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Cloud Security Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 17, 2022


Cloud Security Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What are the advantages of the usage of cloud computing?

Ans: The blessings of the use of cloud computing are:

Data backup and garage of statistics

Powerful server competencies

SaaS ( Software as a carrier)

Information technology sandboxing abilities

Increase in productiveness

Cost effective & Time saving

Q2. Mention structures which are used for big scale cloud computing?

Ans: The structures which might be used for huge scale cloud computing are:

Apache Hadoop



Q3. Explain different models for deployment in cloud computing?

Ans: The extraordinary deployment models in cloud computing are:

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Community Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Q4. What is the difference in cloud computing and computing for mobiles?

Ans: Mobile computing makes use of the same idea as cloud computing. Cloud computing turns into lively with the records with the help of net instead of man or woman tool. It presents users with the records which they have to retrieve on demand. In cell, the programs runs at the far off server and gives person the get entry to for garage and manage.

Q5. How consumer can advantage from utility computing?

Ans: Utility computing allows the consumer to pay only for what they're using. It is a plug-in controlled by way of an business enterprise which decides what sort of offerings must be deployed from the cloud.

Most organizations prefer hybrid approach.

Q6. For a transport in cloud how you could at ease your data?

Ans: To secure your information even as transporting them from one region to another, test that there is no leak with the encryption key carried out with the statistics you're sending.

Q7. What are the safety aspects furnished with cloud?


Identity management: It authorizes the application services.

Access control: permission needs to be provided to the users to be able to manipulate the access of another consumer who is getting into the cloud environment.

Authentication and Authorization: Allows only the authorized and authenticated consumer handiest to get entry to the statistics and programs

Q8. List out specific layers which define cloud structure?

Ans: The exclusive layers utilized by cloud structure are:

CLC or Cloud Controller


Cluster Controller

SC or Storage Controller

NC or Node Controller

Q9. What are machine integrators in Cloud Computing?

Ans: In Cloud Computing, systems integrator presents the approach of the complex method used to layout a cloud platform. Integrator permits to create greater accurate hybrid and personal cloud network, as integrators have all of the know-how about the data center advent.

Q10. What is “ EUCALYPTUS” stands for?

Ans: “ EUCALYPTUS” stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture For Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems”

Q11. Explain what's using “EUCALYPTUS” in cloud computing?

Ans: “Eucalyptus” is an open supply software program infrastructure in cloud computing, that is used to enforce clusters in cloud computing platform. It is used to construct public, hybrid and personal clouds. It has the potential to produce your personal records center into a private cloud and permits you to use its capability to many other companies.

Q12. What is the requirement of virtualization platform in imposing cloud?

Ans: The requirement of virtualization platform in implementing cloud is to;

Manage the carrier level regulations

Cloud Operating System

Virtualization platforms helps to keep the backend stage and consumer level standards distinctive from each other

Q13. Before going for cloud computing platform what are the important matters to be taken in challenge by using customers?



Loss of records

Data storage

Business continuity


Data integrity in cloud computing

Q14. Mention a few open supply cloud computing platform databases?

Ans: The open supply cloud computing platform databases are:




Q15. What are the safety laws which might be applied to comfortable records in a cloud ?

Ans: The protection legal guidelines which can be applied to relaxed records in cloud are;

Processing: Control the facts that is being processed successfully and completely in an utility

File: It manages and manage the data being manipulated in any of the report

Output reconciliation: It controls the information which has to be reconciled from enter to output

Input Validation: Control the input records

Security and Backup: It presents safety and backup it additionally controls the security breaches logs

Q16. Mention the name of a few massive cloud companies and databases?


Google bigtable

Amazon simpleDB

Cloud primarily based SQL

Q17. Explain the difference between cloud and conventional datacenters?


The fee of the conventional facts center is better because of heating and hardware/software troubles.

Cloud gets scaled while the call for increases. Majority of the fees are spent at the renovation of the records centers, at the same time as that isn't always the case with cloud computing.

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Q18. Explain what are the one-of-a-kind modes of software as a carrier (SaaS)?


Simple multi-tenancy : In this every user has unbiased assets and are distinctive from other customers, it's far an green mode.

Fine grain multi-tenancy: In this kind, the resources can be shared by using many however the capability stays the equal.

Q19. What is using API’s in cloud services?

Ans: API’s ( Application Programming Interface) may be very useful in cloud platforms;

It gets rid of the want to put in writing the completely fledged applications.

It presents the commands to make communication among one or greater programs.

It allows smooth introduction of programs and link the cloud offerings with other structures.

Q20. What are the different information centers deployed for cloud computing?

Ans: Cloud computing consists of various datacenters like;

Containerized Datacenters

Low Density Datacenters

Q21. In cloud computing what are the distinctive layers?

