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How to Install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 18.04


How to Install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 18.04

Peak Browser courses your web traffic through the Tor organization, making it private and mysterious. At the point when you utilize the Tor Browser, the association with the site you are seeing is scrambled and shielded from network observation and traffic examination. 

Utilizing Tor Browser accompanies not many downsides. Perusing the web over Tor is more slow than an ordinary Internet association, and some significant sites block Tor clients. Likewise, in certain nations, Tor is illicit or impeded by the public authority implemented firewall. 

In this instructional exercise, we'll disclose how to introduce Tor internet browser on Ubuntu 18.04. Similar directions apply for Ubuntu 16.04 and some other Ubuntu-based circulation, including Kubuntu, Linux Mint and Elementary OS. 

Installing Tor Browser Launcher

The least demanding approach to introduce the Tor Browser on Ubuntu Linux is by utilizing the Tor Browser Launcher content. This content downloads and consequently introduces the latest form of Tor Browser and adds application launcher symbol. The "torbrowser-launcher" bundle is remembered for the default Ubuntu archives however it is pretty obsolete. We'll introduce the bundle from the venture maintainer vault. 

Execute the accompanying orders as a client with sudo authorizations : 

Add the Tor Browser Launcher PPA vault utilizing the accompanying order: 

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:micahflee/ppa

When the archive is empowered, update the well-suited bundle list and introduce the Tor Browser Launcher bundle by composing: 

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher

Downloading and Installing Tor Browser

You can begin the Tor Browser Launcher either from the order line by composing torbrowser-launcher or by tapping on the Tor Browser Launcher symbol (Activities - > Tor Browser). 

At the point when you start the Launcher unexpectedly, it will download the Tor Browser and every single other reliance. 

Next, you will be given the Tor Network Settings window. 

Most clients just need to tap on the "Interface" button with no further setup. Clients from nations editing Tor or utilizing intermediary can discover data about how to arrange the organization here . 

When you click on the "Associate" button, the program will build up an association with the Tor organization and dispatch. 

Ubuntu Tor Browser 

Of course, Tor Browser comes packaged with a few security augmentations, for example, HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript, and doesn't keep any perusing history. 

It is strongly prescribed not to introduce extra additional items or modules as it might sidestep Tor or bargain your protection. 

Updating Tor Browser

To help keep you secure, Tor Browser will naturally refresh itself when another form is delivered. 

It is likewise prescribed to refresh the Tor Browser Launcher bundle at whatever point another adaptation is accessible. You can do that through your work area standard Software Update apparatus or by running the accompanying orders in your terminal: 

sudo apt update
sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher

Uninstalling Tor Browser

On the off chance that you need to uninstall the Tor Browser, eliminate the introduced bundle with the accompanying order: 

sudo apt remove torbrowser-launcher


We've told you the best way to introduce Tor Browser on your Ubuntu 18.04 work area. You would now be able to peruse the web safely and secretly, and access destinations your neighborhood web access supplier may have impeded. 

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