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How to Install TeamViewer on CentOS 7


How to Install TeamViewer on CentOS 7

TeamViewer is a cross-stage arrangement that can be utilized for controller, work area sharing and record move between PCs. TeamViewer is exclusive PC programming and it is excluded from the CentOS archives. 

In this instructional exercise, we will stroll through the means important to introduce TeamViewer on CentOS 7. 


You'll should be signed in as a client with sudo admittance to have the option to introduce bundles on your CentOS framework. 

Installing TeamViewer on CentOS

Introducing TeamViewer on CentOS Linux is a moderately clear cycle and will just take a couple of moments: 

Start by bringing in the GPG keys of the TeamViewer store to your framework: 

sudo rpm --import 

TeamViewer relies upon bundles that are accessible in the EPEL programming storehouse as it were. On the off chance that the archive isn't empowered on your framework, empower it by composing: 

sudo yum install epel-release

Download the most recent TeamViewer .rpm bundle with the accompanying wget order: 


Introduce the TeamViewer bundle by giving the accompanying order as a client with sudo advantages: 

sudo yum localinstall ./teamviewer.x86_64.rpm

When provoked Is this alright [y/d/N], type y to proceed with the establishment. 

Now, TeamViewer has been introduced and fit to be utilized. You would now be able to associate with your companion or client machine and give help. 

Starting TeamViewer

You can begin the TeamViewer applications either from the order line by composing teamviewer or by tapping on the TeamViewer symbol (Applications - > Internet - > TeamViewer). 

At the point when you start TeamViewer unexpectedly, a window like the accompanying will be shown. Acknowledge the terms in the permit understanding by tapping on the License Agreement button. 

TeamViewer will open and you'll see something like the accompanying. 

Updating TeamViewer

During the establishment cycle, the authority TeamViewer store will be added to your framework. You can utilize the feline order to confirm the document substance: 

cat /etc/yum.repos.d/teamviewer.repo
name=TeamViewer - $basearch

This guarantees that your TeamViewer establishment will be refreshed consequently when another rendition is delivered through your work area standard Software Update instrument. 


In this instructional exercise, you have figured out how to introduce TeamViewer on a CentOS 7 work area machine. 

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