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How to Install CouchDB on Ubuntu 20.04


How to Install CouchDB on Ubuntu 20.04

Apache CouchDB is a free and open-source NoSQL information base created by the Apache Software Foundation. It tends to be utilized as a solitary hub or grouped information base. 

CouchDB worker stores its information in named data sets, which contains records with JSON structure. Each archive comprises of various fields and connections. Fields can incorporate content, numbers, records, booleans, more. CouchDB incorporates a RESTful HTTP API that permits you to peruse, make, alter, and erase information base archives. 

This article covers the means of introducing the most recent form of CouchDB on Ubuntu 20.04. 

Introducing CouchDB on Ubuntu is generally clear. We'll empower the CouchDB APT vault, import the archive GPG key, and introduce the CouchDB bundle. 

Enabling CouchDB repository

Run the accompanying orders as root or client with sudo benefits to empower the CouchDB store and import GPG key: 

curl -L | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb focal main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

Installing CouchDB on Ubuntu

When the store is empowered, update the bundles list and introduce CouchDB: 

sudo apt update
sudo apt install couchdb

The installer will ask you whether you need to introduce CouchDB in a bunched or independent mode. A bunch implies different workers associated together, filling in as a solitary, circulated information store. 

We will introduce CouchDB in a solitary worker independent mode. 

Next, you'll be given a choice to set the IP address of the organization interface on which the CouchDB will tie to. For a solitary worker arrangement, leave the default On the off chance that you are designing a bunch, enter the interface IP address or type, which advises CouchDB to ties to all organize interfaces. 

On the following brief, set the administrator secret word. It is energetically prescribed to set the secret key, which will remove CouchDB from the uncertain "administrator party" mode. In the event that you leave this field clear, an administrator client won't be made. 

At last, affirm the secret word, and the CouchDB establishment will proceed. 

Verifying CouchDB Installation

The CouchDB worker is running at localhost:5984. To confirm whether the establishment was fruitful and the administration is running, run the accompanying twist order that will print data about the CouchDB information base in JSON design: 


The yield will resemble this: 


    "name":"The Apache Software Foundation"

For lucidity the yield above is designed. 

On the off chance that you favor GUI, you can get to the CouchDB electronic interface, Fauxton at:


We've told you the best way to introduce CouchDB on Ubuntu 20.04. You can discover more data on this subject in the Apache CouchDB Documentation . 

Don't hesitate to leave a remark on the off chance that you have any inquiries.