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Top 5 GCC jobs of the future


Top 5 GCC jobs of the future

Recently a survey become performed by means of Expo 2020 Dubai and a marketplace studies firm to acquire insights into the career interests of young job seekers in Saudi Arabia, UAE and different Gulf countries.As in line with the survey, those 5 careers are predicted to take off inside the GCC nations in the near future.



What is it: Data compiling and evaluation to acquire information and records for groups to find capability problems and solutions.

Prospects: According to reviews, Saudi Arabia's large information analytics marketplace is expected to grow to $1.85 billion by 2018.

Will be just right for you in case you're interested by: Numbers, getting to know new matters and solving complex tasks.


What is it: Design, manufacturing, set up,and protection of smooth electricity generation assets.

Prospects: The UAE plans to generate nearly 50% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by using 2050.

Will be just right for you in case you're interested in:A sustainable society, retaining natural sources and making the sector a better area.


What is it: Finding solutions for biological and scientific problems with the standards of engineering to create a tool, method or device that will useful resource in healthcare.

Prospects: Recent document point out that the healthcare market in the GCC is anticipated to develop through 12% from an predicted fee of $forty.Three billion in 2015 to about $seventy one.3 billion in 2020.

Will be just right for you if you're interested by: Human fitness, discovery,and knowledge.


What is it:Involves remotely controlling UAVs from bases.

Prospects:The worldwide market for commercial programs of drone era is expected to attain $127 million by means of 2020.

Will give you the results you want if you're inquisitive about: flight, gaming and remote manage planes.


What is it: It involves cultivating vegetation in an urban placing in backyards, rooftops, balconies and vacant lots.

Prospects: Food safety is a main issue in Gulf international locations in addition to extra than 70% food is imported. So there's a need of city farming which presents modern solutions to emerge as self-sustainable with the aid of developing excessive volumes of vegetables using less water.

Will work for you if you're inquisitive about: Working along with your fingers, developing your personal meals, nutrition, self-sustenance and agriculture.