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Cognos Interview Questions and Answers


Cognos Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is called Cognos Reporting tool?

Ans: Cognos is an IBM reporting device which is used for reporting and analysis of diverse statistics from exclusive datawarehouse.

Q2. What is Report item?

Ans: Report item is described as a question object which may be dragged and dropped into a piece location.

Q3. What is set to be Cardinality?

Ans: Cardinality is described as relationships between the tables. Following are courting formed between the tables:

One to One

One to Many

Many to Many

Many to One

Q4. What is defined as Data mining?

Ans: Data mining is the technique of getting hidden trends from a facts ware house.

Q5. What are all the unique sorts of prompt in Cognos?

Ans: Following are the distinctive varieties of set off in Cognos:

Value activate

Text Prompt

Date activate

Time prompt

Date and time activate

Q6. What are the additives of Report Net?

Ans: Following are the additives of Report Net:

Framework manager

Cognos connection

Query Studio

Report Studio

Q7. What do you imply via Drill Through file?

Ans: Drill via reporting is used to link from one report to any other record. It has parent and baby relationship between the reports.

Q8. Mention the distinction among ‘macros’ and ‘spark off’?

Ans: Macro is used to run set of instructions to execute the document but set off offer a manner to alternate the file dynamically.

Q9. What is a Cube?

Ans: Cube is about to be multi-dimensional view of measurement and measures and it's miles used to investigate the information in numerous forms like Slicing and Dicing.

Q10. What is the dimensions of the cube?

Ans: Size of the dice is two.0GB and size varies depends on the undertaking.

Q11. What is a Snapshot?

Ans: A image is created to duplicate the exact information that is associated with modern-day file and compare with another report.

Example: Data of this week in comparison with previous week

Q12. What are all of the components of Report Studio? 

Ans: Following are the components of Report Studio:

Objects panel

Properties panel

Explorer bar

Report Viewer

Q13. What is a Transformer?

Ans: Transformer is used for making the Cubes which is for the Multidimensional structure on OLAP processing.

Q14. What is defined as catalog and forms of catalogs in Cognos?

Ans: A catalog is defined as a record which includes data on Database tables and Impromptu customers can create reports.

Following are the types of catalog used:





Q15. Is it possible to sign up for multiple Databases in a Catalog?

Ans: No, it is not possible to enroll in a couple of databases in a catalog and it is able to be finished via Hotfile.

Q16. What is defined as Cognos Impromptu?

Ans: A Cognos Impromptu is set to be a device that is used for the era of enterprise intelligence reviews.

HubSpot Video

Q17. What are question objects?

Ans: Query objects are the most crucial object in framework manager and it has a variety of houses associated with it. This is particularly used for reporting and commercial enterprise intelligence.

Q18. What are all of the advantages of Cognos?

Ans: Following are the advantages of Cognos:





Q19. What are all the sorts of indexes in Cognos?

Ans: Following are the forms of Indexes in Cognos:

Bitmap index

B-tree index

Function based totally index

Reverse key and composite index

Q20. What is Bitmap Index?

Ans: A bitmap index is used for alternative of listing of rowids for every key value. This index is in particular green for data warehousing as it has low cardinality and low updates.

Q21. What is a Folder?

Ans: A folder consists of repository objects like resources, targets, transformation and mapping that help to arrange facts warehouse.

Q22. What is a Datastore in Cognos?

Ans: A statistics save is nothing however a question database or a relational database or documents that may be accessed through IBM Cognos.

Q23. What is a Query Subject?

Ans: A Query subject is a set of query gadgets that have inherent relationship and it's miles primary constructing block on framework supervisor.

Q24. What are all the sorts of record?

Ans: Following are the styles of document in Cognos:

Blank document

List file

Cross file

Chart record

Repeater record

Q25. What are the two varieties of framework supervisor?

Ans: There are two types of framework supervisor and they may be as follows:

Presentation layer

Physical layer

Q26. What are all styles of set off?

