Interview Questions.

CRM Interview Questions


CRM Interview Questions

Q1. What are the distinctive components beneath CRM that you have labored on?



SAM CRM Marketing

SAP CRM Analytics

SAP CRM Service

SAP CRM Web Channel (E Marketing, CRM Mobile, etc.)

SAP CRM Interaction Center IC

SAP Hybris

Q2. Explain few key benefits of the usage of SAP CRM?

Ans:It permits you to use cross-industry and industry-precise stop-to-end business techniques.

You can use flexible and technique-primarily based deployment options.

It presents you an open adaptable generation platform powered by SAP NetWeaver.

Q3. Which model of SAP CRM which you have used?

Ans: SAP CRM 2008 (7.Zero) released in 2009 as part of SAP Business Suite 7.0.

SAP CRM 2007 (6.0) released in 2007.

Q4. Explain SAP CRM Architecture in element?

Ans: SAP CRM consists of numerous components that permit you to combine CRM module with different SAP and non-SAP modules, net, cell gadgets like smartphones, pills, and corporation portal.

In the middle, it has SAP CRM server which has sub additives like −

CRM Enterprise Functions

CRM Middleware

Adapters to talk with handheld devices and internet

SAP ECC/R3 device is used for backend, SAP BI device is used for analytical reporting and SAP SCM is used to enhance the competencies of SAP CRM module.

You can see SAP CRM structure and all its key additives −

SAP ERM Server (CRM Enterprise, CRM Middleware, Adapter)

SAP ECC as backend system

SAP BI for Analytical Reporting


Mobile and hand held gadgets


Enterprise Portal

Q5.What is SAP Customer Relationship Management module? Why do agency use these?

Ans: SAP CRM is one of the key module in an corporation which deals with coping with patron successfully and efficiently. Today’s competitive marketplace environment, it is vital that companies make adjustments in a dynamic environment and take care of all of the key activities related to customer service.

SAP CRM is called incorporated customer relationship management module through SAP that enables corporation to acquire their business desires and allows to carry out all Customer Relationship obligations efficiently. CRM is considered one of key component for making commercial enterprise strategy for medium and big scale businesses and facilitates in information the clients, their desires and customer service effectively.

SAP CRM is part of SAP ERP business suite and is used to implement customise enterprise techniques associated with Customer Relationship control CRM and to combine with SAP and non-SAP systems. SAP CRM allows agency to obtain client pleasure by using assembly the service expectation and supplying merchandise required by means of customers.

Q6. Why will we want to integrate SAP Sales and Distribution and SAP CRM module?

Ans: SAP ECC and CRM are closely integrated with every different and they must be synchronized in a few configurational areas like Sales location, Customer grasp records, Organizational model, and many others. ExampleAn corporation version defines the sales region you should use in CRM and check in SAP ECC system. Sales vicinity incorporates underneath additives −

Sales Organization

Distribution channel


You down load the facts from sales area to ECC machine and this is carried out when you configure CRM module. You need to verify the configurational statistics in ECC before putting in place in CRM.

Q7. What is SAP CRM Web Client UI interface?

Ans: SAP GUI is used to carry out management responsibilities in SAP CRM. To perform customization and configuration of CRM sports, consumer tool is usually recommended by means of SAP referred to as SAP CRM WebClient User Interface.

Q8. How you may open SAP Web Client User Interface?

Ans: You can login to SAP CRM WebClient through SAP GUI. To open login window, you could use beneath Transaction code −T-Code: CRM_UI and press Enter key. If nothing happens, it shows that you are the use of older model of SAP CRM.

Q9. How do you perform configuration in SRM Client Web User Interface?

Ans: To perform the improvements in SAP SRM WebClient, you may use Web UI configuration and alertness enhancement gear. These equipment let you add new fields, change layout, upload tables, and so on. To the existing applications.In widespread state of affairs, businesses don’t favor to use trendy packages and some customizations are required. These tools may be used −

Web UI Configuration Tool

Application Enhancement Tool

Q10. What is SAP CRM Sales? What are the key functions in CRM Sales?

Ans: SAP CRM Sales lets in organization to control their sales related activities like reducing income cycle, boom productivity of sales group, boom sales, and consumer delight and loyalty. It enables agency to control give up to cease income cycle throughout all income channels.Below are the important thing income features that are carried out in SAP CRM −

Organizations can carry out sales planning and forecasting that allows them to forecast and plan their sales and item quantities.

SAP CRM is utilized by corporations to manage, reveal, seize and store all the essential details about clients, merchandise, partners and potentialities.

Organization can carry out territory control and assign sales managers to define the territories based on various criteria and additionally be letting them assign sales representatives for territories and discover potentialities for each territory.

