Interview Questions.

F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers


F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What course are you making use of for? Why?

Answer to the point. For ‘why’ you may answer as one of the following:


a. Passionate about that *concern* and want to advantage greater expertise in it.

B. There are not many specialists in this *field* in India, The expertise I obtain whilst studying in *college call* will help me stand out as soon as I return to India.

C. Upcoming area, there's a shortage of professionals on this discipline in India, so this could help my profession as soon as I return.

Q2. Why are you switching fields? (If you are)

Q3. Why did you select this college?

Ans: Do some studies on this, List out the pros of the University.

For eg:

a. Their CS department is very reputed; they have got many global courses.

B. I am a big fan of *this professor* (listing out his achievements), I am excited to research from him.

C. *this college* is well known for studies in *your area*.

Q4. What about scholarships? Did you get any?

Ans: Answer to the factor. Yes or No.

Q5. Did you contact any professors? What are their names?

Ans: Be sincere, don’t lie. It’s correct to recognize names of your professors, even in case you haven’t contacted them.

You can respond as follows: I recognize *professor call*, he is an expert in *subject*, he has many publications. I haven’t contacted him personally, however I am excited to learn from him.

Q6. Have you been to the united statesbefore?

Ans: Answer Yes or No.

Q7. Why don’t you stay back and observe in India?

Ans: Again, its true to do a little studies to your university, path, and professors.You can answer as following:

a. *University* has a nicely know *dept name*, They do loads of studies and feature a variety of global courses. I feel that is a high-quality opportunity for me to analyze from those professors.

B. Wanted to get worldwide exposure.

C. Course work for *your area* is some distance superior in *your university*, as compared to what’s available here in India.

Q8. What are your plans after graduation?

Ans: Never mention: I want to stay inside the US and search for a Job.

You can answer as following:

Will come returned and soak up a activity, my diploma will assist me stand out, and it will be clean for me to get a process here.

Q9. How many admits did you get? Which universities?

Ans: Answer to the point

Q10. What turned into your GRE/TOEFL rating?

Ans: Answer to the factor

Q11. Why is your rating low (when you have a low rating)?

Ans: You can solution as following:

1. My undergraduate route turned into very heavy for the very last 2 years, so I found it tough to focus on Gre.

2. My attention on *point out venture*, this became a remarkable mastering experience for me, I changed into committed my complete time to it.This affected my education.

Q12. Who is sponsoring you?

Ans: Answer easily.

Q13. What is your parent’s annual earnings?

Ans: Answer unquestionably.

Q14. What is your income (If you're operating)?

Ans: Answer actual.

Q15. How plenty money will they be supplying you with? 

Ans: Explain your finance, How lots of it is the mortgage and what kind of of it's far your parents/non-public cash.

Q16. If your father spends maximum of his savings on your education, what approximately your circle of relatives’s charges in India?

Ans: You can mention: Apart from the financial institution balance, your dad and mom produce other property including property, policies, and so on.

Q17. Your bank statement indicates that each one the entries have been made lately. Where did those funds come from suddenly?

Ans: Answer absolutely.

Q18. Why does your passbook have most effective 1 page filled? Is this a new account?

Ans: Be honest; You can tell this is the primary time you're travelling abroad.

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Q19. What is your training rate of the University you want to join?

Ans: Answer to the point

Q20. What about your dwelling expenses and lodging price? 

Ans: Your i20 indicates the whole quantity for 12 months i.E., path fee plus residing charges. You should have organized for this money to be to your financial institution assertion earlier than your interview either out of your parents or bank mortgage.

Q21. Do you have loved ones inside the U.S? Who?

Ans: Answer truthfully

Q22. Where is your University positioned? How will you reach there?

Ans: Answer to the point

Q23. What about your lodging? 

Ans: Answer to the factor

Q24. Do you intend to work within the U.S even as you observe, may be on-campus?

Ans: You are legally allowed to work for 20 hours on-campus. You aren't allowed to work off-campus

You can answer as following:

I am not eager on an on-campus task. I need to recognition on my course work. I would like to attempt for a TA or GA.

Q25. How many individuals of your own family? What do they do?

Ans: Answer to the factor

Q26. So how come you made a decision to turn out to be an Engineer?

Ans: You can mention what you like about engineering and people who stimulated you do grow to be an engineer.

Q27. Considering the present day U.S financial system, why do you need to move there?

Ans: US task marketplace doesn’t have an impact on me; I am best going there to observe.I observe what I have found out here in India.

Q28. Most applicants like you switch out to be potential immigrants. What about you? Do you propose to come lower back to India once you end your direction?

Ans: Yes, there's a massive scarcity of skilled hard work right here in India.There are plenty of nicely-paying opportunities right here for my qualifications.My whole own family is right here; I might maximum truly come back.

Q29. Tell me about your grades for your undergraduate course in India?

Ans: The solution to the point.Be honest.

Q30. If you run out of cash within the U.S, what is going to you do?

Ans: I have enough cash to cowl my route fee and dwelling charges.So this example received’t rise up

Q31. What is your opinion approximately the U.S?

Ans: They have splendid universities, a number of the satisfactory research is completed here.The high-quality location to have a look at.

Q32. Will language/verbal exchange be a problem for you?

Ans: No, English changed into taught to me due to the fact I was 5 years vintage. All my courses are in English.I additionally scored well in my Toefl.

Q33. Have you visited/browsed thru web sites associated with this interview?

Ans: I came across several websites, but seeing that U.S tour doctors declared that it’s the professional internet site for visas, I followed the regulations of only that website.

Q34. What income will you get?

Ans: Mention an excellent salary, say of one-1.5 lakhs in line with month.

Q35. Where are you planning to tour and what locations could you like to visit in the U.S?

Ans: I haven’t notion approximately this.My primary awareness might be my route. This will take up most of my time.I may tour a chunk during the sem breaks.But I certainly haven’t thought about this.