Interview Questions.

CICS Interview Questions and Answers


CICS Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Why do we want Integrated CICS translator?


Ans: The COBOL compiler works with the Integrated CICS translator When we use it Fromcompiler choice.

When the compiler face CICS statements within the source software, it interfaces with the included CICS translator.

Then translator takes movements on the CICS statements after which returned to the compiler, show what local language statements to generate.

There isn't any regulations in Integrated Translator as compared to Separate Translator.

To manage both local Cobol and embedded CICS statements in the Source Program.

Q2. What’s the CICS command used to get admission to contemporary date and time?

Ans: ASKTIME command is used to get right of entry to modern date and time.

Q3. What is the feature of the CICS translator?

Ans: The CICS translator converts the EXEC CICS commands into call statements for a particular programming language.

Q4. What are the differences between an EXEC CICS XCTL and an EXEC CICS LINK command?

Ans: The XCTL command switch control to an software program at the equal logical stage and do now not expect to control back, whilst the LINK command passes control to an software application at the next logical degree and expects control back.

Q5. How do you dynamically set the CURSOR role to a selected area?


Ans: MOVE -1 to FIELD + L field. Mention CURSOR alternative within the SEND command.


Q6. What is CICS?


Ans: CICS essentially stands for Customer Information Control System and happens to be software that monitors telecommunications from IBM. The mainframe working systems of IBM are time-sharing and batch.

Q7. Which command is used to release a report on which distinct manage is won?


Q8. What are the attribute values of Skipper and Stopper fields?

Ans: For Skipper subject use ASKIP and for stopper area use PROT.

Q9. How do you set the MDT choice to ‘ON’ reputation, even if facts is not entered?

Ans: Mention FSET alternative in DFHMDF or set it dynamically inside the program the usage of FIELD+A characteristic area.

Q10. How ENQ and DEQ utilized in CICS?


Ans: ENQ and DEQ are parts of task control commands which might be used in making a useful resource serially     recyclable.

Q11. What is MDT?


Ans: MDT stands for MDT Modified Data Tag.

Preserves handiest one bit of characteristic person.

It has  forms of fee i.E zero and 1.

If it's miles zero then it's far off i.E terminal operator has not alter this field.

If it's miles 1 then it's miles on i.E terminal operator has modify this field.

If MDT is 1 then information of the sphere be despatched from terminal cease to host computer.

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Q12. Which CICS provider transaction is used to advantage accessibility to CICS manage tables?

Ans: CEDA transaction is used to advantage accessibility to control tables.

 Ighlight the points of differences among XCTL and START?


Ans: XCTL essentially acts as a medium via which you can pass the manipulate thru the equal undertaking to any other application. XCTL takes place to be a program control command.

 Q13. Difference between TSQ and TDQ.


Ans: Records inTemporary Storage can be study more than once.

Records in TSQ can be read randomly.

You may update an present item in a TSQ.

TSQ names are dynamically defined inside the software software.

TSQ cannot be accessed in batch.

TSQ cannot started robotically a CICS transaction.

Transient Data Quene (TDQ).

Temporary Data Queues may be study simplest as soon as.

Records in TDQ may be study handiest sequentially.

A report in a TDQ can not be up to date.

TDQs call ought to first be described inside the DCT (Destination Control Table).

TDQ may be used by batch software.

TDQ can began robotically a CICS transaction.

Temporary Storage Queqe (TSQ)

Q14. What is the number one element of CICS?


Ans: CICS basically deals with the execution as well as development of on line programs. It establishes a verbal exchange channel via the terminal and helps the receiving in addition to sending of records this is formatted. One of the primary components of CICS is the accessibility of database as well as the files that they comprise.

Q15. What is meant via a CICS assignment?


Ans: A CICS mission essentially a one-time execution of a sure CICS transaction. This method starts offevolved while the secret is entered into the transaction, and the enter secret's pressed. The execution method maintains till this system returns the manipulate lower back to CICS.

Q16. Can dynamic calls be used in CICS?

Ans: Yes. Dynamic calls can be utilized in CICS and as in keeping with the process, the person has to outline the decision recurring in a PPT and CALL identifier must be utilized by the calling program.

Q17. Differentiate among PCT and FCT.


Ans: PCT stands for Program Control Table and essentially has a complete listing of transaction identifiers which might be paired to respective corresponding packages.

FCT, then again, stands for File Control Table has a whole list of all of the documents that have been used by CICS together with their fame and record period.


Q18. What is supposed by means of EIB (Execute Interface Block)?



Every mission incorporates one EIB.

During the execution of the mission, the EIB exists.

All applications which might be part of the mission stocks a commonplace EIB.

EIB fields can be accessed by COBOL application through study mode.

CICS translator will allocate the EIB blocks inside the linkage region of this system.

Q19. How a CICS Transaction be initiated?

Ans: Involving CICS Control applications and Control tables. A. Trans-id entered in terminal b. TCP with TCT acknowledges incoming records c. SCP acquires the storage for the Terminal Input-Output Area (TIOA) d. KCP prepares manipulate facts for this project e.KCP, through PCT, tries to discover the application program related to the Trans-identification. F. If PPT access of the software program does not show the resident cope with of this system, KCP passes control to PCP, which fetches the utility program from the load library and places it into the main storage. G. KCP passes manipulate to the application program. H. Application software begins its processing

Q20. What happens whilst a CICS command consists of the NOHANDLE option?

Ans: No action is going to be taken for any first-rate conditional going on at some stage in the execution of this command. The bizarre situation that befell will be omitted despite the fact that an EXEC CICS HANDLE condition exist. It has the identical impact as the EXEC CICS IGNORE situation besides that it'll now not cancel the previous HANDLE CONDITION for some other command.