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Cash Flow Management Interview Questions and Answers


Cash Flow Management Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Cash Flow Management?

Ans: Cash management refers to a huge vicinity of finance regarding the gathering, dealing with, and utilization of coins. It involves assessing marketplace liquidity, cash go with the flow, and investments.


At its handiest, coins flow management way delaying outlays of cash as long as feasible whilst encouraging absolutely everyone who owes you cash to pay it as hastily as viable.

Q2. How can I boom effective coins flow?

Ans: Your cash reserves stay low because of residual outcomes from the beyond yr and the efforts to stabilize shifting forward. Many clients are actually conversant in paying overdue (if in any respect), so you’ve had less cash coming in. How can you generate extra high-quality cash flow and preserve it for the long time?

Much relies upon for your inner collection efforts. Do you consciousness on the bills that are 30 to 60 days late, or those ninety to 120 days (and extra) overdue? Age is the greatest deteriorating component within the collectability of a debt. So if you’re placing your internal electricity and dollars into pursuing bills over ninety days, the 30-to-60-day sluggish-pays are becoming much less collectable by way of the instant. And you’re in a vicious cycle. The key's seasoned-pastime:

Call sluggish-will pay right now after due date. Reopen the traces of conversation to remind clients in their duty. Identify any service issues and clear up billing disputes. •

Make charge preparations. Process complete payment over the cellphone or installation a fee plan. If you don’t try to get partial fee, the ones dollars might not be to be had subsequent month. •

Call habitually sluggish-paying customers first. You already realize it’s now not a provider difficulty — they’re just gradual to pay. Keep on top of those bills. •

Review ageing reports weekly. Make sure you understand precisely wherein money owed are falling within the delinquency cycle so you can prioritize your inner efforts. •

Q3. How can I get customers to pay on time?

Ans: The load-to-load mentality has developed over many years. Historically, propane marketers allowed nonpayment until customers wanted their subsequent tank of fuel. At one time, they may nevertheless recognise a first rate profit within this loose fee shape — however not in nowadays’s financial system.

There is no fee flexibility when it comes to clients’ electric, phone, cable, and other application bills. So they’ve learned to prioritize and pay those on time. The aim is to trade the load-to-load mentality and help clients view their gas invoice as a utility invoice. You can’t pressure well timed charge, but you could inspire a trade in payment conduct:

Send invoices on time. Timely submission we could clients recognize that you assume the equal. •

Identify credit phrases. Your invoice should be correct and easy to study, and it have to prominently nation your credit terms so there’s no room for confusion. •

Create a feel of urgency. Clearly country the due date in no uncertain terms. The phrase “Due Oct. 30, 2015” is a ways extra impactful than “Payable in 30 days.” •

Emphasize advantages of prompt payment. Remind clients that timeliness is the key to retaining a good credit score score and warding off a credit preserve. •

Q4.  How do I keep customers and maintain the ones relationships?

Ans: Customers who advanced slow/no pay buying behavior in 2013/2014 have a desire for the months in advance: Do I pay my high-quality bill plus the cost of some other tank of fuel, or do I go some place else and simply pay for my new supply?

That load-to-load mentality ends in attrition. So does the strain positioned on relationships with customers who were as soon as in good standing but had problems throughout the 2013-2014 iciness. At the identical time, your competitor’s loss for these reasons could end up your benefit. And while new clients appear to be a blessing, in the event that they’re the result of attrition someplace else, they might without a doubt be a liability. The high-quality route of motion is patron training and communique:

Maximize income possibilities even as minimizing dangers. Pull credit reviews on new clients. Determine to whom you’ll amplify credit score and what sort of (for instance, confined credit based on their credit record, gather on delivery, or full credit). •

Revamp your credit policy and techniques. Make sure your policies resource well timed charge and patron retention. For instance, if you region a debtor on COD once he in the end will pay, you’re encouraging him to go to a competitor who will promote him fuel on credit score. The most effective approach is to educate customers approximately paying on time — no longer chase them to the competition. •

Say thanks to customers for their enterprise. Create an incentive for early orders or payment. Request comments and respond. •

Q5.  How do I reduce the weight on my inner body of workers?

Ans: As you take steps to accurate your gradual-pay and useless bills, you may hold to stand challenges for your overworked body of workers individuals. The purpose isn't to increase their workload, however to create efficiencies that ensure maximum fee for their efforts:

Maintain right patron records. Pull credit score reviews and get contact information from every new patron so you don’t waste time chasing it down whilst you need it. And make certain to update your database with new addresses, smartphone numbers, or names at the account.

