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ABAP Interview Questions and Answers


ABAP Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is SAP ABAP?

Ans: ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), is a fourth-generation programming language, used for development and customization purposes within the SAP software program.SAP ABAP is a excessive stage language that is basically used to broaden agency application for large commercial enterprise and financial organization on SAP platform. Currently placed along with Java, as the main language for SAP application server programming, maximum of the packages are accomplished below the control of the run-time device. This academic explains the important thing principles of SAP ABAP.

Q2. What do you suggest by an ABAP data dictionary?

Ans: ABAP dictionary is one the fine device of ABAP workbench and it's far a relevant repository for facts definitions in SAP system. It is used to save the data definitions, create and preserve user defined types. ABAP Dictionary  offers various tools to edit the SAP screen fields like assigning a area to enter assist (f4). ABAP dictionary is a imperative garage vicinity for the outline in which we are able to create the objects and converting, deleting the objects associated with information base. The predominant item type of ABAP dictionary are-

Database Table



Type Groups



Lock Object

Q3. Explain the difference among pool tables and transparent tables?

Ans: Transparent tables within the dictionary has a one-to-one relation with the desk in database. Its structure corresponds to unmarried database area. Table in the database has the same name as inside the dictionary. Transparent desk holds utility records.

Pooled tables: Pooled tables in the dictionary has a many-to-one relation with the table in database. Table in the database has the one of a kind name as inside the dictionary. Pooled table are stored in table pool at the database level.

Q4. What do you imply by means of BDC (Batch Data Communications) programming?

Ans: BDC stands for batch data verbal exchange and it is a technique using with legacy facts or information loading in to SAP device which is not updated in the SAP structures. For instance, business enterprise makes a decision to conform its structures and tactics to SAP, and installs SAP, it's going to ought to upload a massive volume of information which can be a part of its legacy systems or old systems into the SAP device. This technique is accomplished through SAP BDC (Batch Data Communication). BDC periods, that are additionally called Batch Input Sessions, are used to load legacy statistics into the SAP system and perform relatively repetitive duties that contain in information access. BDC consultation simulates the web access of all statistics, transactions, validations that are blanketed in each transaction.

Q5. What is an Internal Table?

Ans: Internal tables are used to acquire statistics from a set shape for dynamic use in ABAP.  Each line inside the inner desk has the same area shape. The foremost use for inner tables is for storing and formatting information from a database desk inside a application.

Q6. List down the purposeful modules utilized in series in BDC?

Ans: There are the three useful modules which might be utilized in a sequence to perform a data transfer efficiently the usage of BDC programming:

BDC_OPEN_GROUP - Parameters like Name of the client, sessions and consumer name are designated on this useful modules.

BDC_INSERT - It is used to insert the statistics for one transaction right into a session.

BDC_CLOSE_GROUP - This is used to close the batch enter session.

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Q7. What is a foreign key relationship?

Ans: A relationship which can be described between tables and need to be explicitly described at discipline degree. Foreign keys are used to ensure the consistency of data. Data entered must be checked towards current data to make certain that there are now contradiction. While defining overseas key dating cardinality must be distinct. Cardinality mentions what number of based statistics or how referenced statistics are possible.

Q8. What is Smart Forms?

Ans: SAP Smart Forms is used to create and keep bureaucracy for mass printing in SAP Systems.As output medium SAP Smart Forms help a printer, a fax, e mail, or the Internet (by way of the usage of the generated XML output).SAP brought SmartForms in 1998 to conquer the limitations in SAP Scripts. SmartForms are simpler to increase, hold and delivery than SAP Script.

Q9. What is an ABAP/four Query in SAP?

Ans: The ABAP Query utility is used to create reviews no longer already found in SAP gadget. It has been designed for users with very little information of the ABAP programming. ABAP Query gives users a broad variety of methods to outline reviews and create one-of-a-kind kinds of reviews including basic lists, facts, and ranked lists.

The ABAP Query comprises four components:



User Groups

Translation of Query

Q10. What are the components of SAP scripts?

Ans: SAP scripts is a phrase processing device of SAP which has the subsequent additives: Standard text. It is sort of a widespread everyday documents. Layout units. - Layout set includes the subsequent additives: Windows and pages, Paragraph formats, Character codecs. Creating paperwork in the R/3 machine. Every layout set consists of Header, paragraph, and person string. ABAP/4 program.

Q11. When you choose LSMW in SAP?

Ans: When we need to replace medium quantity of statistics we use LSMW. LSMW is also used whilst the person like practical representative has much less programming language.

Q12. How to debug sapscripts ?

Ans: One ought to comply with the subsequent steps to debug sap scripts:

Enter your Form call create it and prompt it,

then click on on Utilities-->activate debugger ..

Go to T-code se38 (ABAP Editor)

Create a program for shape and prompt it,

then Execute the motive force software ..

It'll automatically go to debugging mode.