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CATIA V5 Interview Questions and Answers


CATIA V5 Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is CATIA V5?

Ans: CATIA (Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application ) is a multi-platform software suite for pc-aided layout (CAD), computer-aided production (CAM), pc-aided engineering (CAE), PLM and 3D, advanced with the aid of the French company Dassault Systèmes.

Q2. What is the difference among Autocad and Catia?

Ans: AutoCAD is a commercial laptop aided layout and drafting software application. It was advanced by using Autodesk. It may be used for each 2D and three-D designing. Autocad is said to have best drafting capabilities. Whereas CATIA ,an acronym of pc aided 3-dimensional interactive application.

Q3. What is the store extension of sketcher file?

Ans: CATPart

Q4. Which is the device used to exit from sketcher workbench to element design workbench?

Ans: Exit sketcher.

Q5. What is placed cartoon?

Ans: You can can orient a sketch aircraft consistent with your requirement then you could cartoon its located cartoon.

Q6. What is caricature evaluation?

Ans: Sketch analysis is used to check the profile is open or near, and to convert some profiles in to Reference factors and to delete. And extensively utilized to test the comic strip is restrained or not.

Q7. What is SHOW/HIDE alternative?

Ans: Show mode allow us to peer all the components presently opened and in Hidemode we canhide the preferred factors from the view for time being.

Q8. What are the default gadgets of LMT (Length, Mass and Time)?

Ans: mm, Kg, Second.

Q9. How many dimensions are required to constrain the ellipse?

Ans: Three dimensions are required specifically principal axis, minor axis and the gap from the origin.

Q10 . What are one-of-a-kind conic sections?

Ans: Ellipse, Hyperbola and Parabola.

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Q11. What is RHO price for ellipse, Parabola and hyperbola?

Ans: Parabola has RHO values of 0.5, Ellipse has RHO price among 0 & 0.Five and Hyperbola has RHO value b/w 0.Five &1.0.

Q12. What is the feature of replicate command in caricature?

Ans: Mirror command in comic strip will create a duplicate of the comic strip about a reference plane.

Q13. If I donor need the relation b/w original and reflected factors what have to I do?

Ans: Explore and the relation b/w the original and mirror element doesn’t exit.

Q14. What is the usage of isolate in sketcher workbench?

Ans: Isolated is used whilst three-D geometry is projected directly to a sketch in order to be modified and used as part of the comic strip’s profile.

Q15. What is NURBS?

Ans: Nurbs are the sort of curves.

Q16. How many types of Co-ordinate systems are there?

Ans: Three namely Cartesian, Polar and Spherical co-ordinate system.

Q17. How many stages of freedom are there for points, strains, circles & ellipse in 2dimensions?

Ans: Degree of freedom for factors & ellipse is 2 for circles it's far three & for ellipse it's far 5 in two dimensions.

Q18. What is the which means of imply measurement?

Ans: Mean size is the dimension that ought to be imply of all the dimensions, which are tolerance.

Q19. How many varieties of surroundings are to be had to start CATIA?


From laptop (motif)

From console (dterm)

Q20. What are undertaking three-D silhouette edges?

Ans: Project 3D silhouette edges in sketcher will shows a way to create silhouette edges to be used in as geometry or reference factors.

Q21. What is SKETCH TOOLS in sketcher work bench & Explain the Importantance of it?

Ans: SKETCH TOOLS in sketcher workbench are the commands, which discover very use in developing sketches. SKETCH TOOLS are namely geometric and dimensional constraints, creation factors/preferred elements and Grid alternative. They play very important function in sketching, whenever we need to constrain a cartoon we use these alternatives and if we want to transform any detail into a production element once more those alternatives come into photograph.

Q22. What is the usage of Cut Part with the aid of Sketch Plane?

Ans: This undertaking shows the way to make a few edges visible. In other words, we are going to simplify the cartoon aircraft by way of hiding the portion of the cloth that isn't wanted for sketching.

Q23. How do you degree arc duration?

Ans: We can measure arc length via the usage of MEASURE ITEM command. Sometimes we want to personalize the option for arc length if it isn't always checked earlier using customization in MEASURE ITEM command.

Q24. What is the meaning of true dimension?

Ans: True measurement is the size favored after the machining. In different words, that is the value that need to be attained after the machining.

Q25. What do you imply through ISO-Constraints?

Ans: If all of the degrees of freedom of geometry have been takes up by a consistent aggregate of dimensions & constant geometry. That geometry is stated to be ISO-CONSTRAINED. Geometry that also has some ranges of freedom is stated to be UNDER restrained.