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Top 100+ Oracle Payroll Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Oracle Payroll Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. Can You Call Pl/square Package Functions From Within A Fast Formula?

Answer :

Yes, It is completed thru Define Function display in HR. In this display we are able to register the pl/square as “External Function” and reference it in Fast formulation definition

Question 2. If We Want To Pass A Parameter Payroll Id To This External Pl/sq. Function, How Can We Do It?

Answer :

The “Define Function” screen has a button named “Context Usage”. It contains all the ones context variables which can be available for that method kind; you can refer those variables in pl/square package deal function as a parameter

All context variables registered in function want to be in the identical order as are defined in pl/sq. Package deal function. While calling this feature in rapid system, we don’t pass context parameters

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Question 3. How Can We Debug A Fast Formula?

Answer :

You can create a message variable in Fast Formula. This message variable have to also be registered as a Formula Result ( In “Formula Result Rule” window)

Question 4. What Are The Various Levels Where You Can Set Up Payroll Costing Accounts?

Answer :

Element Entry: Highest
Assignment: Second Highest
Organization: Third Highest
Element Link: Fourth Highest
Payroll: Fifth Highest
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Question 5. Can We Make Employee Number Generation Automated Based On Business Rule?

Answer :

There is a Fast Formula wherein we can configure the logic to generate the worker variety

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Question 6. If Personalization Is At Both Function Level And Responsibility Level, Which Personalization Has Higher Precedence?

Answer :

Responsibility stage will override characteristic degree personalizations

Question 7. Can We Delete A Created Employee?

Answer :

To delete all records of a person:

Query the man or woman inside the Delete Person window and choose the Delete Person button.
If there may be a touch for the man or woman you are deleting, there are  opportunities:
If the most effective records held about the touch is the fundamental individual details entered in the Contacts window, then the file of the contact is deleted
If there is other statistics held approximately the contact (for example, challenge or applicant facts), the touch isn't deleted. However, the document in their courting to the man or woman you're doing away with from the device is deleted
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Question eight. How To Rehire A Terminated Employee After A Certain Time Period?

Answer :

Set your effective date to the new lease date and question the ex-worker in the People window. In the Type subject, choose Employee. The Hire Date subject shows your powerful date. Save your paintings

Question 9. What Is Date Track Concept In Oracle Hrms?

Answer :

Oracle HRMS has a date song function which allows to preserve past, present and destiny country of information. It permits to keep the document records via creating a brand new document when the date music mode is UPDATE and override on the existing document when the Data track mode is CORRECTION

All date tracked tables stop with _F. In information tracked tables, Oracle identifies the validity of record with ‘effective date’ columns (effective_start_date and effective_end_date)

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Question 10. What Are Date Track Modes Available In Oracle Hrms?

Answer :

To preserve employee information efficiently Oracle HCM is using a mechanism known as date tracking. The predominant purpose in the back of the date song mode is to keep beyond, present and destiny records efficiently.

Update Date Track Modes:

The various replace date tune modes are:

CORRECTION: Over writes the statistics. No history will maintain.

UPDATE: Keeps the records and new change will affect as of powerful date

UPDATE_CHANGE_INSERT: Inserts the report and preserves the destiny

UPDATE_OVERRIDE: Inserts the document and overrides the destiny

Delete Date Track Modes:

The various delete date tune modes are:

PURGE: wipes all information

DELETE: Deletes cutting-edge document

FUTURE_CHANGE: Deletes contemporary and future modifications.

DELETE_NEXT_CHANGE: Deletes next change

Options appearing on Application Level:

When you without a doubt execute a scenario and try and delete a document, following alternatives seem on display screen

End Date
Remove Next Change
Remove All Schedules Changes
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Question eleven. What Is A Payroll Element?

Answer :

Elements are additives of revenue e.G. Primary profits, housing allowance, mortgage to deduct, provident fund and so on. There are specific types of factors like earning, deduction, facts etc. In Payroll, elements are processed to prepare an employee’s payroll amount

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Question 12. How Can We Add A New Input Value To An Existing Element?

Answer :

We can upload an extra enter values to an present Element if the detail has not been processed in a Payroll run and the Effective records is the identical date of advent of the Element

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Question thirteen. What Are Termination Rules Of An Element?

Answer :

Termination Rules of an Element:

Actual Termination:  For a non ordinary detail, select Actual Termination if you want the entries to shut down on the end of the pay length wherein the employee leaves

Final Close: in case you need the entries to live open past the worker’s leaving date so you can keep to pay the worker

The Last Standard Process date defaults to the closing day of the pay length wherein the employee is terminated, however you may set it to a later length whilst you terminate an worker

Question 14. What Is The Difference Between A Job And A Position?

Answer :

Job is a fashionable role whereas function is particular responsibility of that role. For example, there could be numerous humans in our agency running on the task of manager but each supervisor could have specific role and function to carry out. Persons with activity Manager may be operating on distinct positions like money owed manager, finance manager, audit manager and so on.

Question 15. What Are Important Key Flex-fields (kffs) In Oracle Hrms?

Answer :

People Group
Cost Allocation
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Question 16. Can A Job Have Multiple Positions?

Answer :

Yes a activity can have multiple positions. For instance, there will be numerous human beings in our company working on the activity of manager however each supervisor would have particular role and function to perform

Question 17. What Is Costing?

Answer :

Costing is a manner to calculate how a whole lot we are incurring for an worker with admire to any project/ corporation or branch. There are 5 unique tiers in which we can configure costing in oracle HRMS. Using Oracle Payroll, we will calculate and transfer costing information to trendy ledger and into systems for challenge management or labour distribution

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Question 18. What Is The Difference Between Extra Information Type (eit) And Special Information Type (take a seat)?

