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How to Write a Resume for a Fresh College Graduate


How to Write a Resume for a Fresh College Graduate

Fresher resume writing tips are searched by recent graduates when they passed out of college and searching for a job. It is an indication that you are ready to start your professional life. It is an opportunity to put your skills and accomplishments to get what you want. So, it important to showcase your skills to get hired by recruiters. The first step is sending an impressive resume across the suitable positions and job roles. Writing an impressive resume is most challenging task for any fresher because of lack of experience. Here are few important resume writing tips for fresh college graduates.

1. Add a professional summary: Adding an objective in the beginning of a resume is common element in freshers resume. The main issue it focusses on what you are expecting from your job and career rather than what you are going to offer in your job. So, add professional summary highlighting the key skills and qualities in a brief manner.

2. Keep the resume length, appropriate: The minimum length expected by the recruiter is minimum 2 pages. So, it is better to add all important things in one page by avoiding anotherpage.

3. Use active verbs and keywords:Use some active keywords like managed, increased, advised, approved, moderated, streamlined, etc. Which will have great impact on recruiters. It will provide an impression that you are detailed, action-oriented, and meticulous in each and every act you do.

4. And you need to add some keywords to pass in application tracking systems and reach recruiters easily.

5. Focus on your education: Ifyou want to add up your educational qualifications then list out the suitable educational qualifications matching with the job description. Make sure that your educational section should include Degrees and Certifications, Thesis or Dissertation Titles, GPAs, Special honours or recognition.

6. Highlight any relevant experience and certifications:If you have any previous experience, volunteer experience, internships, can be included in your resume. These experiences can help you project as a worthy candidate for the job role you are applying for.

7. Add a link to your professional resume: It is must to have one social media profile to create your own professional brand. So that recruiters, may have a better look in to your profile.

8. Proofread your profile: one must focus restricting of your resume perfectly, don’t forget to proofread the content for possible spelling and grammar checks.