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Apache Solr interview questions


Apache Solr interview questions

Q1. What is Apache Solr?

Ans: It is a standalone complete text search server which applications communicate with using XML and HTTP to index files, or execute searches. It is used to help a rich schema specification that is used to allow for a extensive variety of flexibleness in managing extraordinary file fields, and has an extensive search plugin API for developing custom seek behavior.

Q2. Which report contains configuration for facts directory?

Ans: solrconfig.Xml document incorporates configuration for records directory.

Q3. Which document consists of definition of the sector kinds and fields of documents?

Ans: schema.Xml file carries definition of the sector kinds and fields of files.

Q4. What are the features of Apache Solr?

Ans: The capabilities of apache solr are:

Near actual-time indexing

Standards-based open interfaces like XML, JSON and HTTP

Flexible and adaptable, with XML configuration

Advanced full-text seek

Linearly scalable, car index replication, vehicle failover and recuperation

Comprehensive HTML management interfaces

Q5. What is Apache lucene?

Ans: Apache lucene is a full featured, High performance text seek engine library that's written in java.

Q6. What is request handler?

Ans: When a consumer runs a seek in solr, the search query is processed by using a request handler. It is a solr plugin that defines the common sense for use whilst solr processes a request.

Q7. What is the gain of general query parser?

Ans: The gain of general question parser is that it is used to permit customers to specify very particular queries.

Q8. Explain Faceting?

Ans: It is the association of seek effects into classes based on listed terms.

Q9. What is using discipline kind?

Ans: Field type defines how solr must interpret records in a subject and the way the field can be queried.

Q10. Which information is blanketed in filed kind?

Ans: A area kind consists of 4 forms of statistics:

The name of field kind

Field attributes

An implementation class name

If the sphere type is TextField , a description of the sector evaluation for the field type.

Q11. Define Dynamic Field?

Ans: It is used to allow solr to index fields which you did no longer explicitly define within the schema.

Q12. What is analyzer?

Ans: An Analyzer is used to look at text of fields and generates a token movement.

Q13. What is the usage of tokenizer?

Ans: It is used to break up a movement of textual content into tokens, wherein every token is a sub series of characters in the textual content.

Q14. What is phonetic filter?

Ans: This filter out is used to create tokens the use of one of the phonetic encoding algorithms inside the org.Apache.Commons.Codec.Language bundle.

Q15. What is SolrCloud?

Ans: Apache solr consists of the capacity to installation a cluster of solr servers that combines fault tolerance excessive availability referred to as SolrCloud.

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Q16. What is copying area?

Ans: It is used to explain a way to populate fields with information copied from some other subject.

Q17. What is Highlighting?

Ans: It is used to provide the special data approximately Solr’s highlighting utilities.

Q18. Give the name of different varieties of highlighters?

Ans: There are 3 highlighters:

FastVector Highlighter

Standard Highlighter

Postings Highlighter

Q19. What is the usage of stats.Discipline?

Ans: It is used to generate statistics over the effects of arbitrary numeric functions.

Q20. To see a way to use the bin/solr script which command is used?

Ans: Execute $ bin/solr –helpto see the way to use the bin/solr script.

Q21.Which syntax is used to prevent solr?

Ans: $ bin/solr forestall -p 8983 is used to prevent solr.

Q22. Which command is used to start solr in foreground?

Ans: $ bin/solr begin –f is used to begin solr in foreground.

Q23. To Check if Solr is running which syntax is used?

Ans: $ bin/solr popularity is used to test solr strolling status.

Q24. To begin the server which syntax is used?

Ans: $ bin/solr start is used to begin the server.

Q25. How to shut down apache solr?

Ans: To shut down Solr from the terminal where you released Solr,then click on  Ctrl+C.

Q26. What information is particular with the aid of Schema?

Ans: Schema proclaims:

How to index and seek every area

What forms of fields there are

Which fields are required

Which discipline have to be used because the precise/primary key

Q27. Give the call of fundamental Field types in Solr?

Ans: Basic subject type in solr is:




textual content


Q28. How to install solr?

Ans: It has 3 steps:

Server-associated documents, e.G. Tomcat or start.Jar (Jetty)

Solr webapp as a .Conflict

Solr Home which contains the records directory and configuration documents.

Q29. What are the critical configuration files of solr?

Ans: There are 2 maximum important configuration files of solr:



Q30. What are the most not unusual factors in solrconfig.Xml?

Ans: The maximum not unusual elements in solrconfig.Xml are:

Search additives

Cache parameters

Data listing area

Request handlers