To efficiently manipulate travel and rate control for discipline income employees to file, evaluate, and replace journey statistics, enter receipts, and maintain time sheets.

It is used by corporations to manipulate and assign distinctive tasks to sales specialists.

Organization use this for control of income tasks from the very start and tune their development to give up.

It assist groups to expand, put in force, and manage reimbursement plans effortlessly by means of defining incentives and commissions for sales agents.

To configure, fee, and create costs for customers, in addition to create income orders, test product availability, and song order achievement.

To carry out contract management for clients with the aid of defining long term agreement and renewing contracts, and so forth.

Q11. What is Account Planning?

Ans: Account making plans function in CRM allows companies to manipulate planned sales, fees and contribution margin. Organizations can sturdy choices for the duration of making plans and manipulate the fees for spends and discounts. Planning function is included in account control functions and may be included with SAP ECC and BI and reduces the effort to preserve statistics and growth statistics accuracy.

Q12. What are the grasp data in SAP CRM module?

Ans: In SAP CRM, the Master Data is basic facts approximately your patron which may be shared among exceptional modules.

Q13. What are one of a kind companion function in SAP CRM?

Ans: As the name shows associate feature describes the organization and people with whom the enterprise is finished, which incorporates any form of enterprise transaction. Partner characteristic consists of records like −

Sold to birthday party

Ship to birthday celebration

Bill to party


Q14. What is Activity management characteristic in CRM?

Ans: Activity management in CRM is used to manage the sports assigned to personnel in an corporation. Data in an pastime is crucial source of facts for all the personnel that are relevant for that records.Activities in CRM are used to report sales activities. Common activities are electronic mail or a telephone call or a client go to or a observe up call, request to set the popularity to finish etc. In CRM lifecycle. Appointments, interactions logs can be marked as non-public. You can also create sports as subsequent documents for a huge kind of other enterprise transactions, including opportunities, leads, income orders, or contracts.Activity control may be performed at any time during CRM existence cycle. When a consumer contract is ready to expire, you can make a cellphone call to patron (activity) as a observe up document to remind the employee to make comply with up name to client and to test if he is willing to renew the settlement.

Q15. What is an Opportunity?

Ans: An Opportunity is defined as sales prospect, requested product or service, income volume and a income opportunity. Opportunity can be a possibility of sales of product or service and may end result from a bid invitation, sales deal or from a trade fair.

Q16. What is Opportunity Management in CRM?

Ans: Opportunity management is one of the fundamental a part of CRM module and lets in you to control income technique.Opportunity control in Sales have to be utilized in following situations −

When Sales cycle in an organisation spans for an extended term.

Many Sales representatives work in an corporation

Large sales order vales and they may be allotted.

Q17. What is Opportunity hierarchy? Where do we use this?

Ans: When your sales project is break up into multiple sub projects and also you want to hold track of all of the subprojects and to hyperlink them to sales undertaking, you could use complicated hierarchies. You can connect distinctive opportunities to every different and this permits you to attach income tasks and subprojects with every different.Opportunities hierarchies may be used in following situations −

To hyperlink an possibility to sales challenge

To hyperlink a sub opportunity to a product

Combine numerous income assignment connected with each other

Structure income venture consists of several subprojects

Q18. What is a Lead in SAP CRM?

Ans: A lead can be defined as first degree of sales manner. It represents a person who has shown hobby in shopping for a carrier or a product. A Lead may be generated from marketing lead technology techniques like alternate fairs, advertisement, direct marketing or can be from sales person activities like calling or an email.

Q19. What are the extraordinary categories of Lead?

Ans: Leads may be categorized into categories: Cold, Warm and Hot by way of marketing branch. If a lead appearance promising, then income branch can create an opportunity from this lead.

Q20. What is the distinction among Lead and Opportunity?

Ans: A Lead is different from an opportunity in a manner that it is predecessor of an possibility. Opportunities are used for greater complicated and longer income venture cycles, Sales Rep use possibilities to control the income task and maximize the chance of prevailing clients and minimizing the sales time.

Q21. What is Sales Quotation?

Ans: Sales quotation is generated to make sure that a particular amount of product may be brought at specific term and at unique price.

Q22. Explain Quotation Processing and Order Management life cycle?

Ans: Quotation processing and order management entails following steps in SAP CRM and ECC machine 

Create Quotation A citation is created within the device to provide the client. Items are introduced for this citation (Performed in SAP CRM).

Enter Product and configure Next is to go into the products asked by using consumer. Products can be configured for every object of the citation (Performed in SAP CRM).

Check Availability Next is to test the provision of merchandise for each object of the quotation (Performed in SAP CRM and ECC).

