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Top 100+ Mass Communication Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Mass Communication Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Are The Basic Functions And Roles Of Mass Communication?

Answer :

The roles of the mass communication may be widely categorised into the following elements: 

To Inform: The primary position of the mass communication is to inform the human beings of and lead them to conscious through supplying records.
To educate: The role of mass verbal exchange isn't always simply restricted to impart statistics however to develop through instructions.
To entertain: To entertain human beings which one of the predominant approaches wherein mass verbal exchange influences way of life.
Question 2. What Are Misleading Advertisements And How Do They Effect The Consumers?

Answer :

Misleading commercials are a commonplace fashion in mass verbal exchange. They make use of fake or misleading statements to sell products and increase earnings lines for a business enterprise or a emblem. Such commercials use deception to influence human beings. Such classified ads completely deny the right to realize for purchasers and are banned in many countries. Still they were a trend by locating legal approaches to misinform human beings.

Misleading commercials have the subsequent effects on customers: 

Confuse consumers.
Deny the right to realize for customers.
Deception by the usage of false or misleading assertion.
In some instances even lack of money.
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Question three. What Is The Pattern Of Evolution Of Mass Communication And When Did It Start?

Answer :

Mass conversation originated from publishing of newspapers. The foundation dates again to the nineteenth century from round 1835 which became the year of the invention of the telegraph which made it possible to ship lengthy distance messages.

However with time mass verbal exchange advanced in phrases of medium and patterns both. The evolution of the mass verbal exchange can be tracked as the publishing of newspapers. Which further developed to publishing of magazines with which additionally got here the idea of advertising? This become accompanied by using films, radio, tv after which net.

Question four. What Is Grapevine Communication And How Can It Effect Mass Communication?

Answer :

Grapevine conversation is a shape of verbal exchange channel used for communicating gossips. It bypasses the formal shape of communication and therefore is an casual form of communication. These days such communication channels can be observed without problems on social networking websites and other mediums. The news revolved in those channels seems as rumours and on occasion even make it to the headlines of papers. 

The important drawback of grapevine communique is that it cannot be filtered and while on a large scale it's miles not possible to perceive the supply. Thus this form communique normally results in misinform or misinform the end patron with the aid of false news or rumours.

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Question 5. In What Ways Does Newspaper Effect The Development Of A Nation?

Answer :

Newspaper is one of the maximum instrumental shape of mass communique until date. It impacts the way of life, mentality and the view of its readers in many methods. Today newspaper itself falls into many classes. From nearby to country wide, newspapers were evolving fast in line with the desires of its readers. The neighborhood information comes up with depth information reviews with nearby happenings for regional readers and the commercial enterprise papers feed to those wanting an aspect within the marketplace. News papers hence play a totally essential function in shaping the network by way of informing and instructing the humans of a rustic.

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Question 6. What Are The Current Characteristics Of News?

Answer :

The characteristics and developments and news trade with time and the supposed audience. The characteristics of news are majorly influenced through the human hobby, proximity, modern-day developments, effects, intelligence, modern-day affairs. 

The modern characteristics of news are majorly based totally on leisure to target a larger target audience. To boom the attraction of the information various traits are being followed to make the news greater interesting and benefit more interest from the readers. News which might be primarily based on disasters, scams, crimes, conflict, violence and drama are the only that are rated high by way of information firms as they benefit extra audience.

Question 7. What Are The Different Promotion Strategies Used In Mass Communication?

Answer :

Mass communique allows in attaining out to the masses and sell diverse products.

Promotional strategies generally utilized in mass verbal exchange are as follows :

Sponsorship : Many channels of mass verbal exchange are subsidized by way of organizations and make proper cash to sell there products in go back. This is a completely widespread fashion followed by means of advertising specialists these days. 
Advertisement: Advertising is any other promotional method utilized in mass communique to promote products and generate money.
Public family members: Mass communique uses this approach to build tremendous relation with public to prefer the growth and call for of product or capabilities. This can be additionally executed different manner spherical by increasing terrible interest in an effort to advantage publicity.
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Question eight. Which Are The Most Dominating Companies In The Field Of Mass Communication?

