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Ramadan 2018: Guidelines for Non-Muslims at work place during Ramadan


Ramadan 2018: Guidelines for Non-Muslims at work place during Ramadan

Professional and private existence in Gulf undergoes large transition in the course of the holy month of Ramadan. While, Non-Muslims are suggested to practice some Dos and Don'ts for the duration of Ramadan. Following career suggestions are cautioned to maintain in mind. The holy month of Ramadan started on May 17, because of this fasting during day mild hours and breaking the quick inside the evening with Iftar. Here are some recommendations for Non-Muslims to exercise in the course of the month of Ramadan.


Experts suggest that by no means eat or drink in public even as fasting hours. Because Muslims in the UAE fast in the course of Ramadan and perform their jobs with equal hard paintings and willpower. Avoiding eating and drinking in public is a kind of recognize to people who are fasting all through Ramadan.
Those people who are on fasting at some stage in Ramadan are allowed to allow assembly colleagues outdoor office for any essential paintings. They will now not consume some thing in case you invite them for lunch by chance, so avoid work lunches as tons as feasible. If viable time table meetings in the morning, before iftar.
Iftar is a meal which you have after ending the short for that particular day. If you are a non-Muslim and invited with the aid of a Muslim buddy for Iftar you then ought to now not reject due to the fact you are not fasting.
It is also crucial to remember the fact that they are on low power if you have a colleague or friend who is on fasting at some point of Ramadan. Fasting for a whole day isn't always smooth. Never say along with your Muslim buddy which you want to fast to shed pounds.
Other belongings you want to observe as a Non Muslim all through Ramadan:

Greet people which includes Ramadan Mubarak
Watch where you devour o Be bendy and knowledge
Don't lost persistence
Keep conferences for mornings
Dress modesty to expose respect for local customs and traditions
Don't say no to Iftar invitations.