Maintain proper account statistics. When you contact a customer, you need to realize greater than simply how a whole lot he owes; you want his price record, records of damaged promises, and so forth. You’ll shop an exponential quantity of time while data is up to date and quite simply to be had.

Make phone calls count. Call on distinct days of the week. Try evenings and weekends when contact is most likely. Use a mobile smartphone or block your corporation’s number to keep away from screening.

Get a commitment. If you may’t comfortable complete price, installation charge terms and get the debtor’s commitment that he will observe via. Specify every due date and price quantity, and input all details into your machine. Make one name that gets effects to keep away from making multiple, time-ingesting, ineffective ones.

Q6.  How do I aid my inner efforts with a 3rd birthday party?

Ans: The key to powerful coins drift management is early intervention. The in advance within the delinquency cycle you ahead an account to a reputable 1/3 birthday party, the higher the recuperation results. And you’ll free up extra of your personnel contributors’ time to do what they do great — carrier your clients. When deciding on a third birthday celebration, a few key issues include whether or not it:

Specializes in the propane enterprise. The corporation is acquainted with your precise challenges and knows how to communicate with your clients. Ask approximately references and endorsements.

Focuses on client retention. You’ve taken steps to ensure positive communique whilst seeking to return money owed to excellent standing. Your third-party useful resource should do the equal.

Works on a fixed-rate foundation. Some firms can rate 33% to 50% contingent prices, which makes early placement fee-prohibitive and any recoveries nominal.

Offers comprehensive services. Does the corporation carry out courtesy calls, first-birthday celebration billing, and 0.33-birthday party collections? The more your associate can do to your behalf, the much less the weight in your internal group of workers.

Guarantees results. Most enterprise owners wait to have interaction a 3rd celebration to avoid throwing exact cash after bad. If you work with a hard and fast-charge primarily based carrier that guarantees effects, you may get a substantial go back to your funding.

Q7. If you are unable to at ease credit and credit has been reduce or credit lines have been closed, how do you hold the doors open in your business?

Ans: You will want to sell the stock which you have and pay coins for all inventory and offerings that you need till you could increase your credit again. Managing your money along with your coins drift chart will help so that you are aware of all charges. Cutting prices and growing sales is constantly the purpose.

Q8. How critical is it for begin-united statesto calculate their wreck-even point and what is the easiest manner for a non-economic person to do it?

Ans: Create a easy spreadsheet that lists all the profits from income each day, week, month and yr and all the charges that the organisation has to pay out. (SBA.Gov has more information in this subject matter here: Breakeven Analysis.) There are templates on line that you can use; for instance, SCORE offers a unfastened Breakeven Chart that you can use.

Q9. I have a tough time getting customers to pay on time. If they don’t pay on time, I even have a hard time meeting our prices. Any hints on the way to receives a commission quicker?

Ans: You can provide a discount for COD (cash on delivery) or net 10 days; it could be 2% off for paying extra quick. Otherwise, the handiest manner to receives a commission quicker is to call weekly and remind your customer that cash is due and provide to take a rate card over the smartphone. (For more guidelines, take a look at out those blogs: Tips for Collecting from Non-Paying Clients and How to Get Paid Faster With a Better Invoicing Process.

Q10: I am within the technique of starting a coffee save. How a good deal stock have to I buy for startup in order that I do not overbuy?

Ans: With your monetary projections, you may bet approximately how a good deal you will be selling. Buy as low as possible to start—however make sure that you can get a quick delivery, as you never ever want to run out of some thing. This is some thing that you'll analyze as you are in enterprise.

Q11: Is there a set percentage to mark up the charges for products? Also, if I can get a discount from a seller for getting a better volume, do I sell it at a discount or have to I promote it at the charge I had earlier than the discount?

Ans: A mark-up can vary depending in your overhead expenses. Higher overhead would require a higher mark-up. Always sell your merchandise for as an awful lot as the marketplace will endure. If there may be a better perceived price, people pays more. The discount from the vendor manner greater income for your pocket.

Q12. What alternatives do micro agencies (mother & pop) size have in obtaining periodic help needed with small loans to assist with cash waft?

