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Top 100+ Microsoft Dynamics Ax Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Microsoft Dynamics Ax Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Microsoft Dynamics Ax?

Answer :

Microsoft Dynamics AX is multi-language, multi-forex, industry-precise, worldwide ERP Product and one of the Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP Family.

Question 2. Difference Between Edit And Display Method?

Answer :

Display suggests that the technique’s go back fee is to be displayed on a shape or a report.
The value can't be altered within the form or document.
Edit suggests that the approach’s go back kind is for use to provide information for a discipline this is utilized in a shape. The value inside the area may be edited.
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Question three. Difference Between Perspectives And Table Collection?

Answer :

Perspectives can organize facts for a document model within the Application Object Tree (AOT).
A angle is a collection of tables. You use a document model to create reports.
Table collection is a set of desk, which sharing throughout all the virtual organizations.
Question 4. Why We Use Virtual Companies?

Answer :

Virtual corporation bills comprise information in positive tables which are shared by means of any number of corporation accounts. This lets in customers to put up statistics in one enterprise so one can be to be had to another employer.

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Question 5. What Should We Do If We Need Last Record To Be Active When A Form Is Opened?

Answer :

In houses of statistics source table set the Start Position belongings as remaining.

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Question 6. What Is An Index?

Answer :

An index is a table-specific database structure that speeds the retrieval of rows from the desk. Indexes are used to enhance the performance of information retrieval and occasionally to make certain the existence of precise statistics.

Question 7. Define Morphx?

Answer :

The MorphX Development Suite is the included development surroundings (IDE) in Microsoft Dynamics AX used to increase and customise each the Windows interface and the Web interface.

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Question 8. Define X++?

Answer :

X++ is the object-orientated programming language that is used in the MorphX environment.

Question 9. Differentiate Refresh (), Reread (), Research (), Executequery ()?

Answer :

refresh () will no longer reread the file from the database.  It basically just refreshes the screen with anything is stored inside the shape cache.
Reread () will best re-study the CURRENT record from the DB so you need to now not use it to refresh the form facts when you have introduced/eliminated records.  It’s frequently used if you exchange a few values in the current document in a few code, and commit them to the database the use of .Replace() at the table, in preference to thru the shape facts source.  In this example .Reread () will make those modifications appear on the shape.
Research() will rerun the present shape question in opposition to the facts source, therefore updating the list with new/removed records as well as updating existing ones.  This will honour any current filters and sorting on the form.
ExecuteQuery () is some other beneficial one.  It ought to be used when you have modified the question in your code and need to refresh the form.  It’s like research() except it takes query changes under consideration.
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Question 10. Define Aot?

Answer :

The Application Object Tree (AOT) is a tree view of all of the application gadgets within Microsoft Dynamics AX. The AOT includes everything you want to customise the look and functionality of a Microsoft Dynamics AX utility.

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Question eleven. Define Aos?

Answer :

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server (AOS) is the second one-tier utility server inside the Microsoft Dynamics AX 3-tier structure.

The 3-tier environment is split as follows:

First Tier – Intelligent Client
Second Tier – AOS
Third Tier – Database Server
In a 3-tier answer the database runs on a server as the third tier; the AOS handles the enterprise good judgment in the second tier. The skinny client is the first tier and handles the consumer interface and essential software common sense.

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Question 12. Difference Between Primary & Cluster Index?

Answer :

Primary index: It works on unique indexes. The records must be precise and now not null. Retrieve statistics from the database.

Clustered Index: It works on precise and non specific indexes. Retrieve information from the AOS.

The blessings of getting a cluster index are as follows:

Search outcomes are faster whilst information are retrieved via the cluster index, specially if records are retrieved sequentially alongside the index.
Other indexes that use fields which are a part of the cluster index may use much less data area.
Fewer files in the database; records is clustered within the same document as the clustering index. This reduces the gap used on the disk and inside the cache.
The negative aspects of getting a cluster index are as follows:
It takes longer to update information (however simplest when the fields in the clustering index are changed).
More facts area might be used for different indexes that use fields that are not a part of the cluster index (if the clustering index is wider than approximately 20 characters).
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Question 13. What Is The Difference Between Form Init () & Ds Init ()?

Answer :

Form init (): in it's miles activated immediately after new and creates the run-time photo of the shape.
DS init (): Creates a records supply query primarily based on the information source residences.
The form statistics supply init technique creates the query to fetch information from the database and units up hyperlinks if the shape is related to some other shape.

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Question 14. Difference Between Pass By Reference And Pass By Value?

Answer :

Pass By Reference: In Pass through reference cope with of the variable is handed to a feature. Whatever changes made to the formal parameter will affect to the real parameters

Same memory vicinity is used for each variables.(Formal and Actual)
It is beneficial whilst you required to return greater than 1 values.
Pass By Value:

In this method cost of the variable is surpassed. Changes made to formal will no longer affect the actual parameters.
Different reminiscence places might be created for each variables.
Here there might be temporary variable created in the characteristic stack which does not have an effect on the unique variable.
In case of pass through price, the exchange inside the sub-function will no longer purpose any exchange inside the principal feature while in skip through reference the trade within the sub-characteristic will alternate the value in the predominant function.

Pass by way of price sends a COPY of the facts saved in the variable you specify, skip by using reference sends a right away link to the variable itself. So if you pass a variable with the aid of reference after which alternate the variable within the block you passed it into, the original variable could be modified. If you absolutely skip with the aid of cost, the authentic variable will now not be capable of be changed by means of the block you exceeded it into however you'll get a duplicate of anything it contained on the time of the decision.

Question 15. What Is The Difference Between Interfaces And Abstract Class?

Answer :

The elegance enforcing is the interface that implements all interface strategies and there will now not be any abstract Class requirement. There are many get entry to modifiers to be had like abstract, included, virtual, internal, public and plenty of extra which are beneficial within the summary Classes. Abstract classes might be very fast whilst in comparison to interfaces.

Abstract magnificence contains both the incomplete or complete strategies and the interface is the signature for a particular method. The summary magnificence is the applied methods but the interface cannot be an implement methods.

The summary class incorporates constructors, fields or destructors for implementing the homes. The interface does now not comprise constructors, fields or destructors but they have got handiest assets’s signature with no implementation.

The abstract class does not support the a couple of inheritances and the interface supports more than one inheritances. The class can also inherit more variety of interfaces however handiest a single summary elegance.

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Question 16. What Is User Interface Builder Class?

Answer :

The User Interface Builder Class is the format parameter dialog field which opens whilst a report is strolling within the Microsoft Dynamics AX. The User Interface also provides the customization and extra fields for the conversation.

Some of the UI Builder Class eventualities used are:

Group the conversation fields
Override the conversation area activities
For including customized lookup dialog field
To bind the conversation fields with settlement parameters
For converting layouts in conversation
Adding greater custom controls in conversation
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Question 17. How To Create Data Contract Class?

Answer :

The facts contract magnificence incorporates within the X++ class have parm strategies. The Data Member Attribute method is described as the beginning step for the magnificence this is defined with many parameters used in SSRS file.

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Question 18. What Is The Difference Between Overloading And Overriding?

Answer :

Overriding is the derived lessons and the discern magnificence are defined in a way that is derived consistent with the override characteristic.

Overloading is a function that has the similar signatures however has one-of-a-kind parameters.

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