Pricing and Value

Next is to feature the rate of every product and the cost of each object (Performed in SAP CRM).

Send Quotation

Next step is to send the quotation to the purchaser (Performed in SAP CRM).

Q23. What is an Outline Agreement?

Ans: An define settlement is described as an agreement that allows client to launch the products or services at formerly agreed conditions. You can outline situations like rate, terms of delivery, etc. And these conditions are actual for all income orders that purchaser creates as regards to sales settlement. These define agreements are used for customer retention.

Q24. What are the extraordinary wellknown transaction types for sales?

Ans: Some of the same old transaction sorts for income are −

LEAD - lead

AG - Quotation

Opt - Opportunity

OPSM - Sales Methodology

TA - Tele Sales, and so forth.

Q25. What are the distinctive types of Business Documents?

Ans: The BDOC lessons or types are −

Messaging BDocs

Synchronization BDocs

Mobile Application BDocs

Q26. What are the specific components beneath Business Transaction?

Ans: Business transactions are dependent as −


Header includes the facts relevant to finish transaction like BP number, Dates, popularity of transactions and so on.


This defines the product to which business transaction relates. Items and sub-objects and their reputation.

Q27. What is difference among date rule and crowning glory rule for an Outline Agreement?

Ans: Date regulations

You can enter agreement begin date and give up date and period of settlement. Dates may be entered manually or you can create date guidelines for determining begin and stop date of contract.

Completion regulations

Here you outline the final touch rule like how the machine will act on settlement whilst consumer launch the entire quantity of the product.

Q28. What is find of appearing Availability check?

Ans: The availability check is used to validate if a product is to be had to be introduced in a Sales order. This lets in you to perform a test if enough stock is to be had or can be produced or bought for the sales order to be positioned.

Availability check can be executed in distinct structures and statistics is transferred to production or buying.

Q29. How do you calculate tax in billing in CRM?

Ans: The key aspect which is used to calculate the tax and for tax determination is tax event. Applicable tax kind, tax rate, locations and other factors are decided. It uses decision tree to make tax dedication and calculation extra simple and obvious. You also can use simulation device in TTE for tax dedication and for testing customizing settings.

Q30. What is using movement profile in CRM?

Ans: Action Profile is a Post Processing Framework (PPF) it gives some output on given situations.

Q31. What do you apprehend by using IPC and what are the crucial components of IPC?

Ans: IPC stands for Internet Pricing and Configuration.

The critical additives of IPC −

Sales Pricing Engine (SPE)

Sales Configuration Engine (SCE)

Free Goods Engine


Free Goods Engine

Q32. What is Rebate Processing characteristic in CRM?

Ans: Rebate processing is used to process the special discounts that are paid to a client sometimes. Rebate discounts are based on unique terms and situations and are defined in rebate agreements. The purpose of rebates is to build long-time period consumer relationships.

Rebate processing allows you to define rebate agreements and carry out accounting for rebates given all through the validity length of a rebate settlement.

Q33. Where do you get admission to Rebate Processing? How do you activate Rebate Processing in SAP CRM module in Easy access?

Ans: You can get admission to Rebate processing in CRM WebClient UI. Or few of the features can be accesses thru SAP Easy Access menu.

To spark off the rebate processing, go to SPRO → IMG → Customer Relationship Management → Rebate Processing → Activate/Deactivate Rebate Processing.

Q34. Which are the maximum vital and obligatory functions, function modules and Transaction codes of IC Webclient, Marketing and Base Customization?

Ans: Following is list of available transactions −

CR100: CRM base customizing

CR600: Marketing and Campaign control

CR400: IC Winclient

CR410: IC Webclient

Q35. How do you map CRM commercial enterprise partners to the R/3 enterprise partners?

Ans: You can use PIDE track or try transaction SMOEAC.

How do you preserve links among an possibility and different sub possibility?

This can be maintained with the assist of mission profiles.

Q36. How do you preserve hyperlinks between an opportunity and different sub opportunity?

Ans: This can be maintained with the help of assignment profiles.

Q37. In CRM device, how you may delete enterprise partner?

To delete commercial enterprise companion you may use BUPA_DEL and BUPA_PRE_DA.

Q38. What do you operate CRM Marketing? What are the key functions in Marketing?

Ans: CRM Marketing is one of the key component in Customer Relationship management and is used to plan all advertising related sports centrally and enforce them effectively across organization. Marketing involves studying the marketplace segments and identifying the precious clients.

Marketing offers with demand advent, building long term consumer relationships, growing emblem consciousness. Marketing also offers with advertising campaigns, lead generation, connecting with target customers, and success of these kind of activities.

