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Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers


Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework option when it comes to managing responsive, cellular-first front-give up internet improvement. Moreover, it's miles loose and open-supply.

Launched in 2011, Bootstrap has all of the CSS and JS-primarily based design templates that one requires for building buttons, bureaucracy, navigation, typography, and different interface additives.

Top Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers

There is a pretty correct threat of a web improvement process interview to function Bootstrap-primarily based questions. So, you want to keep up your Bootstrap coaching to grab the role. To assist you with the purpose, here are top Bootstrap interview questions with answers:

Question: What do you mean through the Bootstrap Grid System?

Answer: The Bootstrap Grid System is a responsive, mobile-first gadget that scales as much as 12 columns as consistent with the increase inside the tool or viewport size. The device functions predefined training for clean format alternatives and effective blend-ins for producing effectively semantic layouts.

Question: Please provide an explanation for Normalize in Bootstrap.

Answer: For establishing move-browser consistency, Bootstrap makes use of Normalize. It is a small CSS document capable of offering better move-browser consistency in the default styling of HTML elements. Also, Normalize.Css is an HTML5-equipped and cutting-edge opportunity to CSS resets.

Question: Can you enumerate the numerous lists supported by Bootstrap?

Answer: Following are the three varieties of lists supported through Bootstrap:

Definition Lists – This form of list allows each list object to have both the <dt> and the <dd> factors. The <dt> denotes definition time period, that is the time period or word being defined. The <dd> detail incorporates the definition for the <dt> element.

Ordered Lists – This form of listing follows some kind of sequential order. Also, it is prefaced through numbers.

Unordered Lists – Traditionally styled with bullets, an unordered list doesn’t observe any particular order. Using the .Listing-unstyled elegance permits disposing of the bullets styling from the unordered listing. For setting all listing items on a unmarried line, the .Listing-inline elegance can be used.

Question: What do you suggest by means of Glyphicons? How do you operate them?

Answer: Glyphicons are icon fonts which are used in internet initiatives. Although Glyphicons Halflings aren’t unfastened and require licensing in wellknown, they're available free of value for Bootstrap tasks. Add the subsequent code anywhere you want to use the Glyphicons:

<span class = “glyphicon glyphicon-search”></span>

Note: - For proper padding, it is recommended to leave a area between the icon and the text.

Question: Could you provide an explanation for the way to use the Dropdown plugin in Bootstrap?

Answer: There are 3 approaches of toggling the dropdown plugin’s hidden content in Bootstrap:

With records attributes – Add data-toggle = “dropdown” to a few button or link to toggle a dropdown. For example,

<div class = "dropdown">
<a data-toggle = "dropdown" href = "#">Dropdown trigger</a>
<ul class = "dropdown-menu" role = "menu" aria-labelledby = "dLabel">

With JavaScript – Following method is used for calling the dropdown toggle via JS:


Using information-target attribute in area of href=“#” – If the web browser isn’t allowing JavaScript, then it is better to preserve links intact. For this, the information-target characteristic is favored over href=“#”. For example,

<div class = "dropdown">
<a id = "dLabel" role = "button" data-toggle = "dropdown" data-target = "#" href = "/somepage.html">
<span class = "caret"></span>
<ul class = "dropdown-menu" role = "menu" aria-labelledby = "dLabel">

Question: Please offer an evidence of enter groups in Bootstrap.

Answer: Input corporations are truely extended Form Controls in Bootstrap. One can without difficulty append and prepend buttons or textual content to the text-based inputs the usage of the input companies. Appending and prepending content to an enter subject permits adding common elements to the person enter.

You can append or prepend elements to a .Shape-control by way of:

Wrapping it in a <div> detail with the class .Enter-institution

With the equal <div> element, put the extra content material inside a <span> detail with the .Enter-organization-addon elegance

Finally, area the <span> element before or after the <input> element as required

Question: How will you create a tabbed, capsules, and vertical drugs navigation menu in Bootstrap?


For creating a tabbed navigation menu

Start with a primary unordered listing with the .Nav base class

Now, add the .Nav-tabs magnificence

For growing a capsules navigation menu

Start with a fundamental unordered list with the .Nav base magnificence

Now, add the .Nav-capsules magnificence

For creating a vertical capsules navigation menu

Stack the pills vertically the use of the .Nav-stacked class

Now, upload the .Nav and .Nav-drugs lessons

Question: What do you apprehend by the Bootstrap navbar? How will you create one?

