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Common Common General Knowledge questions and answers for interview preparation - Jul 23, 2022


Common Common General Knowledge questions and answers for interview preparation

Q1. How Long A Person Should Have Practiced In A High Court To Be Eligible To Be Appointed As A Judge Of Supreme Court Of India?

10 Years.

Q2. The Sixth Schedule Of The Indian Constitution Deals With The Administration And Control Of Scheduled Areas And Scheduled Tribes In The Four States Of?

The 5th Schedule of the Constitution offers with the management and manipulate of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes in any nation, besides inside the four states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram which has been dealt one at a time in 6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

Q3. Fraction Of Volume Of Ice Seen Outside When Immersed In Water?


Q4. In Which Year Indian Citizenship Act Was Passed?


Q5. The Election Commission Of India Is Not Concerned With The Elections Of /to The?

The Election Commission has the power of superintendence, course and control of elections to the Parliament, State legislatures, President and Vice President.

Q6. The Third Proclamation Of Emergency Under Article 352 Was Made By President Of India On Which Among The Following Grounds ?

Internal Disturbance

Q7. Which Of The Following Is The Largest Lok Sabha Constituency (areawise)?

The pinnacle five location-sensible constituencies are- Ladakh (173,266 sq.Km), Barmer (71,601 squarekm), Kutch (41,644 squarekm), Arunachal West (forty,572 sq.Km) and Arunachal East (39,749 sq.Km

Q8. Hasdo Valley In Chhattisgarh Is Famous For?

Coal mines

Q9. The Constitution Of India Empowers The Supreme Court Of India To Adjudicate Disputes Between The Centre And The States Through?

Original Jurisdiction

Q10. Sylheti Language Is A Dialect Of Which Of The Following Languages?


Q11. Which Of The Following Schedules Of The Constitution Of India Has To Be Amended To Provide For The Formation Of A New State ?

First Schedule

Q12. The Setting Up Of Which Of The Following Is Not Mentioned In Constitution?

National Human Rights Commission

Q13. Special Theory Of Relativity Was Proposed In?


Q14. Which Of The Following Is Not An Event In Ancient Indian History In Bc Era?

Foundation of the Indo-Greek empire via Demetrius in 182 BC. Beginning of Vikram samvat Era in fifty eight BC with the aid of Vikramaditya of Ujjain. Fourth Buddhist Council changed into held in Kundalvan, Kashmir in seventy two AD below the patronage of Kushan king Kanishka. The King Kharavela of Kalinga left Hathigumpha inscription in around 50 BC. So accurate wer could be C.

Q15. The Device Used For Detecting Even Feeble Current?


Q16. Which Among The Following Was First Municipal Corporation Of India (set up In 1687)?


Q17. The Disease " Bronchitis " Is Associated With?


Q18. Jawahar Lal Nehru Headed The Interim Cabinet As _________?

Vice President

Q19. Which One Of The Following Items/subjects Belongs To The Concurrent List Of The Viith Schedule Of The Indian Constitution?


Q20. Which Among The Following Committee Is Known For Recommending A 3-tier Panchayati Raj System Which Includes Zila Parishad At The District Level, Panchayat Samiti At The Block/ Tehsil/ Taluka Level And

Balwant Rai Mehta Committee

Q21. Which Of The Following Is Not One Of The Grounds For Disqualification For Being Elected As A Member Of Parliament?

Article 102: Disqualifications for being elected as an MP: 

(1) A person will be disqualified for being chosen as, and for being, a member of either House of Parliament-

If he holds any workplace of income beneath the Government of India or the Government of any State, other than an office declared by Parliament by way of law now not to disqualify its holder;

If he's of unsound thoughts and stands so declared with the aid of a able courtroom;

If he is an undischarged insolvent;

If he isn't a citizen of India, or has voluntarily obtained the citizenship of a overseas State, or is below any acknowledgement of allegiance or adherence to a foreign State;

If he is so disqualified by means of or under any law made by Parliament, clarification For the functions of this clause a person shall now not be deemed to maintain an workplace of earnings below the Government of India or the Government of any State by means of reason best that he is a Minister either for the Union or for such State.

(2)A character shall be disqualified for being a member of both House of Parliament if he is so disqualified beneath the Tenth Scheduled.

Q22. The Swaran Singh Committee Recommended?

In 1976, the Congress Party set up the Sardar Swaran Singh Committee to make recommendations approximately essential obligations, the want and necessity of which changed into felt for the duration of the operation of the internal emergency (1975-1977). The committee encouraged the inclusion of a separate bankruptcy on fundamental obligations in the Constitution.