Answer :

The mass communication area is ruled by 5 principal agencies. These businesses make contributions to a complete of ninety five% of the marketplace in the mass verbal exchange quarter. 

Time Warner
Vivendi Universal
Walt Disney
News Corp
Question nine. How Does Social Media Effect Youth?

Answer :

The adolescents is majorly tormented by social media. They buy, appearance and prefer what they see on television. Teenagers look ahead to be dressed as what there favourite superstar is dressed like and . The social media consequently has a very most important effect at the dressing way of life of the kids.

In the terrible impact facet, the have an effect on to drug abuse and adulteration at a younger age may be counted as one of the essential. While on the fantastic side the want to emerge as an athlete or play a recreation this is gaining recognition may be taken. Thus social media has effective in addition to bad impact on teens.

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Question 10. How Does Mass Media Act As A Link Between The Government And The People?

Answer :

The mass media impacts the view of politics in peoples mind through its news, reports, evaluation and displays. On the opposite side it informs the authorities about the needs of human beings and the troubles confronted by most people through distinctive surveys carried out by the news channels or papers.

Reports of injustice, abuse and exploitation every so often catches the attention of the government thru those channel of verbal exchange while information and reports are published or displayed. Mass media additionally informs the society and offers them an perception of the authorities, politics and the officials jogging them. Thus the media acts as a government watchdog and additionally keeps public privy to the politics and keeps a link between both.

Question 11. What Is Mass Media Law And How Is It Involved In Mass Communication?

Answer :

Mass media regulation is designed to set limits and protect mass media from wrong use. It encompasses an expansion of verbal exchange industries which involve news papers, magazines, other kinds of print media, movies, Internet and different sorts of digital media. 

As mass media and communique and media reach out to a totally huge range of people it has the capability to affect these masses too in a variety of methods. So to manipulate these communications the technique may be very complicated and feature some distance attaining results. The predominant legal guidelines worried in the mass media law are copyright regulation that's designed to shield the creativity and the defamation law which is in addition divided into slender and libel and are associated with inappropriate or offending statements or visuals which can create a terrible effect on reputation of character or an entity.

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Question 12. What Is Sociology Of Media And What Are Its Basic Roles?

Answer :

Sociology of media is a examine of the mass media communique ie. The have a look at of mass communique and exceptional trends observed by means of it. It is a sub subject of sociology and worries to how mass media relates to features like transmission of data and the accessibility of records to companies of humans.

It makes a speciality of how digital or mass communication isn't like head to head communication and the way does it impacts the human beings via various principles worried consisting of marketing , entertainment , schooling and information. Sociology of media consists of the examine of different sorts of mass communication and media and the one-of-a-kind structures of mass conversation. Measuring of impact, case research and neutrality of media are also troubles included underneath this difficulty.

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Question 13. What Is Cultural Globalization? How Does Mass Communication Promote It?

Answer :

Cultural globalization is the unifying of way of life across the globe. It is ready bringing cultures collectively and creating a unified tradition across the globe. Mass media and communication are key promoters of cultural globalization and unification. As we see today many channels run globally along with CNN international information, which file which report information and occasions happening internationally, even the maximum faraway places. This globalisation of news interconnects human beings and allows bringing publicity to international locations approximately foreign ideas, practices and way of life.

Question 14. What Is The Concept Of Imperialism In Media?

Answer :

The principle of loss of identification because of dominating media from larger international locations. This particularly issues to the growing or developing countries with no longer tons evolved media being overpowered by overseas media. This theory may be higher understood by using the instance of small community shops being over taken with the aid of mall or purchasing complexes that have a massive scale manufacturing and have an impact on. The imperialism of media causes the media from developing nations to be swallowed of forced below by way of media of larger nations with heavy affect. This causes the primary lack of identity of the united states’s media and for this reason the loss of united states of america’s identity.

