. What is the use of <jdoc:include type="modules" name="top" /> in index.Php at the same time as developing templates?

Ans: In body segment the jdoc is used to consist of the output in Joomla from a few parts of Joomla device. The call="top" is used to set the menu at the pinnacle.


Q36. What is Category Manager?

Ans: Category Manager is used to create categories for the article which allow grouping your content higher.

Q37. What is the usage of Read More button in TinyMCE editor?

Ans: The pink dotted line receives displayed within the editor. The in addition data part of the article receives displayed after the study dotted traces or now and again it presentations the whole article.

Q38. What is article Metadata?

Ans: Metadata describes info of the item in brief. It makes easy to paintings with the particular data.

Q39. What is Website search engine optimization?

Ans: search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimizer) is set optimizing a website for seek engine. It helps serps discover and rank your web site better than the other web sites in reaction to a seek query.

Q40. What is Content Management System?

Ans: The Content Management System (CMS) is software which keeps all of the records of your content (such as text, pictures, tune, files and many others) with the intention to be to be had in your internet site. It helps in editing, publishing and enhancing the content material of the website.


Q41. What is Media Manager?

Ans: It is the device for dealing with the media documents and folder in which you could without difficulty upload, prepare and manipulate your media documents into your article editor tool.

Q42. What is Web Link Manager?

Ans: The link resource is provided for user of the web site and can be taken care of into classes.


Q43. What is Menu Manager?

Ans: It lets in creating menus and menu items and may be managed ultimately. You can positioned menu in any style and in more than one locations.

Q44. What is Rss?

Ans: It stands for Really Simple Indication which syndicates your website online contents and RSS files can be mechanically up to date.

Q45. What is Content Manager?

Ans: It permits dealing with the content the use of WYSIWYG editor to create or edit the content material in a very easy way.

Q46. Which is the PHP compatibility used for Joomla 3.X?

Ans: PHP five.Four+ or PHP 5.3.10+


Q47. Name the internet-server that helps Joomla?

Ans: The Web-server that supports Joomla are:

WAMP (Windows)

LAMP (Linux)

XAMP (Multi-platform)

MAMP (Macintosh)


Microsoft IIS

Q48. What is Community Portal?

Ans: Community Portal allows in bringing Joomla news from all over the global at one location.

Q49. What is Extension Manager?

Ans: Extension Manager is used to extend the functionality of Joomla internet site.


50. What does Check In mean is article manager toolbar?


Ans: It test-in the specific decided on article. Multiple articles can be checked-in.