Answer: One of the maximum outstanding functions of Bootstrap, a navbar is a responsive ‘meta’ aspect that serves as a navigation header for an software or internet site. There may be several navbars in an application or internet site.

In cellular perspectives, a navbar collapses and becomes horizontal whilst the to be had viewport width will increase. The navbar includes styling for fundamental navigation and placement names. Here is the way to create a navbar in Bootstrap:

Add the .Navbar and .Navbar-default classes to the <nav> tag

Next, add position = “navigation” to the <nav> element

Now, upload .Navbar-header, a header magnificence, to the <div> element. For making the text slightly larger, encompass an <a> element with the navbar-emblem elegance

Add an unordered list with .Nav and .Navbar-nav classes for including hyperlinks to the Bootstrap navbar

Question: Can you give an explanation for Bootstrap breadcrumb?

Answer: A Bootstrap breadcrumb is a great way to show hierarchy-primarily based facts for a internet site. Simply, it's miles an unordered list with a .Breadcrumb class. CSS mechanically adds the separator for a Bootstrap breadcrumb.

In blogs, the breadcrumb can display classes, publishing dates, or tags. It shows the prevailing page’s vicinity inside a navigational hierarchy.

Question: How do you create and customise thumbnails in Bootstrap?

Answer: For developing thumbnails the use of Bootstrap, add a <a> tag with .Thumbnail magnificence around an photo. It will add 4 pixels of padding as well as a grey border. When hovered, an animated glow outlines the image.

You can upload any sort of HTML content, together with buttons, headings, or paragraphs, into thumbnails. This is the way to customise thumbnails the use of Bootstrap:

Change the <a> tag with .Thumbnail elegance to a <div> tag

Add anything which you want within the <div> tag. You can use the default span-based naming convention for sizing

Note: - If you desire to institution a couple of photographs then region them in an unordered list. Each list object could be floated to the left.

Question: Please give an explanation for Bootstrap indicators. Also, tell how you will create a Bootstrap Dismissal Alert.

Answer: Used for styling messages to the user, Bootstrap Alerts provide contextual feedback messages for standard consumer actions. To create a Bootstrap Dismissal Alert:

Create a wrapper <div> and upload a .Alert class and one of the 4 contextual instructions, particularly .Alert-threat, .Alert-information, .Alert-success, and .Alert-warning, for adding a simple alert

Add the optional .Alert-dismissable elegance to the <div>

Next, add a close button

Finally, use the <button> element with the statistics-dismiss = “alert” information characteristic

Question: Can you explain how to create an alternate and a striped progress bar using Bootstrap?

Answer: For growing a progress bar with diverse patterns:

Add a <div> with a .Progress class

Inside the <div>, add an empty <div> with a .Progress-bar class and a development-bar-* class (* may be hazard, data, success, or warning)

Lastly, add a style attribute with the width expressed as a percentage. E.G., style = “eighty%”

For creating a striped progress bar:

Add a <div> with .Progress and .Progress-striped instructions

Inside the <div>, add an empty <div> with a .Development-bar elegance and progress-bar-* class, in which * may be any of the hazard, data, achievement, or caution

Now, add a fashion characteristic with the width being expressed as a percentage, E.G., style = “70%”

Question: What do you understand by using Bootstrap media objects?

Answer: Bootstrap media gadgets are abstract item patterns for building one of a kind styles of additives, which include blog comments and Tweets, which feature both a left-aligned or proper-aligned photo and textual content.

The most important purpose of a Bootstrap media object is to make code required for growing blocks of facts exceptionally smaller. In order to gain easy extensibility, light-weight markup, and different desirable aspects, classes are implemented to some of the simple markups.

Question: What functions do the .Media and .Useful classes serve in Bootstrap?

Answer: The .Media magnificence allows a media item, inclusive of audio, images, or video, to go with the flow to the left or proper of a content block. For including article lists or remark threads to an unordered list, we use the .Useful magnificence.

Question: Do you know what Bootstrap panels are? Also, provide an explanation for how to create a Bootstrap panel with a heading.

Answer: Bootstrap panel additives are used for placing your DOM factor in a field. To get a simple panel, without a doubt upload .Panel and .Panel-default instructions to the <div> element. There are  ways of adding panel heading to a Bootstrap panel:

Use any of the <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, or <h6> tags with a .Panel-title elegance (Adds a pre-styled heading)

Use the .Panel-heading class (Adds a heading field to the panel)

Question: Can you explain the cause of the Scrollspy plugin?

