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Top 100+ Polymer.js Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Polymer.js Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Polymer.Js?

Answer :

Polymer.Js is an open supply JavaScript library. It is evolved through Google. It is used to expand internet programs for using of net components like HTML

Question 2. Describe Architecture Of Polymer.Js?

Answer :

The architecture of Polymer.Js is split into four critical layers:

Native Layer- It represents the cutting-edge nation of browser support and implementation for the net aspect detail.

Foundation Layer- It consists polyfill libraries for the net issue details. Polyfill is a code that enforce the function of net browser that does not support the feature.

Core Layers- It includes the Polymer library code which is observed in polymer.Html document.

Elements Layers- It includes core and paper elements.

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Question three. What Are The Features Of Polymer.Js?

Answer :

Following are the features of Polymer.Js:

It is only manner to create custom elements.
It has both One-way and Two-manner data binding.
It gives polyfills for creating it's personal customized factors.
It has computed properties.
It gives gesture events.
Question 4. What Are The Polymer Elements?

Answer :

It affords factors that we can use in our internet pages and programs. These elements are built with the Polymer library.

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Question 5. Name The Types Of Polymer Elements?

Answer :

Following are the styles of polymer elements:

App element- It is used, while we build whole utility.

Iron element- It is used to create basic building blocks of an utility.

Paper element- It is a set of UI (User Interface) elements that enforce the cloth layout machine.

Gold factors- This element is construct for e trade.

Neon element- It is used for animation-associated factors.

Platinum factors- This element is like software functions, like push notifications, offline caching and bluetooth.

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Question 6. What Is Custom Elements?

Answer :

It provide a component version for the internet.

Question 7. What Are The Features Provided By Custom Elements?

Answer :

Custom elements provides the subsequent capabilities:

It provides a mechanism for associating magnificence with custom detail call.
It requests the lifecycle methods whilst we alternate the nation of custom detail item.
It requests for the technique while we alternate the attribute of an instance.
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Question 8. What Are The Reactions Apply In Custom Elements Life Cycle?

Answer :

It offers the set of custom detail reactions that allows to alternate in factors lifecycle.


Constructor:It is known as whilst element is upgraded.

Connected Callback:It is called whilst detail is introduced to a record.

Disconnected Callback:It is known as whilst detail is removed to a report.

AttributeChanged Callback:It is called while element is trade, append, remove or replace.

Question 9. What Are Events In Polymer.Js?

Answer :

Event is some thing that happens at precise time and result in some changes. Polymer.Js gives own strategies to perform occasions like: on-click on, on-faucet, on-mouseover and so on. We also can create our own custom activities.

It additionally offers listener objects that may be used to bind events to execute functions.

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Question 10. What Is Data System In Polymer.Js?

Answer :

In Data device, polymer.Js permits us to have a look at modifications on an detail's houses via taking one-of-a-kind actions.

Data system movements consist of following residences:

Observers: It invokes special method on every occasion statistics adjustments.

Computed homes: It computes the digital properties that is primarily based on other residences and recompute when the input statistics change.

Data binding: By using of annotation we are able to update the properties, attributes or text content material each time facts adjustments.

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Question eleven. What Is Shadow Dom?

Answer :

Shadow DOM is a new DOM (Document Object Modeling) features Which is used for Building aspect.

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Question 12. What Is Shadow Dom Styling?

Answer :

It is a system of styling shadow DOM by way of the usage of style homes. It inherits residences from host to shadow tree.

Let's see an instance.

Shadow DOM Style Example:

my demo heritage-colour:grey;  





//this div may have blue history colour  

div  history-colour: orange;   


<div class="mydemo">Demo</div>  

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