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JIRA Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 16, 2022


JIRA Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What does Jira stand for?

Ans: It presents computer virus tracking, issue monitoring, and project management functions. The product call is a truncation of Gojira, the Japanese call for Godzilla, itself a reference to Jira's foremost competitor, Bugzilla. ... According to one ranking method, as of June 2017, Jira is the maximum famous issue management device.

Q2. Can Jira be used for test case control?

Ans: While JIRA wasn't designed to serve as a Test Case Management, it could be configured to guide take a look at case control in a couple of different ways. The JIRA platform is, at its core, our workflow engine that allows you to track troubles or duties through a predefined, notably customizable workflow.

Q3. What is Zephyr and Jira?

Ans: Zephyr for JIRA ( Server and Center versions) is a native utility that exists in JIRA and brings test management skills to any JIRA challenge.

Q4. How unique assignment details are listed in JIRA.

Ans: Every venture has a few major attributes which have to be displayed inside the mission summary. This attributes encompass:

Name of the mission



Versions (if gift)

Q5. What is a workflow?

Ans: Workflow is defined as a movement of the bug/difficulty via various tiers throughout its existence-cycle.

 Q6. Is it viable to get right of entry to JIRA cloud web site via a mobile device?

Ans: Yes, it's far viable to get entry to JIRA cloud web page via a cellular device. You ought to simply use the URL of the JIRA cloud site in your cell internet browser.

Q7. What do you suggest by means of Scheduling an difficulty?

Ans: Scheduling the difficulty approach scheduling the work of issue for a particular ‘due date’. For this function to paintings, one ought to have ‘Schedule issue permission’ through JIRA Administrator. In this case, a subject with ‘Due Date’ is being populated.

Q8.  Explain labeling and linking difficulty in JIRA?

Ans: Labeling Issue: It allows you to categorize an trouble in a more casual manner than assigning it to a thing or version. You can then seek problems in line with label.

Linking Issue: This feature enables you to link an association between two troubles on both on the identical or special JIRA servers.

Q9. Mention the forms of reports generated in JIRA?

Ans: JIRA provide reports that show information for initiatives, variations, humans or other fields inside issues. Various reviews protected with JIRA are:

Average Age Report

Pie Chart Report

Resolution Time Report

Recently Created Issues Report

Resolved vs. Created Issues Report

Single Level Group through Report

Time Tracking Report

User Workload Report

Workload Pie Chart Report, etc.

Q10.  What does the 3 shade indicates tracking instances or period for an difficulty?

Ans: Three shade could be displayed representing the quantity of time spent at the back of the difficulty.

Original Estimate (Blue): The quantity of time at first estimated to clear up the problem.

Remaining Estimate(Orange): The last quantity of time left to remedy the issue.

Time Spen or Logged (Green): The quantity of time spent to date at the same time as resolving the problem.

Q11. What are maximum useful JIRA accessories.

Ans: Some of the maximum useful JIRA accessories are listed underneath:







Tempo Timesheets

Q12. List out the supply control programs with which it integrates?

Ans: It integrates with supply manipulate programs consisting of CVS, Git, Subversion, Clearcase, Visual SourceSafe, Mercurial, and Perforce.

Q13. What does an issue exchange history encompass?

Ans: Issue alternate records includes:

Deletion of a remark.

Deletion of a worklog.

Creation or deletion of an issue link.

Attachment of a report.

Changes to an trouble field.

Q14. How you could share an difficulty with other customers?

Ans: You can e-mail an issue by the usage of the percentage alternative in JIRA. You can also email different JIRA users a hyperlink to the difficulty with the aid of sharing the difficulty with them or through mentioning them in an trouble’s Description or Comment discipline.

Q15. Explain the term Cloning an trouble.

Cloning an trouble means copying an difficulty. In this situation, a a twin of the original trouble is created which consist of identical records as is present for the unique issue. Cloning of the problem is performed so that a couple of customers can paintings on the identical trouble, however, the operation accomplished both on the authentic difficulty or clone problem has no effect on every different. All the records of the unique difficulty are cloned count on few as stated under:

Time monitoring


Issue histor

Status and Resolution

Q16.  Mention one similarity and one distinction between JIRA Scrum and JIRA Kanban.

Ans: Similarity: Both JIRA Scrum and Kanban is taken into consideration because the maximum effective system tool for optimization of labor and the approaches as each strategies attention is on continuous optimization and visualizing the workflow. In those instances, huge and the complicated responsibilities are broken down and every man or woman tasks are labored on and completed correctly.

Difference: Scrum board is the paintings mode wherein development of sprints and tracking of its work is achieved. Here the group determines the listing of problems that has end up backlog after which those troubles are moved to sprints as according to group plan.

In the case of Kanban board, the work in development activities is being maintained and their system float is tracked. Here the crew decides the growth and decrease of the number of problems that is to be displayed in every reputation of the workflow.

Q17. How is protection putting useful in JIRA?

Ans: Security putting for any difficulty is defined or say set both at the time of creation of the difficulty or even as modifying the issue. The basic reason for protection placing is to restrict the consumer access to the difficulty so that not all customers are able to paintings on that problem. Security putting additionally permits the get entry to of the issue to the member of selected protection level.

Q18. How you can modify more than one bulk problems?

Ans: To regulate a couple of bulk troubles, you could use Bulk Change alternative from the “Tools” menu of the navigator. All the troubles on the contemporary page may be decided on for the bulk operation.  The following list info the to be had bulk operations like:

Workflow Transition




Q19. How you could disable mail notification for Bulk Operations?

Ans: To disable mail notification for a specific Bulk Operations, you have to de-choose the “Send Notification” checkbox in the bulk operation wizard.

Q20. What is using “Move Issue” wizard in JIRA?

Ans: The flow problem wizard permits you to specify any other task in your JIRA instance. Move wizard permit you to alternate positive attributes of an problem like.

Issue Type: If your trouble is a custom issue kind and does no longer arise to your goal task, you have to pick out a new issue kind to your trouble.

Issue Status: If you have assigned your problem as a custom problem reputation and it does now not exist on your undertaking, you need to pick a brand new difficulty status for your trouble.

Custom Fields: If you have decided required custom fields for your issue, which do now not arise inside the target undertaking, you need to set values for them.