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4 Things Interviewers Notice First


4 Things Interviewers Notice First

What the interviewer might notice will definitely give lot of information about you in terms of your capabilities.

The first aspect is, reaching the venue on time. Recruiters observe, how well your timemanagement skills are, how soon you arriveor how late you arrive and how you areable to manage yourself after you arrive.

So, make sure you always arrive on time, in fact, it's always better to arrive 5minutes earlier.

The next aspect thatyour interviewer notice about you isyour attire, and you have to be verycareful about professional attire anda neat outlook.So, another important aspect that yourrecruiter is noticing your body language, like how you're sitting, how you're standingand how you introduce yourself. They notice about your handshake as well.

So, yourinterviewer is constantly observing howyou are communicating.So, makesure how well you are able to represent your skills inperson to use opportunitiesin the interview.

Anotherobvious aspect of the recruiters noticeabout you is how well you're preparedfor the interview.So, make sure you ask questions andas well therecruiter also looks for how confidentyou are about the job and that isreflected in your verbal cues.

Sometimesverbalcues reflect lack ofconfidence or lack of preparedness foryour interview. So, make sure that you reduce verbalcues to the minimum especially intelephone calls.So, follow all these tips to impress recruiters and get shortlisted.

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