It confused that the citizens need to end up aware that further to the leisure of rights, in addition they have sure responsibilities to perform as properly. The Congress Government at Centre normal those tips and enacted the forty second Constitutional Amendment Act in 197@This amendment introduced a new component, particularly, Part IVA to the Constitution.

Q23. In Stone Age, The Microliths Were Most Commonly Found In Which Of The Following Ages?

Microliths have been maximum normally located in Mesolithic era.

Q24. The Jurisdiction Covering The Andaman And Nicobar Islands Falls Under The Supervision Of __?

A circuit bench of the Calcutta High Court at Port Blair.

Q25. Which Among The Following Is Constituted By The President Of India Under Article 280 (1) Of The Constitution?

Finance Commission

Q26. Which Of The Following Committees Had Recommended The Panchayat Raj Finance Corporation ?

K. Santhanam Committee (1963)

Q27. Which Of The Following Government Gets The Stamp Duty Collected On Promissory Notes?

State Government 100%

Q28. Via Which Among The Following Amendments Of The Constitution Of India, Delhi Was Designated As National Capital Territory (nct)?

69th Amendment Act

Q29. Which Among The Following Was The Out Come Of Kesavananda Bharati Case V/s State Of Kerala Case 1973?

Preamble is Part of the charter and concern to amending strength of the parliament.

Q30. No Citizen Shall, On Grounds Only Of Religion, Race, Caste, Sex, Descent, Place Of Birth, Residence Or Any Of Them, Be Eligible For, Or Discriminated Against In Respect Of, Any Employment Or Office Un

Article sixteen.

Q31. Bring Out The Only Incorrect Statement?

India Parliament is based upon bicameralism. Bicameralism and Dyarchy are extraordinary words

Q32. The Concept Of Judicial Review In The Constitution Of India Is Borrowed From Which Of The Following?


Q33. Black Hole Is An Object To Be Found?

 In the sky

Q34. The Working Of A Rockets Based On The Principle Of?

Conservation of momentum

Q35. Who Among The Following Was President Of United States When Cripps Mission Visited India?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Q36. Exchange Particle In Quark-quark Interaction?


Q37. Who Among The Following Is Widely Remembered For His Efforts In Achieving The Official Language Of India Status For Hindi?

Purshottam Das Tandon

Q38. Which Among The Following Acts Has Not Been Enacted By Parliament Of India?


Q39. Anemometer Is An Instrument Used For Measuring?

 Wind velocity

Q40. "optical Phenomenon" In The Fringe Pattern Of Cd Is?


Q41. Which Among The Following Is Not A Classical Language?

Bengali isn't a classical language as of now.

He classical languages are as follows: 

Tamil (on account that 2004) 

Skrit (considering 2005) 

Telugu (considering the fact that 2008) 

Kannada (Since 2008) 

Malayalam (given that 2013)

Odia (because 2014)

Q42. Under The Provisions Of Which Of The Following, 5 Zonal Councils Were Established In India?

States Reorganization act 1956

Q43. Which Of The Following Is A Correct Statement About Indus Valley Civilization?

Mohenjo Daro became placed on banks of river Indus. Harappa on Ravi. Chanhudaro is in Pakistan now. Lothal was on mouth of Gulf of Cambay.

Q44. Which Among The Following Was The First French Enclave Of Pondicherry To Merge With The Dominion Of India?


Q45. Who Among The Following Determines The Qualifications Which Shall Be Requisite For Appointment As Members Of The Finance Commission In India?

Article 280 (2) (2) Parliament may with the aid of law decide the qualifications which will be considered necessary for appointment as members of the Commission and the manner wherein they shall be decided on. In context with the above article, the parliament enacted the Finance Commission (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1951

Q46. Iradian Is?

57.Three diploma

Q47. Which Of The Following Was Most Probably The First Metal To Be Used In India?

The earliest historic evidences of use of steel are of Chalcolithic Age or Stone-Copper Age, which included the period from 1800 to 800 BC. This length turned into marked by way of the use of copper (the first steel to be used in India) in addition to stone.

Q48. President Can Proclaim National Emergency Under Article 352 In The Entire Country Or In Any Part Of It, On The Grounds Of?

The term ‘armed rebellion’ did no longer exist within the authentic charter but became inserted with the aid of the forty fourth Constitutional Amendment Act (1978) changing the original time period ‘inner disturbance.

Q49. Which Of The Following Is A Part Of The Electoral College For The Election Of The President But Does Not Participate In The Proceedings For His/her Impeachment?

State Legislative Assemblies

Q50. Who Among The Following Founded The Indian Statistical Institute?

Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis