Interview Questions.

H1B Visa Interview Questions and Answers


H1B Visa Interview Questions and Answers

General Interview Questions:

Q1. Why do you want to go to the United States of America/what is the reason of the experience?

Ans: The reason to journey to america of America is for the motive of employment. Applicants have to additionally mention the call of the employer that you may be working with.

Q2. What will you figure as on the aforementioned company? 

Ans: Individuals should point out the placement that they will be taking on with the employer along side the duties that they may be coping with.

Q3. Have you been to the United States of America before?

Ans: Individuals should solution verifiably and if they have visited before, they need to offer info as to when they visited the States and for the way lengthy inclusive of business or holiday, and many others.

Q4. Have you studied within the United States of America?

Ans: Applicants must solution as it should be and if they have studied, they must provide information of the University and route that they studied in.

Q5. Are you planning to go back to India? If so, why?

Ans: Individuals ought to reply accurately and provide all necessary info.

Q6. Are you married? If so, for how lengthy?

Ans: Individuals must answer sure or no.

Q7. Do you have own family within the United States of America?

Ans: Applicants have to tell the authorities if they have circle of relatives individuals residing inside the US and also the towns that they live in.

Q8. Why do you want to paintings in the United States of America?

Ans: Individuals ought to offer an sincere solution to this query and description all the motives as to why they want to paintings inside the US.

Q9. Have you implemented for an immigrant visa in some other u . S .?

Ans: Applicants will should provide appropriate and honest answers to this question and if they have procured an immigrant visa, trendy information concerning that have to be supplied.

Q10. Have you travelled out of doors the united states of america earlier than?

Ans: Applicants ought to answer correctly and should provide trendy information in their travels in the event that they have finished so previously.


Q1. What are your instructional qualifications?

Ans: Applicants must offer verifiable solutions.

Q2. Are you studying currently?

Ans: Individuals should provide verifiable information regarding the equal.

Q3. What concern did you most important in?

Ans: Applicants need to offer information of the difficulty which have majored in/presently majoring in and additionally motives for deciding on that particular foremost.

Q4. Can I see your diploma/educational certificates?

Ans: Applicants should offer all certificate regarding their degree(s).

Q5. Did you undertake any studies projects at the same time as reading?

Ans: Individuals should provide verifiable answers and additionally offer standard info regarding this.

Q6. What is the difficulty of this research paper/thesis?

Ans: Applicants ought to offer verifiable information regarding their research paper/thesis.

Q7. Which year did you graduate in?

Ans: Individuals ought to answer this question virtually and also point out info in the event that they have back logs.

Q8. Do you have got previous task experience?

Ans: Individuals will need to provide verifiable info concerning their activity reports and offer assisting documents for similar to properly.

Q9. Have you been a part of any internships before?

Ans: Applicants will should provide information concerning all of the internships that they've been a part of together with the duration and offer supporting files for the identical.

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Current Employer/H1B Employer

Q1. Which organization do you figure for as of now?

Ans: Individuals have to provide details of their cutting-edge agency together with helping documents.

Q2. How lengthy have you been operating for on this organization?

Ans: Applicant must offer verifiable data regarding the identical and should be honest with their solutions.

Q3. What are your present day obligations?

Ans: Individuals should provide details in their obligations proper from the smallest one to the maximum essential obligation. Documents helping this are also welcome.

Q4. Why are you leaving your current organisation?

Ans: Individuals should offer a well-known however diplomatic answer which include - International publicity and better increase.

Q5. Please display us your enjoy letters?

Ans: Individuals need to show authentic assisting files.

Q6. How did you return to realize about your company inside the US?

Ans: Individuals should offer verifiable and suitable solutions. They also can be precise if they are able to such as bringing up the call of the activity portal they acquired the answer from and so forth.

Q7. How did you touch the business enterprise within the US?

Ans: Appropriate and verifiable answer need to take delivery of by means of the character. In case the character has an instantaneous answer which include answering to a request on-line, then they could say so.

Q8. What is the call of the organisation you may be operating at? Is it valid?

Ans: Individuals need to offer a verifiable answer and also evidence of the legitimacy of the agency via offering supporting documents and statistics about the H1B sponsor company.

Q9. Provide widespread information about your organisation.

Ans: Applicants should provide basic information and structure of the organization in clean to apprehend and simple terms.

Q10. What is the name of the CEO/President of your business enterprise?

Ans: Applicant need to provide information in their CEO or President of the employer as required.

Q11. How a few years has your H1B enterprise been in business and what's their annual turnover?

Ans: In case candidates know the exact solution, they ought to offer the details else it's far safer to say that they're now not very positive.

Q12. How many employees work at your sponsor organisation?

Ans: In case applicants know the exact solution, they have to offer the information else it's miles more secure to mention that they are not very sure.

Q13. How many rounds of interviews did you need to go through?

Ans: Applicants will ought to offer a verifiable answer along with a brief description of each round.

Q14. How was the interview performed?

Ans: Individuals will ought to offer appropriate solution inclusive of whether or not it was over the smartphone, Skype, and so on.

Q15. What is the profits that you'll acquire in your sponsor agency?

Ans: Applicants have to offer a verifiable and specific discern.

Q16. Where in the United States will you be operating at? Do you already know the price of residing in that town?

Ans: Applicants will need to inform the interviewer exactly where they may be put up and an approximate price of residing, some thing a practical discern is.

Q17. Did you need to pay to your H1B petition related prices?

Ans: Individuals will must answer Yes or No as suitable.

Q18. What will your duties be?

Ans: Applicants will have to give an explanation for their obligations in short.

Q19. What initiatives is your sponsor enterprise engaged in?

Ans: Applicants will need to provide a brief description of the tasks that their sponsor organisation will engage in with examples, if want be.