Q39. What is a Market Plan?

Ans: A Market plan is one of the key factor to enforce market coverage of an business enterprise. They are known as top most detail in marketplace task hierarchy and used as a tool for making plans of budgets and target in marketing approach. Marketing plan factors are used to outline structure of a marketing plan in form of hierarchies and you can assign campaigns to every marketing plan detail.

Q40. Can we assign Market plans to Campaigns?

Ans: You can assign advertising plans to every other and campaigns may be assigned to every marketplace plan element but you may’t assign advertising plans to a marketing campaign.

Q41. What is the usage of Marketing Calendar? What sort of activities may be completed using Marketing Calendar?

Ans: A Marketing calendar is known as integrated device to manage facts approximately advertising sports inside a described time period. You can create new activities, exchange or show current sports directly from the calendar.

A Marketing calendar is suitable for all form of advertising roles if you are a marketing professional involved in product marketing campaign or a trade fair promotion supervisor, you can use market calendar to improve the visibility of all advertising and marketing and promotional activities and boom coordination among teams for market campaigns.

Q42. What is Campaign management?

Ans: Campaigns are created in an employer to enhance the sales, to enhance the photograph of merchandise, create new opportunities for upload on sales, etc. In SAP CRM, you could put into effect different inbound and outbound campaigns which might be multichannel and they may be used to define and implement high-quality viable advertising approach by using constraint-based optimization strategies to decide the pleasant marketing blend.

Q43. How do you create Campaigns in CRM? What are the one-of-a-kind methods to create campaigns?

Ans: Campaigns may be created in CRM using more than one ways −

Using Campaign Wizard

You can create easy campaigns the use of campaign wizard that concentrate on to a unmarried institution and that doesn’t require complete capability of marketing campaign control. You need to have enterprise function Campaign Wizard (CRM_MKT_CPG_WIZARD) activated to apply this feature.

Using Campaign Templates

Using Existing Campaigns

Q44. How do you carry out Campaign Execution?

Ans: To carry out marketing campaign execution, you ought to have atleast one campaign created in CRM. You have created a marketing campaign in Marketing → Campaigns and it consists of the vital statistics which include communique medium and target group.

Go to Marketing → Campaigns, you need to pick the campaign or the marketing campaign element you want to execute.

Next is to release the campaign through converting the popularity to Released in General Data. Next is to click Start at the Campaign Details web page to begin processing the marketing campaign.

Q45. What is CRM Service module? What functions can be performed in CRM Service?

Ans: In today’s market, clients are watching for greater in phrases of carrier from the businesses. SAP CRM offers a complete cease-to-stop solution for your carrier business and helps you to increase patron loyalty and to enhance profitability.

Using SAP CRM Service, you can control your provider cycle that begins with carrier agreements and contracts, service order control, lawsuits and returns and service confirmation within the provider cycle.

Q46. Name key module capabilities underneath CRM Service?

Ans: Below are the important thing capabilities that can be completed from SAP CRM WebClient −

Service Order Management

Service Ticket Management

Complaint Management

Case Management

Product Registration

Knowledge Search

Q47. What is Service Request Management?

Ans: Service requests are used to fulfill the service requests submitted through the customer. Companies can use carrier requests internally in which a unique branch can provide provider and additionally for outside clients. Customer can name service table to open service requests or may be submitted without delay by way of service personnel or with the aid of customers after logging into the device.

Q48. What do you already know about Service Ticket? Why can we use Service Request over Service Ticket?

Ans: Service Ticket turned into added in CRM 4.Zero and was variant of IC interplay Center carrier order enterprise transaction. Service price ticket turned into introduced to offer upload on enterprise service to assist service desk eventualities.

Service Requests are to be had in CRM 7.0 and are introduced to provide functionality in carrier tickets and also extra features like multilevel categorization, know-how articles, and master carrier requests.

Q49. What is Service Agreement? What information is entered in a Service settlement?

Ans: Service contracts are described as service agreements with customers for the specified scope of offerings and in a defined time body. Service contract includes the scope of offerings, SLA’s, charges like annual protection agreement information, cancellation conditions and so forth.

A Service agreement includes designated facts that has been agreed upon with the carrier recipient like −

Regular carrier exams for gadgets that has been offered or rented.

Expenses involved for the routine tasks in Service.

All the items that come beneath service settlement.

Conditions below which the settlement may be cancelled.

Q50. How do you control client lawsuits in CRM module? Where can we increase Return requests?

Ans: Complaints may be used each in service and sales. Complaints can be created for in-residence repair, billing related, returns or any deliveries which doesn’t satisfy the client.

Return may be used for the products introduced to a customer. A patron can also return a provider component for which became not used.