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Igate Aptitude Placement Papers - Igate Aptitude Interview Questions and Answers


Igate Aptitude Placement Papers - Igate Aptitude Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What Should Be Added To Each Term Of The Ratio 7: 13 So That The Ratio Becomes 2: 3 ?

Let the quantity to be brought be x






Hence the specified number is 5

Q2. Two Numbers Are In The Ratio three:

Let the required numbers be 3x and 5x

If eight is delivered to each other







Thus the numbers are 3x=three(eight)=24


Q3. The Tax On A Commodity Is Diminished By 10 % And Its Consumption Increased By 10 %. The Effect On The Revenue Derived From It Changes By K %. Find The Value Of K.

Directly using the system, while a price is improved through R% and then decreased by means of R%, then net there may be ( R∧2)/100 decrease. Putting R = 10, we get 1% decrease.

Q4. 17.995/3.01 + 104.001/12.999 = ?

18/3 + 104/thirteen = 14

Q5. The Cost Price Of A Bed Is Rs.2400 Which Is 20% Below The Market Price If It Is Sold At A Discount Of sixteen% On The Market Price Then Find Its Market Price, Selling Price And Profit ?

Cost fee of mattress= Rs.2400

Let's take marketplace charge of mattress = X

As the query

C.P= (X-20X)/100

C.P= eighty*X/a hundred -> 2400=eight*X/10

X = Rs.3000. 

-> S.P = 3000 ? (sixteen*3000)/a hundred

Selling Price = 2520 

-> Profit = 2520- 2400 ==> 120Rs. 

%income = 120*100/2400= 5%

Q6. The Average Age Of Five Girls In A Hostel Is

As in step with question, the average age of 5 girls is 15, Lets X be the total age of the ladies

X/5= eleven

X= 55

Oldest woman age+ last four ladies age= fifty five

Remaining four women age= 55-15==> forty

Average age of four women = 40/4= 10 years.

Q7. The Respective Ratio Of Radii Of Two Right Circular Cylinders (a And B) Is 4 :

Volume = πr2h

π*4*four*hA / π*five*five*hB = 12/25

Solving, hA/ hB = three:four

Q8. If The Current Age Of Ram's Father Is Thrice Of Age Of Ram. Then After 10 Years, The Age Of Father Will Be 2 Times The Age Of Ram. The Current Age Of Ram Is ?

Let take current age of Ram= x, modern age of father = 3x

After 10 years, Ram age = x+10, Father's age= 3x+10

As consistent with condition:

3x+10= 2*(x+10)

3x+10 = 2x+20

X= 10 years

Q9. Two Numbers Are In The Ratio 2: 7.11the Sum Of The Numbers Is eight

Two numbers are inside the ratio=2:7

Sum of the numbers=810

We have,

Sum of the phrases inside the ratio=2+7=nine

First variety=29×810


=one hundred eighty

Second quantity=seventy nine×810



Q10. The Retail Price Of A Water Geyser Is Rs. 1,26

C.P = 1265*one hundred*one hundred*a hundred/110/115/one hundred twenty five

C.P = 800

Q11. Find The Number That Can Be Put In Place Of The Question Mark 5,6,?,87,412,218

series inside the form of five*1+1^3=6,




412*five+five^three=one hundred twenty five.

Q12. If X: Y=3:5, Find The Ratio 3x+4y:8x+5y ?





3x+4y:8x+5y=3×3y5+4y:eight×3y5+5y=9y+20y5:24y+25y5=29y5:49y5=29y:49y=29:forty nine

Q13. P, Q And R Are Three Typists Who Working Simultaneously Can Type 216 Pages In four Hours. In One Hour, R Can Type As Many Pages More Than Q As Q Can Type More Than P. During A Period Of Five Hours, R Can

Let's the wide variety of pages typed in one hour by means of P, Q and R be p, q and r respectively. Then,

P,Q and R typed page in 1 hrs = 216/4

=> p + q + r = 216/4

=> p + q + r = fifty four ...(i)

r - q = q - p => 2p = q + r ...(ii)

5r = 7p => p = five/7 r ...(iii)

By Solving above (i), (ii) and (iii) equations

=> p = 15, q = 18, q = 21

Q14. Two Numbers Are In The Ratio 7:

Let the specified numbers be 7x and 11x

If 7 is introduced to each of the numbers it becomes





The numbers are 7x=7×7=forty nine

11x=eleven×7=seventy seven

Q15. If The First Day Of Year Is Monday. Then What Is The Last Day Of The Year, If It's Not A Leap Year.

Since the year is not leap year subsequently odd day could be = 1 day 

So 1's day of subsequent year may be = (Monday+ unusual day) => Tuesday 

So remaining day of that year = Monday

Q16. If A Man Travels With 5/6th Of His Usual Speed, He Is Late By 15 Mins. What Is The Usual Time Taken To Travel ?

Suppose guy's common velocity = s, and common time = t 

So distance = speed *time ==> d= s*t

If he travels with five/6th of his normal velocity that's = s*5/6

And time= (t+15) and distance, d = (s*5/6)*(t+15) as distance could be same 

s*t = (s*five/6)*(t+15) 

t= (5t+75)/6

t= 75 min.