Question 15. What Does Democracy Refers To With Respect To Mass Communication And How Does It Relate To Consolidation Of Mass Media?

Answer :

Democracy in mass conversation refers to the liberty of speech and right to understand. This enables human beings and the media to practice there right of freedom to speech via giving available impartial view factor and there take over the society, politics or numerous different issues. The proper to statistics lets in the media too put up or tell the public about the view points or the contemporary reputation of the society. These rights are conceivable till they do now not offend or pass against the society. This pertains to media consolidation as media consolidation talks approximately combining peoples view factor or there take at the society.

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Question 16. Give A Brief On Shannon Weaver Model?

Answer :

Shannon weaver model is considered as one of the most essential model of conversation thru which others were evolved. The model in the main specializes in the important thing roles concerned within the conversation which might be sender, receiver, the medium or channel through which verbal exchange is installed, the message being transferred and the noise channel. This model isn't always tons useful in today’s time as it specializes in key roles together with sender, receiver and message and does not awareness on the problem and the proper of accessibility to the issue and who will handle it.

Question 17. What Is Press Council And How Does It Help The Current Scenario Of Media?

Answer :

The frame that governs the behavior of the print media within the united states of america is referred to as press council. It could be very essential because it has the best strength with appreciate to the media to make certain the democracy of media protecting the right to speech and the proper to facts so as for media to provide out one-of-a-kind views on various components of a society. Another role of the council is to keep a restriction to the print media through practising media law if you want to make certain that it does not offend or harm cultural or non secular sentiments of people. The Press council helps the modern state of affairs of media as the liberty of speech frequently results in cases of defamation. To faucet such issues in contemporary traits of media the clicking council performs a prime role.

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Question 18. What Are The Roles Of An Editor Of A Newspaper?

Answer :

The roles of a newspaper editor is related to the language and the grammar of the content material posted in the information paper. The editor of the newspaper has to make sure there are no errors within the punctuations or spellings in content and has to study the content material on the way to see if the object makes feel and is written proper with no mistakes. At better degrees the newspaper editor additionally provides assist in clean operation of information along side editorial route to the information paper.

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Question 19. What Is Dependency Theory In Mass Communication And How Does It Differ From Modernization Theory?

Answer :

The dependency concept changed into developed as a response to the modernization idea which also relates to mass communique. The theory states how the wealthy countries rich and the terrible countries are turning poorer as the later isn't included properly sufficient to the arena and thus is a victim of the rich nation and there impact over it.

Dependency concept towards the view of modernization idea that all societies broaden via identical ranges. It stresses at the underdeveloped countries being one-of-a-kind and backward with respect to global economic system which makes them what they're today.

Question 20. What Is Bullet Theory?

Answer :

Bullet theory is likewise known as magic bullet or hypodermic needle principle of mass communique. It talks about reception of message through the receiver or the supposed audience as as an entire. Under this theory the media is taken as a gun and the message sent out with the aid of media as a bullet which is considered as penetrating into the target audience to which the message is despatched as a consequence noting their response as because of their organic nature and thinking about all human beings uniformly.

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Question 21. What Is Mass Communication?

Answer :

Mass communication
Mass Media
Communication: It refers to a message which has been originated from a supply /sender who send or as an alternative encodes the records that is then received by way of and decoded by way of the target/receiver. In simple phrases it's miles the manner by way of which human beings send and receive statistics amongst each other.

Mass communique: Refers to the message sent by way of someone or a group to a large nameless audience through a specialised medium or a transmitting tool.

Mass Media: Refers to a selected specialised part of the media which is designed to reach a reasonably big quantity of target audiences. Mass media in other phrases is the medium by using which mass communication takes region.

Culture: Refers to the totality of socially transmitted conduct styles, arts, beliefs, establishments, and all different merchandise of human paintings and concept.

Question 22. What Are The Various Media Used For Mass Communication?

