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10 questions banned from Google interviews


10 questions banned from Google interviews

Google has prohibited underneath inquiries from their future meetings:

Google inquiries questions

1. For what reason are sewer vent covers round?

2. What number of piano tuners are there in the whole world?

3. What amount would it be advisable for you to charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?

4. Clarify a database in three sentences to your eight-year-old nephew?

5. Structure a clearing plan for San Francisco.

6. You are contracted to the stature of a nickel and your mass is relatively decreased to keep up your unique thickness. You are then tossed into an unfilled glass blender. The sharp edges will begin moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?

7. Peruse ourinterview tipsto answer this inquiry: what number golf balls can fit in a school transport?

8. You have to watch that your companion, Bob, has your right telephone number, yet you can't ask him straightforwardly. You should compose the inquiry on a card which and offer it to Eve who will take the card to Bob and return the response to you. What must you compose on the card, other than the inquiry, to guarantee Bob can encode the message with the goal that Eve can't peruse your telephone number?

9. In the event that an individual dials a succession of numbers on the phone, what potential words/strings can be shaped from the letters related with those numbers?

10. You need to get from guide A toward point B. You don't have the foggiest idea whether you can arrive. What might you do?