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8 Tips to crack your first job Interview


8 Tips to crack your first job Interview

8 Tips to crack your first job Interview

Are you facing job interview for the first time? If you are fresh to the industry with no job experince other than few internships may not count at all. Face to face interview with your employer is the only chance to make an impression with your employer and get hired for the job. Here are some tips to face your first job interview:

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1.Know The Company - Know About The Business

Do reaserch about the company you are applying for and know their aim, mission, vision, values,revenue and functions. Using this information will help you create an impression infront of your employer.

2.The introduction-what you say

Tell me about yourself is the first quetsion asked by any employer in any interview. So, be confident in your appraoch while you are answering this quetsion.

3.What Can You Offer?

Before you apply for the job know about the job title,job resposnibilities and job role you are applying for and why you are fit for the job.

4.Act Confident Without Hesitation

When you are answering the questions act confidently that employer should get an opinion that you are perefctly fit for the role.

5.Never Lie In Your Resume

The interviewer has enough experince to know that when you are faking in your resume. So be genuine and add onlyfew points what you have actually achived.

6.Dress well

Dress well and look neat when you are going for an interview for the first time.

7.Prepare a list of quetsions to ask hiring manager

Be active and obesreve what’s goingaround you. Once the interviewer done with the interview then it’s your turn to ask quetsions if any.

8.Thank you mail

Send a thank you mail to the interviewer telling them how glad you are to get this opportunity and how you hope to get selected for the same.