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Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 14, 2022


Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What do you mean by means of Analytics?

Ans: Analytics is the disclosure and correspondence of numerous examples in facts. It helps us settling on higher preference, it really works like a client’s input to a specific object/benefit. Computerized Analytics is a combination of numerical measurements and PC programs.

Q2. What is Google Analytics?

Ans: Google analytics is the most powerful tool to check the performance of our internet site. Google Analytics has  styles of services one is a loose carrier issuer and the every other is paid tool, as all people is aware of paid tool could be very highly-priced. So maximum website owners uses unfastened service it's far very useful for seo (search engine optimization) this is used for marketing cause and helps you to music the all performance facts to your website like stay users, Keywords, Location, Gender.

Q3. What do you evaluation most usually in Google Analytics? OR what is the maximum important matters in Google Analytics you'll need to evaluation?

Ans: Google Analytics gives a hundreds of records and bits of know-how and each statistics instance is important yet on the identical time there are some levels where we are able to pay attention more like: – Traffic Sources – Bounce and Exit Rate – Top Performing Pages/Landing Pages – Unique Vs. Returning Visitors – Funnel and Goal Conversions.

Q4. What is consultation?

Ans: It is a collection of Actions that takes area for your web site or website with in a particular term. A unmarried Google Analytics session will incorporates a couple of  page perspectives.

Q5. What is web page view?

Ans: It is recorded each time while a page is viewed so whilst a traveler hits a returned button or refresh button nevertheless the web page views are recorded everytime a page is opend in browser.

Q6. What is leap fee?

Ans: A visit with one page view doesnot count number but how lengthy the vacationer turned into at the page or off they left it's miles a go to with handiest one interaction.

Q7. What is Users?

Ans: In google analytics the users are that have had atleast one consultation with in selected date variety repeated and new each are counted.

Q8. What is Aquasition file in Google Analytics?

Ans: Aquasition record presents a window on the person Aquasition through channel, campaign, keyword, and source media. Channels inside the aquasition reports are rule primarily based grouping of the most commonplace resources of site visitors.

Q9. How many varieties of custom Reports in Google Analytics?

Ans: There are 3 forms of custom Reports in Google Analytics.They are:


Flat Table

Map overlay

Q10. What does the Visit Duration report display you?

Ans: It categorizes visits primarily based on the quantity of time they spend on your internet site.

Q11. What is a great metric for measuring the satisfactory of site visitors to your website?

Ans: Conversion charge.

Q12. What is a Dimensions?

Ans: Dimensions are attributes of your facts. For instance, the dimension City suggests the town, as an instance, “Paris” or “New York”, from which a session originates. The dimension Page shows the URL of a web page this is viewed.


A size is the attribute of site visitors for your website. For example, allow’s say a man aged between 25-34 from London visited your internet site after clicking on an organic seek listing on Google which he found by looking for the key-word ‘attribution modelling’.

Q13. What is a Metrics?

Ans: Metrics are quantitative measurements. The metric Sessions is the entire quantity of classes. The metric Pages/Session is the average wide variety of pages viewed per session.

Q14. What is Cohort Analysis?

Ans: A cohort is a collection of users who proportion a common function that is identified in this file via an Analytics dimension. For instance, all customers with the same Acquisition Date belong to the same cohort. The Cohort Analysis record helps you to isolate and examine cohort conduct.

Q15. How are you able to determine whether people who use your Site Search have a higher conversion fee than folks that do now not?

Ans: Go to the Site Search Usage record and consider the Goal Conversion tab.

Q16. What sorts of desires can Google Analytics track?

Ans: Destination URLs, time on site, pages in line with go to, and activities.

Q17. What are Google Analytics ‘Goals’ and why need to I use them?

Ans: In Google Analytics the website hits is the aggregate variety of pages noticed. Counting the rehashed After introducing Google Analytics’ following code, your next step is to apprehend what key web site guest activities you want to screen. Google Analytics alludes to these as Goals, that you have to use to gauge which forms of substance pattern properly with guests and which don’t.

Destination: A precise location within your internet site.

Duration: How lengthy humans website visits ultimate.

Page Visit: Which pages and screens visitors view in the course of a single go to.

Events:  Actions visitors take at some stage in a go to, which includes advert clicks, social media stocks.

Q18. Can I tune my Google Adsense campaigns with Google Analytics?

Ans: Yes, Google Analytics measures the fulfillment of your Google Adsense. In the event that your goal is to create income through AdSense activities, Waisberg indicates utilizing Google Analytics’ Pages document. It gives a point with the aid of point angle of which website web page done pleasant concerning growing AdSense profits and that’s just the beginning.

Q19. What is supposed by using conversions and how will you tune conversions via GA?

Ans: Changes happens when any predefined objectives are refined consequently generating ROI to the business. Legitimate objective URL’s need to be indicated before GA can begin following variations. We ought to characterize an objective URL via the Conversion phase in GA and at some thing factor the guest comes to the predefined objective URL, a fruitful change gets followed.

Q20. What do you apprehend by assisted conversions?

Ans: On the more a part of the cases, adjustments don’t happen using a solitary channel. Regularly, more than one divert is incorporated into an powerful exchange. Helped variations enables us to get a reasonable concept as to which diverts are protected in contributing a trade. This is appeared in the Multi Channel Funnel reporting tab in GA. Normal channels adding to modifications are instant, natural hunt, referral, now not set, casual employer and e mail.

Q21. How can I become aware of the key phrases which can be sending paid visitors to any website?

Ans: The keyword column displays site visitors divided underneath paid and natural. We can easily become aware of the paid key phrases via transferring to the key phrases phase

Q22. What are some approaches you can use profiles?

Ans: You can look greater closely at traffic to at least one subdomain, you can look more carefully at site visitors to one directory or section of a website, and you may restrict get admission to to some segments of facts.

Q23: You need a profile to consist of only Google AdWords information. How are you able to do that?

Ans: Use an Include filter.

Q24.  Is profile filter order applied so as, or all at once?

Ans: In order, so be careful the way you follow filters to your facts.

Q25.  How can you music user engagement on websites that use Flash or AJAX and are located on one HTML page?

Ans: You can use Event Tracking, or tune interactions as Pageviews and set goals.