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Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers


Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is an operating device?

Ans: Operating gadget works as an interpreter between computer Hardware and application. Operation gadget works as a person interface.

Q2. Types of Operating systems?

Ans: There are two types of operating structures:

SOS: Simple Operating System as as an example- Windows 95,ninety eight, ME

NOS: Network Operating System as for example- Windows NT, 2000, 2003.

Q3. Which Windows OS are you maximum comfy with?

Ans: This is a totally basic question and you can put together your solution through researching which OS model is utilized by the employer you’re applying in. Be positive to perform a little reading at the structures you're familiar with, so that you can exhibit your talents.

Q4. Why can we use DHCP?

Ans: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is used to assign dynamic IP addresses to network gadgets, letting them have a one of a kind IP cope with each time they're related to the community.

Q5. What is tree?

Ans: A organization of domain is called tree and sharing a contiguous Name Space.

Q6. What is forest?

Ans: A group of tree is known as forest and does not sharing a contiguous name area however sharing a commonplace configuration (Schema).

Q7. What is DNS and why will we use it on workstations?

Ans: The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to remedy human-readable hostnames like www.Mytectra.Com into gadget-readable IP addresses like sixty nine.143.201.22. The DNS address is configured on workstations. Windows redirects all domain names to clear up into IP addresses.

Q8. What is lively directory?

Ans: Active directory authorizes and authenticates all customers and computer systems in a window domain community, ensuring the safety of the pc and software. Through lively listing numerous features can be controlled like growing admin customers, connecting to printers or external difficult drives.

Q9. What is OU?

Ans: OU manner for Organizational Unit. It is a box within Active Directory which can preserve users, businesses and computers.  It is the smallest unit on which administrator can assign group policy settings.

Q10. What is RAS Server?

Ans: RAS stands for Remote Access Server. It is essentially use for mobile person within the network. This server presents the access connectivity for cell consumer. In this way all the mobile customers are related to server through smartphone line. This server also gives the connectivity among two more workplaces in the network.

Q11. What is VPN Server?

Ans: VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network. It is basically use for cellular person in the community. This server offers the remoteaccess connectivity for mobile user. In this manner all the cellular customers are related to server through internet. This server alsoprovides the connectivity among two or extra workplace inside the community. VPN is cost effective (No Costly).

Q12. What is the distinction between RAS and VPN server?

Ans: RAS is simply a nearby vicinity connection among two connections whereas, VPN is a local connection unfold over huge vicinity.

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Q13. What is IAS server?

Ans: IAS means Internet Authentication Service. For many varieties of community get right of entry to like wi-fi, authenticating switch and remote get right of entry to dial-up they carry out accounting and auditing, centralized connection authentication and authorization.

Q14. How many training are there for “IP addresses” and what are the stages?

Ans: They are segregated into 5 classes:

Class A  ===          zero -126 ( 127 is reserved for loop lower back)

Class B  ====    128- 191

Class C  ====    192-223

Class D  ====   224-239

Class E  ====   240-255

Q15. Difference between permission, rights and policy?

Ans: Permission: permission is basically assigned on network sources as as an instance – document, folder, percentage folder, printer.

Right: Right is largely assign to users and agencies.

Policy: Policy is essentially assigned on lively listing container i.E. – Site, Domain, OU.

Q16. What is the distinction among the MSI report and .EXE document?

Ans: MSI (Microsoft Installer) allows deploy, uninstall and restore this system with a unmarried file, even as .EXE report desires two documents to install and uninstall the software. Also,.EXE document is able to hit upon the existing model of the software program and give choice to person to uninstall the program at the same time as MSI will educate the users to apply the upload and take away application in control panel to get rid of the existing product first and then you could set up the new software.

Q17.  What is Ping command?

Ans: Between two or more devices, to check the bodily IP connectivity Ping command is used.

Q18. What is a default gateway? What takes place if I don’t have one?

Ans: A default gateway is a routing device used to forward all site visitors that isn't addressed to a destination within the neighborhood network or neighborhood subnet. If you don’t have a default gateway, it is not feasible to speak with the network device/host of different networks. Dial-up net connections do no longer require a default gateway even though because it is gift within the ISP itself.

Q19. How you can take backup of emails in ms outlook?

Ans: To take a again-up inside the ms outlook, you have to cross in control panel. In manage panel you need to move beneath mail alternative after which open the statistics document, select personal folder and click on open folder. After that, you have to reproduction .Pst and must paste it wherever you need the backup.

Q20. What is SMTP server or POP server?

Ans: POP stands for publish office protocol. It is basically used for sending and receiving the mail.

SMTP stands for simple mail switch protocol. It is used for mail receiving reason inside the community.

Q21. What is website?

Ans: A web page is a geographical place wherein all the domains are to be had. Site manages the replication visitors among two or extra specific web sites inside the community.

Q22. What is Operation Master Role?

Ans: Operation Master Role is available on Domain Controller in the Network. There are five kinds of operation master roles:-

Schema grasp

Domain Naming Master

RID Master

 PDC Emulator

Infrastructure Master

Q23. What is trusting area and trusted area?

Ans: In trusting area sources are available, at the same time as in relied on area user’s account is to be had.

Q24.  How do I find the route that a packet takes to its destination?

Ans: Using “tracert” command lets you see the path travelled through a packet to its vacation spot.

Q25. What is IPCONFIG command?

Ans: IPCONFIG command is used to display the IP data of the computer assigned like DNS IP cope with and gateway IP cope with.