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CoffeeScript Interview Questions and Answers


CoffeeScript Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Coffeescript?

Ans: CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. Underneath all of these embarrassing braces and semicolons, JavaScript has usually had a suitable item version at its heart. CoffeeScript is an strive to show the good components of JavaScript in a simple way

Q2. Which Languages Have The Most Impact On Coffeescript?

Ans: CoffeeScript has been inspired by using Python, Ruby and Haskell, it followed syntax & coding styles from them, which makes it very particular & Useful.

Q3. What Is The Difference Between Variables In Coffeescript And Javascript?

Ans: You have to add semicolon on the give up of statements to execute variables in JavaScript even as in CoffeeScript there may be no need to feature Semi-colon on the give up of the assertion.

Q4. List the Advantages of Coffeescript?

Ans: The benefits of CoffeeScript :

There are severa benefits over JavaScript, some of them are :

Very Little Coding is involved whilst programming in CoffeeScript in comparison to JavaScript.

All the coolest features of JavaScript are present in CoffeeScript.

You can use any present JavaScript library seamlessly with CoffeeScript.

Q5. List the Disadvantages of CoffeeScript ?


When you're the use of CoffeeScript, there's an extra compilation step concerned inside the method.

Only some resources are available for this language.

Purpose of CoffeeScript is to put off all of the tough edges from JavaScript and presents a clean manner of programming in JavaScript.

Q6. How variables vary in CoffeeScript than JavaScript?

Ans: For variables in JavaScript, you have to upload semi-colon at the quit of it to execute while in CoffeeScript there's no need to feature Semi-colon at the give up of the assertion. Unlike, JavaScript, CoffeeScript provides up semi-colon effortlessly.

Q7. Explain capabilities in CoffeeScript?

Ans: Functions in CoffeeScript is an (Optional) listing of parameters accompanied via an arrow after which the characteristic frame.

For example, log = (message) à console.Log message

Q8. How CoffeeScript compiler is beneficial in CoffeeScript?

Ans: CoffeeScript compiler guarantees that in the lexical scope, all your variables are well declared, and you by no means want to write down “var” your self

Q9. In CoffeeScript how clone-feature is useful?

Ans: Clone function is beneficial in growing a complete new item in Coffee Script by:

Copying all attributes from the supply object to the new object

Repeating the stairs of copying attributes from the source item for all sub-gadgets by means of calling the clone-feature

Creating a new item because the source item

Q10. Why Is Coffeescript Getting Popularity Day By Day?

Ans: CoffeeScript is the 11th maximum popular language in Github. Its fundamental motive is to produce efficient JavaScript without writing an awful lot code. It additionally focuses on highlighting all the suitable aspects of JavaScript with simple syntax.

Reasons behind the popularity of CoffeeScript:

Very Little Coding is required while programming in CoffeeScript as compared to JavaScript.

CoffeeScript includes all the suitable features of JavaScript.

You can use any current JavaScript library seamlessly with CoffeeScript.

Q11. What Is The Difference Between Copying An Object Through Assignment And Clone-function?

Ans: The predominant distinction among copying an object through task and clone-function is that how they cope with references. The challenge most effective copies the reference of the object while clone-feature creates a complete new object.

Q12. How Coffeescript Interpolates The Strings?

Ans: The concept of Interpolation in CoffeeScript is same as Ruby. Most expressions of CoffeeScript are legitimate in the #... Interpolation syntax.

Q13. How Does Boolean Works With Coffeescript?

Ans: In CoffeeScript is same as other however as opposed to "True" or "False". In CoffeeScript, "True" is commonly represented as "On" or "Yes" and "False" is represented as "Off" or "No

Q14. How are you able to map an array in CoffeeScript?

Ans: Coffee script has clean help for anonymous functions, to map an array in item use map() with an nameless feature. For simple mapping, list comprehension is more beneficial as Coffee script directly support listing comprehensions.

Q15. Can you bind parameters to houses in CoffeeScript?

Ans: Yes, CoffeeScript lets in to bind parameters to residences by way of the usage of the @ shorthand, this also allows you to define elegance features.