Ans: Following are the types of Prompt utilized in Cognos:



Select and search



Date and time



Prompt button

Q27. What is a size?

Ans: Dimension is defined as structure of a dice. A dimension should have at least one key attribute and ultimate attribute can outline hierarchies.

Q28. What are all the sorts of gateway utilized in Cognos?

Ans: Following is the list of gateway used in Cognos:

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Internet Service Application Interface (ISAPI)

Tomcat Server

Q29. What is known as Cognos powerplay?

Ans: Cognos powerplay is not anything however a multidimensional online analysis of information.

Q30. What are the forms of studio found in Cognos?

Ans: There are five styles of studio are :

Query Studio

Metrics Studio

Analysis Studio

Report Studio

Event Studio

Q31. What is described as Query studio?

Ans: Query studio is one of the studios in Cognos that's used to perform Adhoc queries.

Q32. What are the varieties of folder found in Cognos?

Ans: There are three most important forms of folders and they're listed underneath:

Standard folder

Package folder

Metrics folder

Q33. What do you mean by drill throughout?

Ans: The drill across executes queries with the help of multiple dice.

Q34. What are all the forms of hierarchies?

Ans: There are two kinds of hierarchies:

Attribute hierarchies

User described hierarchies

Q35. What is using Cognos selection stream?

Ans: Cognos choice circulation is about to be a device which is used for extracting, reworking the records from distinctive records sources to goal statistics source.

Q36. What are the topics in a statistics warehouse?

Ans: The three essential essential topics are:

Drilling Down

Drilling Across

Handling Time

Q37. What do you imply by means of Drill down and Drill Up?

Ans: Drill down is addition of grouping columns from the size tables while drill up is putting off grouping columns from the size tables.

Q38. What is the advantage of the use of shortcuts?

Ans: There are  shortcuts – Local and Global. Local is used for the nearby repository and Global for international repository. Advantage is to reuse an item in preference to developing a couple of items.

Q39. What is called materialized view?

Ans: A materialized view is a view that's bodily saved in a database. This view is used to boom question performance by means of calculating highly-priced operations.

Q40. What is a Pivot?

Ans: Pivot is used to rotate the axis of the cube to provide a one of a kind presentation at the facts.

Q41. What is known as a slice?

Ans: The slice is used to perform the operation on one size of a cube and it is outcomes in a sub-cube.

Q42. What is a Framework supervisor?

Ans: Frame manager is a device, which is used to increase quit consumer layer and it could be used by Authors to construct their own BI objects.

Q43. What is Metrics fashion designer?

Ans: Metrics Designer is a device that's used to version, deploy score cards and facts loading procedures.

Q44. What is ready to be Cognos configuration?

Ans: Cognos Configuration is a BI administrative device which is used to outline the behavior of Cognos eight version. This will control configuration parameters.

Q45. What is the distinction among Standard and Metrics folder?


Standard Folder: This is a box of all folders and it is used for Organizational functions. It acts like a neighborhood laptop folder. It is yellow in colour.

Metrics Folder: This folder is utilized by Metrics studio to store metrics related statistics. Metrics folder will open up immediately in Metrics studio and it's miles darkish blue in shade.

Q46. What is using Cognos scenario?

Ans: Cognos scenario is used to discover the hidden tendencies and styles of facts.

Q47. Which studio is used to create reviews?

Ans: Report Studio is used to create greater superior business reviews.

Q48. What is the distinction among a cascading report and drill thru document? 

Ans: Cascading record is used to extract statistics from one set off to some other spark off.

Drill thru report is used to extract the data through deciding on the column in a record and it may be drilled down through clicking the column records.

Q49. What are all kinds of Batches?

Ans: Following are the forms of Batches:

Sequential: Run the sessions separately

Concurrent: Run the classes simultaneously

Q50. What are preliminary web page additives of Cognos connection?

Ans: Initial page additives of Cognos connection are:

The Studio Toolbar

The Utilities Toolbar

The Tab Navigator