Ans: A line of credit score is the easiest manner to have money to be had as wanted. You would have a restrict and use it as wanted and pay most effective for what you use. If you aren't able to get a line of credit, you want to make sure that your sales growth to create cash drift. Give your clients incentives to shop for more or provide reductions.

Q13. At what factor should you don't forget using a collection company that will help you accumulate on past due receivables?

Ans: Collection businesses take 30%, so try to acquire for your personal with the aid of calling and providing credit score terms or returns or credit score card price. If the employer does no longer have the cash, you may no longer be getting paid so your best wish is to take lower back the products if you can.

Q14. What is the components to determine how an awful lot cash reserves a enterprise need to keep?

Ans: Always have sufficient cash reserves to cowl your slow months in commercial enterprise. You ought to be secure if you may have 3-6 months or greater to cowl all unknown or variable fees that could come up. Always recall growing your sales and moving your stock as quick as you may.

Q15. What is the cash waft forecast?

Ans. A coins glide forecast is an estimate of the amount of cash you count on to drift inside and outside of your enterprise and includes all your projected earnings and costs. Aforecast usually covers the following one year, but it could additionally cowl a short-term period which includes a week or month.

Q16. What is the cash plan?

Ans: Along with coping with stock, better cash control is key to lowering operating capital. As a result, being able to correctly forecast internet cash flows and quickly model distinct situations, which include how fast to pursue increase tasks while not having to resort to external funding, is a top priority for CFOs.

Q17. How do you enhance coins drift?

Ans: If you want to enhance coins flow, think about enforcing some of the subsequent strategies.

Lease, Don't Buy.

Offer Discounts on Loans.

Conduct Credit Checks on Customers.

Form a Buying Cooperative.

Improve Your Inventory.

Send Invoices Out Immediately.

Use Electronic Payments.

Pay Suppliers Less.

Open a High-Interest Savings Account.

Increase Pricing.

Q18. How do you control your enterprise?

Ans: To efficiently delegate obligation and authority in your organisation you must:

Accept the electricity of delegation.

Know the abilties of subordinates.

Ensure that precise schooling is available.

Select precise duties to be delegated.

Clearly define the volume and limits of delegation.

Q19. What are the enterprise abilities?

Ans: The greatest human beings in commercial enterprise have sure attributes in not unusual. Several non-public features are vital, like a thirst for continuous education, personal force and motivation, sturdy desires and ambition, clean vision, and usually a incredible deal of ardour.

Q20. What is the distinction between the direct technique and the oblique approach for the announcement of coins flows?

Ans: The primary difference among the direct technique and the indirect approach entails the coins flows from operating activities, the primary section of the statement of cash flows. (There is no distinction in the coins flows stated in the investing and financing activities sections.)Under the direct approach, the cash flows from operating sports will consist of the quantities for lines which includes coins from clients and coins paid to suppliers. In assessment, the oblique method will show net profits followed by using the modifications needed to convert the whole internet profits to the coins amount from working sports.

The direct method ought to also provide a reconciliation of net profits to the coins provided by means of working activities. (This is performed mechanically under the indirect approach.)

Nearly all groups put together the announcement of cash flows the usage of the indirect method.

Q21. Is the direct method nonetheless used in the assertion of cash flows?

Ans: The direct method of making ready the announcement of cash flows is usually recommended by using the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). However, the direct technique is rarely used.

Recent versions of Accounting Trends & Techniques posted via the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants surveyed 500 annual reviews and located that much less than 10 used the direct technique, whilst more than 490 used the oblique method. 

Q22. What is a cash cow?

Ans: A coins cow is often a worthwhile service or product that dominates a marketplace and generates a long way greater cash than is wanted to preserve its marketplace position. Companies may additionally use the money from the coins cow to expand new products or to acquire other organizations.The term cash cow is likewise used to describe a division or section of a organisation that constantly generates big quantities of extra coins.

Q23. Where is interest on a word payable said on the cash glide declaration?

Ans: The interest paid on a notice payable is included within the first section of the cash float assertion entitled coins flows from operating activities.

If a company reports its cash flows from operating sports with the aid of the usage of the indirect technique, the hobby expense for the period is blanketed inside the corporation's internet profits or internet income. The interest cost will be adjusted to a coins amount thru the adjustments to the operating capital amounts, which can be additionally suggested as a part of the working sports. In addition, the actual quantity of hobby paid need to be disclosed.