Q17. Divide Rs 1350 Between Ravish And Shikha In The Ratio 2:

We have

Sum of the terms of the ratio=2+3=5

Ravish money=25×1350



Shikha money=35×1350



Q18. Find The Value Of (483*483*483+ 517*517*517) / (517*517 - 517*483 + 483*483) ?

(483*483*483+ 517*517*517) / (517*517 - 517*483 + 483*483) a3+b3

= (a+b)(a2-ab+b2) Hence [(a+b)(a2-ab+b2)] / (a2-ab+b2)

= a+b In the given equation a=483 and b= 517

==> 483+517=one thousand.

Q19. What Percent Of Selling Price Would Be 34 % Of Cost Price If Gross Profit Is 26 % Of The Selling Price ?

X% of SP = 34% of CP

Also, P = 26% of SP

SP - CP = zero.26(SP)

CP = zero.Seventy four(SP)

Now, (34/100)×seventy four

X = 25.Sixteen

Q20. A' And 'b' Complete A Work Together In 8 Days.If 'a' Alone Can Do It In 12 Days.Then How Many Day 'b' Will Take To Complete The Work?

A & B sooner or later paintings = 1/eight 

A by myself in the future work = 1/12

B by myself at some point work = (1/8 - 1/12) = ( 3/24 - 2/24) 

=> B at some point work = 1/24

so B can whole the paintings in 24 days.

Q21. Dhruva Gave 35% Of Her Monthly Salary To Her Mother. From The Remaining Salary, She Paid 18% Towards Rent And 42% She Kept Aside For Her Monthly Expenses. The Remaining Amount She Kept In Bank Account

Let ‘x’ be the monthly salary, then

(sixty five/a hundred × 40/a hundred)x + 35/100x = 43920

Solving, X= 72000

Q22. Divide Rs 2000 Among P, Q, R In The Ratio 2:3:5

We have

Sum of the phrases of the ratio=2+three+five=10

P-percentage= 210×totalmoney=210×2000=2×2 hundred=Rs.Four hundred

Q-percentage= 310×totalmoney=310×2000=3×200=Rs.600

R-proportion= 510×totalmoney=510×2000=five×2 hundred=Rs.A thousand

Q23. Three Numbers Are In The Ratio 2: three: 5 And The Sum Of These Numbers Is eight

Given that

Three numbers are in ratio 2:3:five

Sum of those numbers=800

Sum of the phrases of the ratio=2+three+five=10

Firstnumber=210×800=160Secondnumber=310×800=240Thirdnumber=510×800=four hundred

Q24. The Ages Of Two Persons Are In The Ratio 5:

Let the desired ages be 5x and 7x

18 years ago their age ratios



65x-234=56x-one hundred forty four

65x-56x=234-a hundred and forty four



Thus the a while are 5x=five×10=50years

7x=7×10=70 years

Q25. If X: Y=8:nine, Find The Ratio (7x-4y):3x+2y ?





7x−4y:3x+2y=7×8y9−4y:three×8y9+2y=56y−36y9:42y9=20:forty two=10:21

Q26. A, B And C Started A Business By Investing Rs. 40,500, Rs. 45,000 And Rs. 60,000 Respectively. After 6 Months C Withdrew Rs. 15,000 While A Invested Rs. 45,000 More. In Annual Profit Of Rs. 56,one hundred, Th

For one year the capital is

A = (40500 * 6 + 45000 * 6) = Rs. Five,13,000

B = (45000 * 12) = Rs. 5,40,000

C = (60000 * 6 + 45000 * 6) = Rs. 6,30,000

Ratio A : B : C = 513 : 540 : 630

C's proportion will exceed that of A by means of

= [(630 - 513)/1683] * 56100 => (117/1683) * 56100

=> (117/3) * 100 = 39 * one hundred = Rs. 3900

Q27. Shiva Purchased forty Shirts For Rs.30

Total value price of 40 shirts inclusive of trportation = 3000+ (3000*10)/a hundred = 3300

Given income = 20%

Hence, Selling rate = (100+20)*3300/a hundred

S.P of forty shirts = 3960

So S.P. Of one shirt = 3960/forty= Rs.99

Q28. If 35% Of 30 = 25% Of X + 1, Find The Value Of X ?

35% of 30=25% of X+1 

35*30/a hundred= 25*X/100+1

one zero five/10=X/four +1


Q29. In How Many Ways Letters Of World "main" Can Be Arranged, So That Vowels Always Come Together ?

LEADING word may be written as "L" "E" "A" "D" "I" "N" "G"

Taking vowels together = E A I, so vowels may be organized as= !3 approaches and we could Vowels be a unit X

So X L D N G, It may be arranged in = !5 Ways 

So whole word can be written in= !Three *! Five = 720 methods

Q30. A And B Can Complete A Work In 30 Days, Working Together. Both Worked For 20 Days And Then B Left The Work. The Remaining Work Was Completed By A Alone In 20 More Days. So In How Many Days B Alone Can

(A+B)'s 1-day work, whilst running together= 1/30

(A+B)'s 20 days' paintings= 20/30==> 2/three 

Remaining paintings = (1-2/three) ===> 1/3

Remaining paintings became performed through A in 20 more days = 1/three

So A can entire the entire paintings by myself in = 20* 3 ===>60 days 

Hence A's 1-day work, operating alone = 1/60

B?S 1 day paintings, working by myself = 1/30-1/60======1/60 

So B will take 60 days to for completing the whole word.