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Common Geography India questions and answers


Common Geography India questions and answers

Q1. The Radcliffe Line Is Boundary Between?

India and Pakistan

Q2. The Pass Located At The Southern End Of The Nilgiri Hills In South India Is Called?

Palghat hole

Q3. In The Uttar Pradesh And Madhya Pradesh States, The Joint "rajghat River Valley Project" Is Launched On.

Betwa River.

Q4. The State Having Largest Area Of Forest Cover In India Is ?

 Madhya Pradesh 

Q5. The Length Of The Indian Coastline Is.

 7516.6 km

Q6. Ramagundam Is An?

Madhya Pradesh.

Q7. The India's Highest Annual Rainfall Is Reported At?

Mawsynram, Meghalaya.

Q8. The Paithan (jayakwadi) Hydro-electric powered Project, Completed With The Help Of Japan, Is On The River?


Q9. Gol Gumbaz Is?


Q10. The Gulf Of Mannar Is Situated Along The Coast Which State In India?

Tamil Nadu

Q11. Three Important Rivers Of The India Subcontinent Have Their Sources Near The Marover Lake In The Great Himalayas.

 Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej.

Q12. Singhbhum And Hazaribagh In Jharkhand Are Famous For Reserve Of Particular Non-ferrous Mineral. Identify The Mineral?


Q13. The Main Streams Of River Ganga Which Flows Beyond Farakka Is Known As?


Q14. The Zonal Soil Type Of Peninsular India Belongs To?

Red soil.

Q15. Guwahati Is Situated On The Banks Of River?


Q16. Nangal Is Known For?


Q17. The Percentage Of Earth Surface Covered By India Is?


Q18. The City Of Nasik Is Situated On The Banks Of Which River In India?


Q19. The Oldest Rocks In India Are Reported From?

Dharwar region, Karnataka.

Q20. The Number Of Major Languages, Recognized In The Indian Union As Official Language, Are?


Q21. Identify The Gulf That Has A Potential For Harnessing Of Tidal Energy In India?

Gulf of Cambay.