Answer: Using the Scrollspy plugin in Bootstrap lets in you to goal certain sections of the page primarily based on the scroll role. Thereafter, you could add .Energetic training, primarily based on the scroll function, to the Bootstrap navbar.

Question: Please enumerate the various contextual lessons to be had for styling the panels in Bootstrap.

Answer: Various contextual lessons used in Bootstrap for styling the panels, i.E. Making them greater significant, are:



.Panel-number one



Question: Is it possible to position a table in the Bootstrap panel?

Answer: Yes, it's far possible to place a table inside a Bootstrap panel. Use the .Desk class inside a panel to get a non-bordered table inside the identical.

Note: - If there is an <div> detail containing .Panel-frame class then we need to feature an additional border to the pinnacle of the table for truely described separation. In case there may be no <div> detail containing the aforementioned elegance then the element actions from the panel header to the table with none troubles.

Question: What do you suggest with the aid of Bootstrap properly?

Answer: In order to make the content appear sunken or including an inset effect to a web site, we use the Bootstrap properly. In actuality, it's miles a field in <div>.

In order to create a Bootstrap well, sincerely wrap the whole content that you want to seem inside the Bootstrap nicely with a <div> containing the .Properly magnificence.

Question: Why can we use the affix plugin in Bootstrap?

Answer: We use the affix plugin in Bootstrap for affixing a <div> to some positive location on a website. The plugin additionally allows toggling pinning on and stale for the affixed <div>. Social icons are the most famous instance of the usage of the affix plugin in Bootstrap.

Note: - The affixed <div> starts from a specific region at the web site and scrolls with it. However, after a positive mark, it will likely be locked in vicinity, therefore stopping scrolling with the relaxation of the website.

Question: What is the want of Bootstrap?

Answer: Bootstrap acts as a front-quit framework that helps the improvement of various kinds of net applications such as HTML, JS, and CSS.

Question: What is the benefit of Bootstrap?

Answer: It helps in developing exceptionally responsive, brief, and clean to apply format. The foremost advantage of Bootstrap is observed whilst growing mobile programs which have design templates. These templates help in developing UI, together with alert tab, dropdown, forms, and so on.

Question: What are the key additives of Bootstrap? Explain?

Answer: The key additives of Bootstrap include the following:

Scaffolding: It supports the grid system, styles, and backgrounds of diverse sorts.

CSS: It offers CSS files for developing net programs.

Customize: It supports the development of customizing the framework.

JS Plugins: It includes JS and JQuery plugins required in the net designing and alertness method.

Question: What is a Bootstrap field?

Answer: A Bootstrap container includes HTML code that may be placed for making them a pretty responsive and rapid web software.

Question: Define types of format in Bootstrap? Explain?

Answer: There are  sorts of format in Bootstrap consist of constant design and fluid layout. The fluid format helps in developing a full-width display that adjusts with the browser size. The fixed format, then again, can't adjust itself as in step with the browser display screen and has a set format of 940 px.

Question: Can we show code in Bootstrap? How?

Answer: Yes, we are able to display code in Bootstrap. It may be displayed using tags together with <code> tag and <pre> tag. The <code> tag can help in showing the code inline while the <pre> tag can help in displaying code with one-of-a-kind lines.

Question: Define Bootstrap signals?

Answer: Bootstrap signals are meant to create alert messages by means of adding styles and making them appearance attractive enough to seize the attention of the viewer.

Question: Define Bootstrap thumbnails?

Answer: Bootstrap thumbnails help using the layout photographs, text, motion pictures, and different capabilities in a grid machine. This manner, we can upload numerous thumbnails thru tags across the image.

Question: What will take place if we add many tags with the magnificence of thumbnails across the picture?

Answer: This will result in creating four pixels of padding and additionally expand a grey border.

Question: What are the labels in Bootstrap?

Answer: The Labels in Bootstrap are used for presenting pointers, counts, and different records that might assist in marking up the web page.

Question: What is the gain of Jumbotron in Bootstrap?

Answer: Jumbotron in Bootstrap can be used for increasing the dimensions of heading and increase margins on the landing page.

Question: What is normalized in Bootstrap?

Answer: Normalized in Bootstrap is a small CSS document. It is used to create go-browser consistency.

Question: Define panels in Bootstrap?

Answer: Panels in Bootstrap are specific components that may be positioned into the DOM aspect in a box with the reason of retrieving fundamental panel using the elegance.Panel as the <div> element.