Ans: The distinct layers of cloud computing are:

SaaS: Software as a Service (SaaS), it gives customers get right of entry to immediately to the cloud software without installing some thing at the device.

IaaS: Infrastructure as a carrier, it presents the infrastructure in terms of hardware like reminiscence, processor pace etc.

PaaS: Platform as a provider, it offers cloud utility platform for the developers.

Q22. How essential is the platform as a service?

Ans: Platform as a service or PAAS is an crucial layer in cloud computing. It gives utility platform for vendors. It is chargeable for providing complete virtualization of the infrastructure layer and makes it work like a unmarried server.

Q23. What is a cloud provider?

Ans:  Cloud service is used to construct cloud programs using the server in a network via internet. It provides the ability of the use of the cloud software with out putting in it at the computer. It also reduces the renovation and aid of the application which can be developed the usage of cloud provider.

Q24. List down the three fundamental clouds in cloud computing?


Professional cloud

Personal cloud

Performance cloud

Q25. As a infrastructure as a provider what are the assets that are furnished by means of it?

Ans: IAAS ( Infrastructure As A Service) provides virtual and bodily assets which might be used to build a cloud. It offers with the complexities of deploying and preserving of the services furnished through this deposit. Here the infrastructure is the servers, storage and other hardware systems.

Q26. What are the enterprise benefits involved in cloud structure?

Ans: The blessings concerned in cloud architecture is;

Zero infrastructure funding

Just in time infrastructure

More green resource utilisation

Q27. What are the traits of cloud architecture that separates it from conventional one?

Ans: The traits that makes cloud structure above traditional architecture is:

According to the call for cloud architecture provides the hardware requirement

Cloud structure is capable of scaling the aid on demand

Cloud architecture is capable of dealing with and handling dynamic workloads without failure

Q28. Mention what's the distinction between elasticity and scalability in cloud computing?

Ans: Scalability is a traits of cloud computing through which growing workload can be treated by means of increasing in proportion the quantity of aid ability. Whereas, elasticity, is being one of the characteristics that highlights the concept of commissioning and decommissioning of a massive quantity of aid ability.

Q29. Mention the offerings which can be provided with the aid of Window Azure Operating System?

Ans: Window Azure offers three middle offerings which are given as:




Q30. In cloud structure what are the exceptional components which might be required?


Cloud Ingress

Processor Speed

Cloud storage offerings

Cloud furnished services

Intra-cloud communications

Q31. In cloud structure what are the one of a kind stages concerned?


Launch Phase

Monitor Phase

Shutdown Phase

Cleanup Phase

Q32. List down the basic characteristics of cloud computing?


Elasticity and Scalability

Self-carrier provisioning and automatic de-provisioning

Standardized interfaces

Billing self carrier primarily based usage version

Q33. In cloud architecture what are the constructing blocks?


Reference structure

Technical structure

Deployment operation structure

Q34. Mention in what approaches cloud architecture offer automation and overall performance transparency?

Ans: To offer the overall performance transparency and automation there are numerous tools utilized by cloud architecture. It permits to control the cloud architecture and screen reviews. It also permits them to percentage the software using the cloud structure. Automation is the key element of cloud architecture which enables to enhance the diploma of fine.

Q35. In cloud computing provide an explanation for the position of overall performance cloud?

Ans: Performance cloud is useful in shifting most quantity of facts right away. It is used by the professionals who paintings on excessive performance computing studies.

Q36. Explain hybrid and community cloud?

Ans: Hybrid cloud: It includes a couple of carrier providers. It is a mixture of public and private cloud functions. It is used by the business enterprise when they require both private and public clouds both.

Community Cloud: This version is pretty steeply-priced and is used while the groups having common desires and necessities, and are ready to share the benefits of the cloud service.

Q37. In cloud what are the optimizing techniques?

Ans: To triumph over the preservation fee and to optimize the resources ,there may be a concept of 3 statistics center in cloud which affords restoration and again-up in case of disaster or device failure and maintains all of the statistics secure and intact.

Q38. What is Amazon SQS?

Ans: To speak between unique connectors Amazon SQS message is used, among various additives of AMAZON, it acts as a communicator.

Q39. How buffer is used to Amazon net offerings?

Ans: In order to make device extra efficient against the burst of traffic or load, buffer is used. It synchronizes one-of-a-kind element . The aspect always gets and strategies the request in an unbalanced way. The balance among one-of-a-kind additives are managed by means of buffer, and makes them paintings on the identical speed to offer faster offerings.

Q40. Mention what is Hypervisor in cloud computing and their types?

Ans: Hypervisor is a Virtual Machine Monitor which manages resources for virtual machines. There are in particular two styles of hypervisors

Type 1: The visitor Vm runs directly over the host hardware, eg Xen, VmWare ESXI

Type 2: The guest Vm runs over hardware thru a bunch OS, eg Kvm, oracle virtualbox.