Answer :

PrintNewspapers and magazines
Audio visualtelevision, radio, movies
Mobile telephones
Video video games
Internet mediaBlogs, Message boards, Personal internet pages, Pod casts, Video website hosting offerings, social networking sites.
Question 23. What Are The Various Elements Of Mass Communication?

Answer :

The factors of mass communication are:

Public who needs to be communicated with
Media(Medium) that's the means of conversation
Message because of which the process has been created
Sender of the message
Marketing, advertising, Public family members more can be termed because the sub elements of mass communique.
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Question 24. What Is The Importance Of Mass Communication For A Company?

Answer :

A corporation is generally engaged within the procedure of creating and then promoting services or products to earn earnings. But this may most effective be performed when mass manufacturing and then mass distribution accompanied by using mass intake by way of the public in trendy takes place.

So in simple terms mass communique helps the agency to communicate on a huge level with massive chew of public to result in them to consume the product.

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Question 25. Explain The Differences Between Mass Communication And Personal Communication?

Answer :

The maximum primary distinction between mass verbal exchange and private communication is the size of the target audience and the source of the message. By which we suggest that during non-public conversation the sender in addition to the receiver is a person at the same time as in mass conversation the sender as well as the receiver maybe someone ,a collection or a massive bite of population of a country.

The different crucial difference between them is the purpose why the message definitely originated and the conditions underneath which it's miles been communicated. For example in non-public conversation the expression of certain emotions can be a motive at the same time as in mass communication it might be to induce the target audience of the message to shop for or try a services or products.

The gear or as an alternative the medium in both also are exceptional, mass conversation will have print, audio visible, net and so on. However non-public conversation can have cellular, mail or net as a tool to talk.

Question 26. Explain Direct Effects Theory, Two-step Flow Theory, Agenda Setting Theory,mind-set Change Theory, Uses And Gratifications Theory?

Answer :

a.)Direct outcomes principle : The direct effect concept of communications says that a message is without delay received and absolutely established by means of the receiver. The "Direct effect concept" means that mass media always has an immediate, on the spot and effective effect on their audiences. The mass media in particular is perceived as a powerful have an effect on on culture.

B.) Twostep waft theory : The twostep drift concept stresses on human organisation which means that mass media facts is channeled to the "hundreds" via opinion management. The human beings with most get right of entry to to media, better understanding of media content material, explain and intercept the content material to the general public. Diffusion of innovations is the manufactured from the two step float concept.

C.) Agenda setting idea : The agendasetting idea refers to the reality that media has a totally massive effect on people’s notion and mind. Agendasetting concept’s center idea says that mass media can switch important items on their mass agendas to the publics thoughts and priority.

D.) Attitude change principle : The attitudechange concept shows that attitudes being functions of cognitive, affective and conative additives are a part of mind’s associative networks that consist of affective and cognitive nodes linked through associative pathways. These nodes contain affective, cognitive, and behavioral additives that can be altered with the aid of the activation of a unmarried node. Thus, by means of activating an affective or emotional node, attitude trade may be possible. So the attitude trade concept suggests that targeting these emotions can help the media or the sender to surely alternate the mind-set of trendy public and create a present day dimension in phrases of client notion

e.) Uses and gratifications idea : Uses and gratifications concept refers back to the concept that human beings use the media to get precise gratifications. This is in competition to the direct effect idea which says that humans don't have any manage over how the media affects them and brings approximately a alternate in them. The essential concept of the Uses and Gratifications is that people aren't helpless victims of all powerful media, but use media to meet their numerous wishes.

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Question 27. How Does Mass Communication Affect Culture?

Answer :

Culture refers back to the attributes inclusive of life-style, habits and moral ethics that a population in a selected region may adhere to, as the manner of existence. Its ever converting and is subject to impacts, that is wherein the mass verbal exchange will have an effect on the cultural ethos of a society.

Communicating on a mass level gives the sender of a message the power to adjust positive things or introduce new things that might affect the cultural dynamics of a society, and it could’t happen in isolation. Every person a part of that tradition is concern to the ramification. For instance coffee and coffee shops have by no means been a part of the Indian subculture however today because of the concept been promoted in every medium of mass communication it has nearly emerge as part of it. This instance demonstrates how culture is affected by mass communique and in the end altered.

