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Capgemini Interview Questions - Jul 14, 2022


Capgemini Interview Questions

Capgemini Technical Interview Questions For Freshers.

Q1. What are one of a kind storage class specifiers in C?

Q2. When have to we use suggestions in a C program?

Q3. What is a Dangling pointer?

Q4. What is the NULL pointer? 

Q5. What are local static variables? What is their use?

Q6. What are static functions? What is their use?

Q7.What are predominant traits of C language?

Q8. What is the distinction among array and pointer?

Q9. What is distinction among i++ and ++i?

Q10. What does SQL stand for?

Q11. With SQL, how do you pick out a column named “FirstName” from a table named “Persons”?

Q12. Which SQL announcement is used to return only different values?

Q13. With SQL, how will you insert a brand new report into the “Persons” desk?

Q14. With SQL, how can you return the variety of data inside the “Persons” desk?

Q15. Which SQL assertion is used to extract information from a database?

Q16. Which SQL assertion is used to replace records in a database?

Q17. Which SQL announcement is used to delete data from a database?

Q18. Which SQL statement is used to insert new information in a database?

Q19. Which SQL keyword is used to sort the end result-set?

Q20. What do you imply by way of platform independence?

Q21. Why there is no idea of world variables in Java?

Q22. What is the maximum essential feature of Java?

Q23. What is the difference between at the same time as and do while statement?

Q24. What is the distinction among a JDK and a JVM?

Q25. What is a pointer and does Java assist hints?

Q26. What is a package deal?


Capgemini  Technical Interview Questions For Experienced Candidates

Q1. Which fee we can't assign to reference?

Q2. Which reference modifier is used to outline reference variable?

Q3. What is the position of a static key-word on class member variable?

Q4. What operators are used to accessing the elegance participants?

Q5. What is feature overloading?

Q6. Name the default standard streams in C++.

Q7. When a class member is described outdoor the magnificence, which operator is used to accomplice the feature definition to a particular magnificence?

Q8. What are the differences between references and suggestions?

Q9. What are virtual capabilities? Write an instance? 

Q10. Name some of the JavaScript functions.

Q11. How can you create an Object in JavaScript?

Q12. Is JavaScript a case-sensitive language?

Q13. What are the benefits of using JavaScript?

Q14. What are risks of using JavaScript?

Q15. How can you create an Array in JavaScript?

Q16. Can you assign an nameless feature to a variable?

Q17. Give an instance of closure?

Q18. What typeof returns for a null cost?

Q19. Can you get admission to Cookie the use of javascript?

Q20. How to address exceptions in JavaScript?

Q21. What is the MAIN gain of designing exams early in the life cycle?

Q22. What is the KEY difference between preventative and reactive approaches to checking out?

Q23. What is beta checking out?

Q24. What is the distinction between Testing Techniques and Testing Tools?

Q25. What are the advantages of Independent Testing?

Q26. What is functional device testing?

Q27. What is random/monkey checking out? When it's far used?

Q28. What are the phases of a proper evaluation?

Q29. Testing interest that is finished to reveal defects within the interfaces and in the interaction among incorporated additives is?

Capgemini HR Interview Questions For Freshers.

Here a number of the HR Interview Questions requested for Freshers Candidates.

Q1. Tell me approximately yourself.

Q2. What might be the first you'll do if you will see a person getting fired?

Q3. How you'll sense in case you get rejected from right here?

Q4. What is the primary factor you may do after going out?

Q5. How many stairs you climbed whilst coming for this interview?

Q6. Why you haven’t selected any other task as a final 12 months undertaking?

Q7. Have you copied the undertaking or did it to your personal?

Q8. Why ought to we lease you on Capgemini?

Q9. Why do you want to paintings with Capgemini?

Capgemini HR Interview Questions For Experienced Candidates

Q1. Tell us some thing approximately your modern task.

Q2. What are your ideal locations to work?

Q3. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Q4. What are your interests and pursuits?

Q5. What makes the news nowadays?

Q6. How tons earnings are you expecting?

Q7. Why do you leave your ultimate activity?