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Cognos Interview Questions and Answers 2019


Cognos Interview Questions and Answers 2019

Q1. What is known as Cognos Reporting tool?

Ans: Cognos is an IBM reporting equipment that is utilized for reporting and examination of different facts from one-of-a-kind records warehouse.

Q2. Display Products by means of Country in Cognos Report Studio.

Ans: If you need show values of Product Line spark off based on the selection of Country prompt then use cascade assets of Product Line spark off in order that Product Line prompt will populate values based on the selection of us of a activate.

Q3. Define datastores in Cognos?

Ans: Data assets, also referred to as question databases, are relational databases, dimensionalcubes, documents, or other physical facts stores that may be accessed via IBM Cognos8. Application Tier Components use records supply connections to get right of entry to information assets.

Q4. What is a Query Subject?

Ans: A Query Subject is a set of Query Items. Generally question objects have a described relationship. It is in general a database table upon which question movement takes region.

Q5. What is Cognos Powerhouse and what is it used for?

Ans: Cognos Powerhouse is High-Productivity Application Development Solutions equips you with high-productiveness improvement environments for growing your data-pushed business solutions faster,whether or not for Web-based totally, purchaser/server, or traditional terminal-based get entry to. PowerHouse has gained a global recognition for productiveness, reliability, performance, and versatility.

Q6. What is Report item?

Ans: Report issue is characterized as a question aspect which may be relocated into a piece territory.

Q7. How can create customers and permissions in cognos?

Ans: In impromptu menu go to Catlog->User profiles -> userclass tab -> click on Creator ->u can deliver there folder get right of entry to,table get entry to,filters,Governor and so on

you could crate customers through the use of USERS PROFILE option……and you may give permissions the use of ROLE IN C8 and GOVERNERS in C7.

Q8. How am i able to check reports in cagonos?

Ans: In cognos record internet with the aid of the validate record option a document may be tested. If there can be any error, it'll specify the the error, except it's going to supply message -‘document specification is valid’.

After creating the record we are able to connect with the oracle and we are able to write the square query and we can evaluate this 2 reports .

Q9. Can we use multiple measure in crosstab?

Ans: Absolutely. Treat a crosstab much like Excel on steroids.... Hold down the CTRL key to pick the more than one measures after which "Nest" them into either the X or Y axis.

Q10. Report Studio Restrict User to Add New Data Item.

Ans: In Report residences, Goto Permissions page and pick the person/organization/role in which the consumer belongs to and deny the write permission.

Q11. What is Cognos Visualizer and Cognos Scripting?

Ans: Visualizer is a representation of statistics cubes in a dashboard format. We can drill via to the ground degree of a hierarchy as like in electricity play report but can't upload or put off fields dynamically.

Cognos script editor : We can write cognos macros or packages in this device and may nice track or process a few execution .

Q12. What is situated to be Cardinality?

Ans: Cardinality is characterized as connections among the tables. Taking after are courting fashioned between the tables:


One to Many

Many to Many

Many to One

Q13. How to generate cubes in cognos?

Ans: Power Play Transformer incorporate measurement,measure,version and dice. We are able to generate dice one of a kind manner. > Just proper click on cube call and construct.

We can write script in unix. Using that we will generate cube.

Q14. What is catalog and forms of catalogs in Cognos and which is better?

Ans: four tipes of catlogs we've got in cognos

Personal Catlog: Only one person(Creator) can create/adjust a catlog & document.

Shared Catlog: Only one person(Creator) can create/adjust a catlog. But any body can create their own reports the use of this catlog.

Destributed Catlog: Here any frame can trade their very own "non-public destributed catlogs, they can create their very own reviews.

But no one can change the master allotted catlog.If u make any adjustments in master destributed catlog the adjustments could be effected  to Personal destributed catlogs.

Secured catlog:No you can still trade the catlog & Report it is completely secured

Here higher We can pick the Distributed Catlog.

Q15. What is difference among content material store and content material manager?

Ans: A content material store is a statistics base which stores the meta statistics of the reports.

But in which as a content material supervisor is a service that is to be had in dispatcher. Which it manages the safety.

Q16. How to transform crosstab into list?

Ans: If you are operating on question studio, then you can not convert the crosstab document into listing report, until you choose to do the "undo" option.

But you could try this conversion inside the Report Studio.

Q17. What is Cognos Connection?

Ans: It is a Web portal for Cognos 8 and a issue which interracts with the Content Store. It is a frontend to post, find, manage, prepare, and examine business enterprise’s commercial enterprise intelligence records.

Q18. How to improve performance from database facet?

Ans: There are many methods to enhance database overall performance. One of them being growing indexes on desk columns which might be queried the most. Another is create table partitioning. A good deal else may be done on the document degree through great tuning the query or the filters created robotically by way of Cognos Report Studio

Q19. What are merchandise of Cognos?

Ans: Cognos 6.6 7.Zero,7.Three(PowerPlay, Impromptu)–ReportNet1.Zero,1.1mr1, 1.1mr22—ReportNet eight.0(modern day)IWR is use by using Impromptu to submit reports, PPES is used by PP, Cognos Connection is utilized by repornet. There are numerous other tools however those are the primary.

Q20. How am i able to agenda reviews in cognos?

Ans: By the use of Cognos Schedular, you'll time table the walking reviews in Impromptu to execute and keep it in desired format.

By the usage of Cognos MACRO script language the reviews can be accomplished and disbursed to recipients by means of the usage of mail applications.

Compiled Cognos MACROs can be scheduled the usage of Cognos Schedular.