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Question 28. Explain Media Literacy, Media As Place Of Ideas, Media Convergence And Media Consolidation?

Answer :

a) Media Literacy : Media literacy refers back to the act of making a message in all of the available media. It uses an inquirybased mode of process encouraging questions about what the target audience desires in phrases of what they watch, see, and examine. Media literacy allows an know-how as to the strengths and obstacles of every medium and to create new ones.

B) Media as place of ideas : Media as location of thoughts is a metaphor to assist think of thoughts in a medium as products or services that are produced, imported and shared by using network individuals. Ideas have price and fee which can be registered and guarded within the shape of patents, emblems and copyrights. Ideas additionally have possibility, distribution and production fees.

C) Media Convergence : Media convergence refers to many merchandise coming collectively to shape one. In media convergence antique and new media merge in such a way that there's a stability of energy between media producers and media purchasers and ultimately consequences into a modern-day situation of operations.

D) Media Consolidation : Media consolidation refers to the majority of the media method owned by using a few media conglomerates who view this as unfavourable and characterized ownership shape of mass media. Media possession may also talk to monopoly in a given media. Times group in India is a example of a media conglomerate.

Question 29. Who Are The Major Participants In Business Buying Process?

Answer :

The most important members in business buying system are :

Initiatorsare those who initiate or apprehend the want of a specific product requirement in the employer for enhancement or to combat depravation.
Usersare those who are going to use the product or require it for the easy functioning in their operations.
Influencers Influencers can be of different ranges and the decisions that they have an impact on would possibly vary from individual to individual or publish to post. These are essentially the folks that will affect the selection of which product to buy from in which and what appropriate rate to shop for it in.
Deciders they determine or have the authority to decide whether or not to buy a sure ? product or no longer.
Approversthey approve the deciders choice to by means of commonly these human beings are authorized to accomplish that.
BuyersThey are the once who make the virtually purchases from different commercial enterprise.
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Question 30. What Do You Think Are The Main Responsibilities Of A Mass Communication Professional?

Answer :

The duties of a mass communique expert are as follows:

He has to apprehend the message of the sender and execute it successfully to have the favored results.
He has to recognize the receiver and his psychology well, to design a message to healthy his taste
He has to come up with the excellent possible medium that is required to transfer the message
He has to research the after impact of the message and modify it to match the target better These are some of his simple responsibilities which would possibly alternate by means of the extent or sector of media he works
Question 31. What Distinguishes Interpersonal Communication From Mass Communication And Machine Assisted Communication?

Answer :

Interpersonal verbal exchange is direct communication inside a small group with high feedback.
Interpersonal conversation is oblique conversation using media.
Interpersonal communication is direct verbal exchange without comments.
Interpersonal verbal exchange uses networked communications machine.
Question 32. Explain What Is The Importance Of Mass Communication For A Company?

Answer :

A corporation is usually engaged inside the method of creating after which promoting services or products to earn profits. But this can most effective be carried out while mass manufacturing and then mass distribution followed by means of mass intake by the general public in standard takes area. So in easy terms mass communique facilitates the company to communicate on a big stage with huge bite of public to result in them to devour the product.

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Question 33. Which Of This Is Grapevine Communication?

Answer :

The employees specific their views on the new human aid policy to the better management. There is a rumor in workplace concerning a ten percent hike in income of all personnel.

The major has despatched a word to all of the students to improve their performance in the next examination.

There is an alternate of perspectives in the parentteacher meeting.

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Question 34. Who Are The Different Types Of People A Mass Communication Personnel Deals With?

Answer :

The exceptional styles of humans a mass conversation personnel deals with at a simple level are

Media, organizations,
Higher stage control human beings like CEOs, Chairman's, MDs, GMs and lots of extra relying on the scope of operations of the media.