If the coins drift statement, or announcement of cash flows, is ready using the direct technique, the amount of interest paid must seem as a separate line inside the cash flows from running sports.

The coins payments and coins receipts of primary on a word payable are reported inside the financing sports section of the coins glide announcement.

Q24. Why is the Cash Flow Statement diagnosed as one of the financial statements?

Ans: The Cash Flow Statement or Statement of Cash Flows is needed as part of a complete set of financial statements due to the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 95, Statement of Cash Flows.

Q25. If a organization issues shares or bonds to pay super debt, must this noncash transaction be blanketed in the cash go with the flow statement?

Ans: If a company issues stocks or bonds for cash after which can pay off the debt, the transaction is said in the financing section of the assertion of coins flows.If the transaction is a right away conversion o

Q26. Where can I find a sample of a coins go with the flow declaration?

F debt to fairness (stocks of stock) or debt to bonds and no coins receipts or coins payments occur, the transaction is to be disclosed as supplementary data.

Ans: A coins float assertion or assertion of cash flows should be presented with a U.S. Organization's annual economic statements.

If a agency's stock is publicly traded, the announcement of cash flows will be blanketed in its annual file to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Q27. What is petty coins?

Ans: Petty cash is a small sum of money available this is used for paying small amounts owed, in preference to writing a check. Petty coins is also known as a petty coins fund. The character responsible for the petty coins is referred to as the petty cash custodian.

Some examples for the use of petty coins consist of the subsequent: paying the postal carrier the 17 cents due on a letter being delivered, reimbursing an worker $9 for elements bought, or paying $14 for bakery goods delivered for a corporation's early morning meeting.

The quantity in a petty coins fund will vary through company. For a few, $50 is ok. For others, the amount inside the petty coins fund will need to be $200.

When the cash within the petty coins fund is low, the petty cash custodian requests a take a look at to be cashed with the intention to fill up the cash that has been paid out.

Q28. What are internet incremental coins flows?

Ans: Net incremental coins flows are the mixture of the cash inflows and the cash outflows going on within the same term, and between  alternatives. For example, a enterprise ought to use the internet incremental coins flows to determine whether or not to put money into new, more efficient equipment or to hold its current gadget.

Net incremental cash flows are necessary for calculating an investment's:

net present price

internal charge of go back

payback length

To illustrate net incremental coins flows allow's assume that Your Corporation has the opportunity to purchase a product line from Divesting Company for a unmarried coins price of $800,000. Your Corporation expects that the product line will result in the subsequent cash flows happening in each yr for 10 years:

additional coins receipts or cash inflows of $900,000 (from the collection of bills receivable associated with product sales)

additional cash payments or cash outflows of $750,000 (for bills related to the product line's costs and charges)

These coins flows imply that the internet incremental cash flows are expected to be a advantageous $one hundred fifty,000 in step with 12 months for 10 years, or that there may be net incremental cash inflows of $a hundred and fifty,000 per yr for 10 years.

Q29. What is a petty coins voucher?

Ans: A petty coins voucher is often a small shape that is used to report a disbursement (payment) from a petty cash fund. Petty coins vouchers are also referred to as petty coins receipts and may be bought from office deliver stores.

The petty coins voucher must offer area for the date, amount dispensed, name of individual receiving the money, reason for the disbursement, popular ledger account to be charged, and the initials of the person disbursing the cash from the petty coins fund. Some petty coins vouchers are prenumbered and every so often a number of is assigned for reference and control. Receipts or different documentation justifying the disbursement need to be attached to the petty coins voucher.

When the petty coins fund is replenished, the completed petty coins vouchers provide the documentation for the replenishment take a look at.

Q30. What is the difference between Present Value (PV) and Net Present Value (NPV)?

Ans: Present price is the result of discounting future quantities to the prevailing. For example, a coins amount of $10,000 received at the end of 5 years will have a gift cost of $6,210 if the destiny amount is discounted at 10% compounded annually.

Net gift price is the prevailing value of the cash inflows minus the existing fee of the cash outflows. For example, permit's expect that an investment of $5,000 nowadays will result in one coins receipt of $10,000 on the quit of 5 years. If the investor requires a 10% annual return compounded annually, the internet gift price of the investment is $1,210. This is the result of the present fee of the cash inflow $6,210 (from above) minus the prevailing value of the $5,000 cash outflow. (Since the $five,000 cash outflow happened at the prevailing time, its present value is $5,000.)