Answer :

EIT and SIT Both are supplied by Oracle to Capture Extra Information.

Following are the principle differences:

EIT is based totally on DFF while SIT is based on KFF of Person Analysis

EIT is stored in PER_EXTRA_INFO tables in which as SIT is store in PER_PERSON_ANALYSES and PER_ANALYSIS_CRITERIA tables

SIT is date tracked wherein EIT now not date tracked

SIT is stored at Person Level thru ‘Special Information’ button on main worker display named ‘Enter and Maintain’. Whereas EIT may be defined at PERSON, ASSIGNMENT, CONTACT, ELEMENT, LOCATION and JOB LEVEL

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Question 19. What Are Different Validation Types While Creating The Value Set?

Answer :

Question 20. What Are The Various Payroll Costing Types?

Answer :

Fixed Costed
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Question 21. What Is Soft Coded Key Flexfield?

Answer :

This key flexfield holds legislation-specific information. The legislation of your Business Group determines the flexfield shape that you see. Each localization group defines a flexfield shape and uses qualifiers to define the extent at which every segment is visible. Therefore,

you'll be capable of input facts unique in your legislation at one or more of the subsequent stage: 

Business Group – Organization window
Payroll – Payroll window
Employee Assignment – Assignment window
Question 22. What Are Protected Key Fields And Does Oracle Hrms Contains Any Such Key Flexfield?

Answer :

Protected flexfield are the ones flexfield that are configured or want to be configured as in line with rules.

Oracle HRMS materials  key flexfields and six descriptive flexfields which might be predefined and protected. Your localization group defines these flexfields to satisfy the unique legislative and reporting wishes of your country. The included key flexfields are the Soft Coded Legislation key flexfield and the Bank Details key flexfield. Your localization team determines which of these flexfields are required to your rules, and what segments they must contain. Ensure that you pick the proper legislation code when you define your Business Group so you can see those flexfields.

Question 23. How Many Types Of Fast Formulas Are There In Hrms?

Answer :

There is lengthy listing of fast method types available, but their utilization relies upon on relevant module. E.G. 

Oracle Payroll is used for payroll calculation,
Element Skip for skipping the element based on some standards,
Appraisal line scoring for calculation Appraisal line score for every competency,
User Table Validation for validation of table values while entered.
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Question 24. What Is Retro Pay In Oracle Payroll? How Many Types Of Retro Pays Are Available?

Answer :

RetroPay is a charge made for an occasion of past. Retro Pay stands for a few vintage Payment due for the employee. This is used for Back Dated Salary Increments. There are four approaches.

RetroPay by Run
RetroPay by using Aggregate
RetroPay by means of Element
Enhanced RetroPay
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Question 25. What Are The Key Flexfields Present In Oracle Hrms?

Answer :

People Group
Cost Allocation
Bank Details
Soft Coded
Personal Analysis standards
Collective Agreement
Question 26. What Is Difference Between Flexfield Qualifier And Segment Qualifier?

Answer :

Flexfield qualifies identifies the section of a key flexfield (like any phase in accounting key flexfield may be natural account) while section qualifier identifies the values for a phase (like posting allowed, budgeted allowed is section qualifier for a phase in accounting flexfield).

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Question 27. Can A Person Have Multiple Secondary Assignments?

Answer :

At one time, handiest one project can be a number one undertaking all different assignments might be secondary assignments

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Question 28. What Is The Process To Reverse A Termination Of Employee?

Answer :

You reverse a termination as a way to make an employee energetic again.

Navigation: HR Responsibility >> Enter & Maintain >> Others >> End Employment

Search for the separated employee document  and click on on ‘Reverse Termination’ button to undo the termination of an employee. As a result the character will become lively worker once more.

Question 29. What Is The Process To Rehire An Ex-employee?

Answer :

In order to rehire, you don’t need to opposite the termination, you'll go to this point at which you need to rehire an ex-worker. Find the character in Enter & Maintain display and from ‘Action Type’ drop down on top right corner of page, choice the ‘Employee’ choice and click shop, it will make the worker lively once more.

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Question 30. What Is The Difference Between Re-hire And Reverse-termination?

Answer :

In case of reverse termination, there's no hole among employee’s carrier records whereas when we re-lease, it does not cancels the termination file so we can get the provider hole in worker’s employment records.

Assignment Number and Employee Number are usually same for an employee who joined first time e.G. For an worker number 1234, undertaking variety could be same as 1234. But while you rehire someone, Oracle adds a number of in its task quantity e.G. For an ex-worker 1234, mission wide variety after rehire turns into 1234-2.

Question 31. How We Can Create Employee Number In Any Specific Format?

Answer :

Through speedy formulation we will do. When we create business organization, we configure the employee wide variety era approach. Normally it's far stored as automated however if we need, we will pick out the Manual method and might write code in fast components of the type ‘Person Number Generation’.

Question 32. What Are Different Ways Of Correction Of Mistakes In Payroll Run?

Answer :

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Question 33. What Are The Different Element Termination Rules In Payroll?

Answer :

Actual Termination: For a nonrecurring element, choose Actual Termination in case you want the entries to close down on the quit of the pay duration in which the employee leaves

Final Close: in case you need the entries to live open beyond the worker’s leaving date so you can maintain to pay the employee

The Last Standard Process date: defaults to the remaining day of the pay duration wherein the worker is terminated, however you could set it to a later duration while you terminate an worker

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