Question: What is a grid machine in Bootstrap?

Answer: A grid system in Bootstrap helps in making as much as 12 columns throughout a website. This manner, it enables in placing the contents of the website in exceptional columns, which can be used as headings or subheadings.

Question: Are there grid instructions in Bootstrap?

Answer: Yes, there are 4 grid training within the Bootstrap. These consist of xs, sm, md, and lg.

Question: What is the feature of the xs grid elegance?

Answer: The xs grid elegance is used for screens of cell telephones, which can be lesser than 786 px huge.

Question: What is the feature of the sm grid class?

Answer: The sm grid magnificence is used for the huge pill displays, which might be greater than 786 px extensive.

Question: What is the function of the md grid class?

Answer: The md grid magnificence is used for small laptops display, which is both equal or greater than 992 px extensive.

Question: What is the function of the lg grid class?

Answer: The lg grid class is used for larger monitors of laptops and computers, which might be equal or maybe more than 1200 px extensive.

Question: What is a international style? Are they utilized in Bootstrap?

Answer: Global style stands for the standardized version of font size, line height, and different capabilities that are used and proper at the worldwide platform. They are utilized in Bootstrap for Bootstrap Default Typography.

Question: What is the global style for Bootstrap Default Typography?

Answer: The global fashion for Bootstrap Default Typography includes the subsequent default:

The font size of 14 px

The line-peak of 1.428.

The font style of Helvetica and Arial with sans-serif fallback

All the above-said patterns, length, and peak are required to be used in the body in addition to in paragraphs.

Question: Is there any pre-considered necessary for run Bootstrap properly?

Answer: Yes, there is a pre-requisite of JQuery, that is required to run the Bootstrap properly. It acts as the handiest JavaScript plugins in Bootstrap.

Question: Is there are a difference among Foundation and Bootstrap?

Answer: Yes, there's a distinction among Foundation and Bootstrap. The Foundation helps the SASS processors and is basically used for mobile UI designing purposes. On the other hand, Bootstrap supports the designing of each mobiles in addition to computer internet portals using lesser preprocessors.

Question: Are you aware about the transition plugin in Bootstrap? Why is it used?

Answer: Yes, I am privy to the transition plugin in Boostrap. This is used to offer easy transition outcomes. These encompass fading or even sliding in modals.

Question: What is an Affix plugin, and the way it allows Bootstrap?

Answer: Affix plugin is used as a social icon on a web page. It permits the <div> to get attached to a selected area of the page. It will start at a area, however when the page hits, it actions away and get a block with the <div> in vicinity. This way, it enables in scrolling the rest of the webpage.

Question: What is the scrollspy plugin in Bootstrap?

Answer: Scrollspy plugin in Bootstrap supports vehicle-updating nav plugin alternatives to apply. This facilitates the fetching section of the web page using a scroll position. It can be achieved the use of the .Energetic magnificence, which can be delivered inside the navbar based totally scroll role.

Question: Can we create a Bootstrap panel the usage of heading?

Answer: Yes, we are able to create a Bootstrap panel the use of a heading. It may be carried out in two ways.

First manner: We can employ .Panel-heading elegance with the purpose of adding heading containers within the panel.

Second manner: We can use heading tag as an instance <h1>,<h2>,<h3>,<h4>,<h5> and <h6>with the .Panel-title magnificence. This will assist in giving extra styles to the headings as in step with our desire.

Question: What is a Jumbotron in Bootstrap?

Answer: A Jumbotron in Bootstrap is used for increasing the size of the heading and applying margins for the landing page contents. It may be created using the box in the <div> with the magnificence of .Jumbotron.

Question: Define lead frame replica in Bootstrap?

Answer: A lead frame copy in Bootstrap is used for the addition of various ascents to the paragraph. It can be carried out using the elegance="lead" and will help in enlarging the font size in addition to increasing top.

Question: Do you understand how a navbar works within the Bootstrap?

Answer: Yes, Navbar works with a navigation header for the application or the website. It acts as a important characteristic that allows in growing a tremendously responsive meta element in internet packages. In addition to that, Navbar by no means collapses within the cellular view and will turn out to be horizontal in addition to vertical as the to be had viewport width increases due to the tilting of the mobile telephones.


So, that completes the listing of top Bootstrap Interview Questions and solutions list. I desire you locate them useful in making ready in your upcoming Bootstrap interview.

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